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Sunday, June 14
CAC Great Works Club

Hello All!

For June, we will be continuing our Discussion of the "Kalevala."  There is a 2 volume version listed below and a One Volume version by Crawford circa 1888 that is less literal, but rhythmically easy to read in English.

The meeting will again be via Zoom and will be Sunday evening June 14th at 6PM PDT.
Please reply with the e-mail you would like the invite sent to, and respond with any questions or comments.

Anyone is welcome to join!

Below is a brief description:

"The    Kalevala  is considered the national epic of Finland. It was compiled and edited by Elias Lönnrot while he was a district health officer in eastern Finland, at that time under the governance of Russia. The poem consists of 50 runos or cantos and 22,795 lines of poetry. The poem tells the story of a people, from the very beginning of the world to the introduction of Christianity."

Runos 1-10: The first Väinämöinen cycle
Runos 11-15: The first Lemminkäinen cycle
Runos 16-18: The second Väinämöinen cycle
Runos 19-25: Ilmarinen's wedding
Runos 26-30: The second Lemminkäinen cycle
Runos 31-36: The Kullervo cycle
Runos 37-38: The second Ilmarinen cycle
Runos 39-44: The plunder of the Sampo
Runos 45-49: Louhi's revenge on    Kalevala
Runo 50: Marjatta

The two volume version on Project Gutenberg seems to be a better translation. Volume I consists of runos 1 through 25. Volume II consists of runos 26 through 50. Both volumes are close to 300 pages each. 

Kalevala, The Land of the Heroes, Volume One
Kalevala, The Land of the Heroes, Volume Two

Have a Safe and Blessed month,

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