Bond Oversight Done Right – – -----=- - Issue 23 • January 3, 2022
Is CABOC Ready for Strategic Planning?
"Bond Oversight Done Right": USC Study

Strategic plans are an efficient way for organizations to establish goals related to time. Strategic plans are critical to tracking progress over time and allowing the organization to self-assess and improve through the redistribution of resources where they are most efficient.

The California Association of Bond Oversight Committees (CABOC) is a recently created nonprofit organization in need of a strategic plan that will focus the organization's staff and resources towards more effectively executing their stated organizational objectives. Recognizing this problem and utilizing knowledge gained throughout the University of Southern California's (USC) Master of Public Administration (MP A) program, the USC Capstone Team composed the following problem statement:
-- The California Association of Bond Oversight Committees requires a sustainable strategic plan to operate as an efficient nonprofit organization. CABOC lacks organizational structure, training curriculum, fiscal sustainability, and performance metrics to assess progress towards strategic goals.

Complete USC report. Bond Oversight Done Right: A Strategic Plan Proposal for CABOC. 67 page PDF: StrategicPlan_8.14.21_USC_final.pdf

CABOC Strategic Planning synopsis (3 pages):
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