APRIL, 2019
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April is a promise that May is bound to keep ~ Hal Borland

Each April, in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, CACI and CAC staff from around Illinois gather in Springfield at our State Capitol.

On Tuesday, April 16th with our hands and minds full of informational materials, funding needs/issues, current and/or proposed bills and laws questions, concerns and/or ideas, we descended on the Capitol and enjoyed taking this opportunity to discuss all of the above with our Representatives and Senators!
The Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA) requires specified professions to report suspected child abuse and neglect to a hotline staffed by the Department of Children and Family Services. Many mandated reporters, however, do not know the potential signs of child abuse and neglect, when to report it, how to make a report, or the implications of making a hotline call. 

State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) has passed a proposal reforming the confusing set of state rules governing reporting child abuse in Illinois.
“High-profile events recently highlight the enormous task in front of us to bring change to DCFS from the ground up,” Morrison said. “This proposal represents a key part of bringing change to state law & an agency that has been failing for too long to protect Illinois children.”

 - Senator Julie Morrison, speaking at the CACI Legislative Day press conference on April 16, 2019
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Adverse childhood experiences are different than child...

Legislators, caregivers, and the media increasingly recognize that childhood adversity poses risks to individual health and well-being. The original Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study has helped raise public awareness about this critical...

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Upcoming MDT Roundtables

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This course provides an introduction to the Ten Step Forensic Interview Protocol and is intended to be utilized as a continuing education course for professionals whose primary responsibility is conducting forensic interviews of children at Children’s Advocacy Centers. The cost of the online course is $100, and May 1st is the last day to register for the course.

Learn more and register: mrcac.org/elearning/ten-step-ce .

Providing Trauma Informed Services requires more than a
general understanding of adversity. This conference will deepen the level of understanding about adverse childhood
experiences, the prevalence of toxic stress and the lifetime
consequences violence, abuse, neglect and other adversities can
have across generations.

National/international speakers will also discuss trauma informed practices for child welfare, legal and law enforcement, faith communities, schools, foster care, primary care/medical settings, addiction and trauma focused behavioral health treatment.

Using a System of Care Model, this conference will connect a
multidisciplinary group of participants to help assess and provide a plan of care for individuals within a trauma informed system of care.
Carrie Flanigan,
Executive Director

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for child victims of sexual and physical abuse. 

The goal of the center is to investigate and help successfully prosecute these offenders without further trauma to the child. 

Together we share the Mission of The Lake County State’s Attorneys Office.
Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center has been Protecting & Advocating for Children of Lake County for Over 30 Years
The Lake County Children's Advocacy Center (LCCAC) is a division of the Lake County State's Attorneys Office, and operates under the Specialized Victims Unit. This unit investigates and prosecutes cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse and the neglect of children. This unit is essential when investigating cases of child abuse or neglect because a proper, immediate response is critical to the outcome of these cases.

LCCAC is where children are brought for a forensic interview when there has been an allegation of sexual abuse, physical abuse or a child has been a witness to a major crime. The LCCAC is a child-focus center that coordinates the investigation and prosecution of these cases.

The Children's Advocacy Center's goal is to investigate and help successfully prosecute offenders of child abuse without causing further trauma to the child victim. The Advocacy Center is dedicated to approaching victims of child abuse in a sensitive, respectful manner. A child victim is defined as anyone from birth to eighteen years of age. The Center will provide services to individuals beyond age eighteen when special circumstances (i.e. developmental disability) require special handling of a victim.
Meet Mitch and Hitch
Mitchell’s primary role is to comfort and provide compassion to child victims who are interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center. 

Hitch is be available in the Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring Courts as well as throughout the courtrooms to serve as comfort for those who have entered the criminal justice system due to a mental health illness, and/or traumatic circumstances during their lifetime, or have an addiction.
'Blue Kids' is a program of the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center working in partnership with Lake County agencies and community groups. Their goal is to raise awareness on child abuse prevention. Advocating that all children deserve a chance at a safe childhood makes a great impact on those who may be seeking support and safety.

Perry-Jackson CAC held their 17th annual Family Fun Day on April 6th at the Perry County Fairgrounds. 
Upcoming golf scramble
May 4th
The Perry-Jackson Child Advocacy Center needs your help. We provide support services and a coordinated investigation to children in Perry and Jackson County who have been reported to be victims of sexual and serious physical abuse. We have received over 2400 referrals since opening in 2002, and our numbers continue to increase.
Family Service Agency’s Children’s Advocacy Center was proud to host Erin Merryn for a free community event on April 15th. She eloquently spoke her truth as a survivor and credited a Child Advocacy Center with helping her find her voice and begin the path to healing. We had 150 community members attend, all of whom were impacted by her personal experience. 

Our Walk to End Child Abuse coming up on April 27th at the Sycamore High School Field House. Complimentary breakfast and family friendly activities—come join us!

And we just sent two more to forensic interviewer training and we are very pleased to once again have bi-lingual forensic services!!! 
Char Rivette, Executive Director of the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, was honored by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for her dedication to child victims of physical and sexual abuse through program development, advocacy, and collaboration!