November 2018, Issue 15
Statewide Community Engagement Initiative
to Help Districts and Communities Undertake
 School Improvement
Work Together
SACRAMENTO — The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools   (SBCSS), the  California Association for Bilingual Education  (CABE), and  Families In Schools   (FIS) have been selected to partner with the  California Collaborative for Educational Excellence  (CCEE) to lead the ground-breaking Community Engagement Initiative , a multi-year effort under the state’s new school accountability system that strives to build capacity in school communities so they can facilitate difficult conversations and collaborate on solutions that lead to improved teaching and learning.

“We are thrilled about leading the CE Initiative with both the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and Families In Schools to build and expand opportunities around community engagement and to value the diverse cultural, linguistic and experiential backgrounds of students, families and communities-at-large,” said Jan Gustafson Corea, CEO of CABE. continue...
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Tijuana News Sites Highlight Phase 2 Training of Teachers from US & Mexico in CABE's Binational GLAD ® Program
A special thank you to the

  • Kris Nicholls & Rubi Flores CABE PDS
  • Enrique González, CABE Strategic Partnerships Consultant
  • Sera Hernández, Sally Fox, Omar Guillén & Diana Hernández, GLAD trainers along with Nicole Chávez from Orange County DOE

Many thanks also to our education partners in Mexico & to the participant teachers
and their students from
both sides of the border!

Arranca la segunda fase
de certificación binacional
de estrategias pedagógicas
de educación bilingüe

Con estas herramientas se favorecerá
el aprendizaje del lenguaje, el rendimiento académico y las habilidades interculturales
del alumnado
TIJUANA, B.C.- Lunes 29 de octubre de 2018.

A fin de generar intercambio de maestros entre California y Baja California, el Gobierno del Estado dirigido por el Mandatario Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, a través del Sistema Educativo Estatal (SEE), arrancó hoy la segunda fase de la Certificación Binacional de Estrategias Pedagógicas.

Lo anterior en seguimiento a la pauta marcada por el Secretario de Educación y Bienestar Social en Baja California, Miguel Ángel Mendoza González, de apuntalar el desarrollo cultural y económico de la región, capacitando en esta ocasión a 30 docentes en el uso de estrategias pedagógicas para la enseñanza de una segunda lengua
Sharing with the CABE community the news, events, conferences, celebrations, and accomplishments of CABE Chapters statewide!
Every year the San Diego South County CABE Chapter 65 hosts a mini-conference for educators and parents from local districts. This year's event featured keynote speaker, José Orosco, Esq., a lawyer advocating for the rights of immigrants. Other highlights included student art and entertainment, exhibitors and workshop sessions addressing topics, such as equity, emotional intelligence, language acquisition, LCAP, ELPAC, preparing for college, computer science standards, dual language, parent engagement, LTELs, biliteracy, diversity, and more.
(left to right)
Magda Maldonado, Mary Helen Ybarra,
Rubén Samaniego, Griselda Delgado,
Lisa Celaya, Jorge Cuevas Antillón,
(front) Bertha López
We thank these sponsors for
their support and encouragement:

  • Benchmark Education
  • Voya Financial
  • AF Appreciation Insurance & Financial Services
  • Le Myrne by Myrna Mendoza
  • Missional Federal Credit Union
  • Fondo de Cultura Económica
  • Delaney Educational

We thank these chapter officers & leaders for their service:

  • Co-Presidents—Magda E. Maldonado & Bertha J. López
  • Recording Secretary—Griselda Delgado
  • Treasurer— Ruben Samaniego III
  • Scholarships Co-Chairs—Bertha J.López & Daisy Cortez
  • Membership Chair—Lisa Celaya, Ana Rosa Muñoz
  • Fundraising Chair—Griselda Delgado & Lynda Vásquez
  • Para/Community Liaison—Jorge Cuevas Antillón
  • Parent Volunteer—Aurora Clark
CABE Board Region IV Representatives
recruiting new CABE members!
left: Mary Helen Ybarra , current rep
right: Norma Sandoval , previous rep
Student Entertainment—Ballet Folklórico Tsuul
Student Art Display for Day of the Dead
Professional Development Series
March-June 2019!
Is your district experiencing a bilingual teacher shortage? Do you have a bilingual authorization but are not teaching in a bilingual classroom? Do you want to fine-tune your skills to be prepared to teach in a dual language immersion (DLI) classroom in the Fall of 2019? Join CABE's "BEST" Program!
Space is limited to 40 participants.
Registrations accepted unti l January 19, 2019
or until capacity is reached .
"Languages Bring Californians Together"

20 th Anniversary of Steadfast Advocacy
for Californians Together
Workshops sponsored by Californians Together
Workshop with Lesson Plans on Family Separation
"Educator Support for Immigrant and Refugee Students"
Workshop dates available in December, January, February 2018-19
Regional Events in Bakersfield Welcome 550+ Attendees!

CABE's regional events in Bakersfield were filled to capacity by enthusiastic advocates for biliteracy, multi-culturalism, and educational equity.

Over 80 CABE members and friends attended the membership reception the evening before. The conference highlighted keynote speaker, Dr. Gonzalo Santos, who delivered a powerful and moving presentation on the current immigration issues and how they impact our work in bilingual education. His talk featured some of the same photos you may have seen in the media recently regarding the immigrants at the Mexico/Guatemala border seeking safe refuge from violence and poverty in their home countries.

CABE thanks everyone who made the regional membership reception, the conference for parents and para-educators and the institutes for teachers and administrators possible on October 22 nd in Bakersfield.

We are grateful for the amazing engagement and collaboration of supporters, sponsors, presenters, speakers, superintendents, deans, board members, administrators, teachers, para-educators and parents from this region. These include, but are not limited to, colleagues from Tri-KABE Chapter 2, CSU Bakersfield, Bakersfield City SD, Kern HSD, Antelope Valley UHSD, Lamont S, Richland SD, Arvin USD, Sanger USD, and more, along with CABE staff, associates, partners and supporters.

To all of you, we say...
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Dual Language Immersion
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