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January 6,  2011 

For Immediate Release

       Contact: Cortney Lederer  312.491.8888 

Chicago Artists' Coalition

BOLT Project Space


A solo exhibition by BOLT Resident Homa Shojaie

Opening Reception: January 20, 6-9pm


HATCH Projects

Quarterly Site #9: Support

A group exhibition featuring HATCH Project artists and Quite Strong Lust List designers

Presented by Twelve Galleries Project

Curated by Quite Strong 

Opening Reception: January 20, 6-9pm


De-Mystifying the Art Critic

 Panelists: Duncan MacKenzie , Lane Relyea,  Lori Waxman, and James Yood

Moderated by BOLT artist-in-residence Stacia Yeapanis 

January 21, 1-3pm

Chicago, IL. January 6, 2011--Chicago Artists' Coalition is pleased to present two dynamic exhibitions: ASCENT, a solo exhibition featuring work by BOLT Resident Homa Shojaie AND Quarterly Site #9: Support featuring the work of HATCH Project artists and Quite Strong Lust List designers. Quarterly Site #9: Support is presented by Twelve Galleries Project & curated by Quite Strong. Both exhibitions open January 20th from 6-9pm at Chicago Artists' Coalition (CAC), 217 North Carpenter Street and will run from January 20 through February 10, 2012


 homa shojaie
BOLT Resident Homa Shojaie, installation shot, ASCENT, 2011-12


Homa Shojaie presents ASCENT, an installation that investigates the material space of canvas to explore archetypal personas. Shojaie's new work creates a meditative space that builds on the potential of canvas while metaphorically referencing the body. As the warps and the wefts of the raw canvas are methodically peeled away, layers of meaning reveal the subject's emotional landscape. Hovering on the edges of painting, architecture, sculpture and text, Shojaie's installation references a zone that never fully attaches itself to any one discipline. Instead, ASCENT is continuously shifting, carefully diffusing the boundary of the threads found in the frayed canvas, simultaneously revealing everything and nothing.


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In collaboration with CAC's Hatch Projects, Twelve Galleries Project presents Quarterly Site #9: Support curated by female design collective Quite Strong. The exhibition showcases two communities of visual creatives-HATCH Projects artists and Quite Strong Lust List designers.




Installations by HATCH Projects Artists -

Marissa Lee Benedict/ Amanda Greive / Renee Prisble / Brittany Ransom / David Wittig / Jim Zimpel 


Art and design works by Quite Strong Lust List Designers -


Alanna MacGowan / Cave Party Collective / Firebelly Design / Elaine Fong / Jos´┐Ż Scaglione / Julia Stotz / Katherine Verhoeven / Linsey Burritt / Margot Harrington / Monina Velarde / Nancy A. Bernardo / Nancy McCabe / Nicole Lavelle / Renata Graw / Tinne Van Loon / Tonya Douraghy / Veronica Corzo-Duchardt / Veronika Burian / Zara Picken


Together, HATCH Projects, an initiative of CAC focusing on contemporary art and professional artist development, Quite Strong, a collective fostering the overlap of art and design cultures, and Twelve Galleries Project, a roving curatorial experiment exploring collaborative exhibition models, can reap benefits for the Chicago creative experience. Each respective group challenges its members to step outside their immediate communities to seek vast and varied perspectives and experiences. The result: the facilitation and implementation of a support system beyond what is merely essential and into territory that is rich and rewarding. In essence, Quarterly Site #9: Support connects the "support" theme central to the missions of Hatch Projects, Quite Strong and Twelve Galleries Project and to the success of artists of all kinds.


For more information please visit:

HATCH Projects   



A.B.C. - Art.Business.Create. presents: De-Mystifying the Art Critic


De-mystifying the Art Critic surfaced out of a conversation with contemporary, emerging Chicago artists and intends to define the current climate of art criticism and break down the relationship between artist and art critic. Representing local and international, print and web-based publications, this dynamic panel (Duncan MacKenzie , Lane Relyea,  Lori Waxman, and James Yood) moderated by BOLT artist-in- residence Stacia Yeapanis will speak to both the theoretical and practical considerations of art criticism for both art writers and artists.


De-mystifying the Art Critic will take place on January 21, 2012 from 1-3pm at Chicago Artists' Coalition, 217 North Carpenter.


To purchase tickets, please call 312.491.8888 

CAC Members: $11. Non-members: $22. 



Chicago Artists' Coalition is located in the West Loop at 217 N. Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60607. For more information,  call 312.491.8888 or visit Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 9-5. Saturday, by appointment only. 


The mission of the Chicago Artists' Coalition is to educate the public on the value of art in society while providing support, advocacy and professional development to artists in our community and improving artists' living and working conditions. 


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