Issue 16 • October 11, 2021

CABOC Virtual Annual Statewide Conference
Scholarships Available

An outside funder has generously offered to sponsor scholarships to the CABOC Conference, so access to CBOC training and information is available to all.

Please send an email to:
And ask for a complimentary conference ticket

Conference Agenda
8:30 am – Sign-In and Introductions (online via Zoom)
9:00 am – Welcome 
9:15 am – How to Perform an Effective Performance Audit with Keynote speakers
9:45 am – Panel A • Ask the Experts Q&A
• Proposition 39 • Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees • Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committees • Facilities Master Plan • Project List
10:45 am – Panel B • Ask the Experts Q&A
• Financial Audits • Performance Audits • Website • Committee Operations/CBOC Annual Report • Memorandum of Understanding/Bylaws
11:45 am – Presentation of Awards • CBOC Member of the Year
12:15 pm – Adjournment
CABOC Virtual Statewide Conference
October 16, 2021 • Saturday
Registration: 8:30 am • Conference: 9:00 am to 12:15 pm
"Supporting Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Members"
• • • Register Here: • • •
Early Bird Pricing $50 individual
Group tickets $100, 3-10 participants
FAQ: What is expected of a CBOC member?
The committee member should be prepared to read a moderate amount of written material, attend all meetings (subject to the normal exceptions such as illness or unavoidable conflicts), be attentive at the meetings, and not be shy in asking questions or inquiry about specific data and reports. While it is preferable for several members expertise in construction, municipal finance, public agency budgeting, project management or related field, it is not an absolute requirement for every member. Different perspectives such as senior representatives and taxpayer groups are on the committee. Common sense, an inquisitive mind, and commitment to ask questions are basic qualities of a good oversight member.

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