Bond Oversight Done Right – – --------- = - - Issue 30 • April 4, 2022
Editor: Linda Ruiz-Lozito •
CABOC Volunteer Opportunities All the work accomplished by CABOC is done by committee. CABOC needs your volunteer help for these committees. Our mission is to develop and deliver support thorough oversight through training, newsletters, conferences and workshops; and to represent our collective interests at the statewide level to benefit all Californians.

1.) Fundraising: Help prepare and implement a fundraising plan.

2.) Legislation Support: Help build grass-root support for the CABOC 2022 legislative proposal.

3.) Marketing: Help prepare and implement the CABOC marketing plan.

4. Training Videos - Online: Help prepare, test and produce training videos.
Select a committee to help:
Legislative Support
Training Videos
As a nonprofit association,
CABOC depends on your
financial support

Please consider making a monthly
recurring donation of $10.
One-time contributions are also appreciated!

Saturday, April 9th, 10:00 am
CABOC Board of Directors Meeting
Agenda Action Items include:
• Succession Planning • Accept Financial Reports • Amend Board Policy to Add Finance Committee • Amend Board Policy on Conflict of Interest
• Amend Board Policy on Website Document Approval Process

Zoom meeting ID: 814 8749 1207, passcode 293000.
If you are calling in only: 1.669.900.6833
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