Bond Oversight Done Right – – – – – – Issue 17 • November 1, 2021
Outstanding CBOC Member Award
Gina Haynes
For exceptional service as a member of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Measure J Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Gina Haynes is awarded the California Association of Bond Oversight Committees’ first Outstanding CBOC Member Award.
Gina Haynes has been committed to ensuring the independence of the committee as required by Proposition 39. Ms. Haynes persistently asks probing questions and steadfastly refuses to concede. The most recent CBOC annual report co-authored by Ms. Haynes found that the district had failed to meet its obligations. School bond oversight and the accountability of school bond proceeds has been advanced by the persistence of Ms. Haynes.
CABOC Virtual Statewide Conference October 16, 2021
Presentations on YouTube:
Introduction by Tom Rubin

How to Perform an Effective Performance Audit (starts at 9:45 on YouTube)
Keynote speakers:
• Stephen Bacchetti, Director, Moss Adams
• Arthur Ngo, Senior Manager, Moss Adams
• Tammy Lohr, Manager, Moss Adams

Panel A • Ask the Experts (starts at 46:45 on YouTube)
• Proposition 39, Nick Marinovich 
• Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees, Carolyn Castillo
• Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees, Chris Hanson 
• Facilities Master Plan, Sallie DeWitt 
• Project List, Nick Marinovich

Panel B • Ask the Experts (starts at 1:45:00 on YouTube)
• Financial Audits, Mac Moore
• Performance Audits, Anton Jungherr
• Website, Lorraine Humes 
• Committee Operations/CBOC Annual Report, Marcus Crawley
• Memorandum of Understanding / Bylaws, Tom Rubin
2021 CABOC Annual Conference materials:
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