Essential Workers
Dear Friends of CACI, 

Here we are, the end of a very difficult year. This year has been full of the unknown and of significant loss to many; loss of jobs, security, safety, health, lives and our normal lives. As we enter 2021, there are still unknowns, but we are learning and adjusting for sure.  

The CACI staff has kicked into turbo gear to meet the needs of the professionals working with CACs, so that they can best meet the needs of the children and families they serve. The dedication of the multi-disciplinary teams shines through stronger than ever. Professionals took advantage of web-based training opportunities, meeting virtually with team members, families, and children in order to continue the services that are so needed.  

Please remember to do your part, this illness is relentless and has far reaching consequences. Some children will continue to be at risk and affected while isolated with parents, caregivers, and family who are struggling with their own issues of stress, illness, addiction, and/or financial concerns. This sometimes can lead to abusive situations.  

Many kudos and thanks to those of you who continue to respond and support these children. Also, thank you if you are one of the supporters of a local CAC, or of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Illinois in 2020. I ask for your support in the coming year. Please join us in being the needed BackUp so that each child can grow to be the RockStar that they deserve to be.

Happy New Year and wishes for safety and good health, 

What's unique about this program is it offers our donors an option that they have not had before, Round-Up!

A "Round-Up" is the term we use to describe the spare change captured from automatically rounding up your transactions to the next dollar. Example: if you bought a coffee for $2.40 on your connected credit/debit card(s), we'd "Round-Up" the purchase to the next dollar amount ($3) and the change ($0.60) would be counted as Round-Up change. Your spare change is then accumulated over the month and then donated to CACI either when you reach your chosen "Monthly Donation Cap" or at the very end of the month.

Of course, you are always welcome to donate monthly or with a one-time gift! And, you can do that here as well!
December 3-4, 2020 CACI Statewide MDT Coordinator Mike Burns facilitated the Annual MDT Coordinator Training.

This training’s focus is to strengthen the skills of the MDT Coordinators and those who may fill that role at their CAC. As well as, allowing for MDT Coordinators to network with each other and explore current issue solutions they may be experiencing.
Earlier this month the CACI staff was joined by Corey Brodsky, MA, Program Manager Chapter Development and Partnerships, with the Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center, to discuss our achievements in year 2 of our 3 year Strategic Plan.
On Tuesday, Dec. 1st, the team at UCAN suffered a terrible loss. CAC Executive Director, Sharon Clagg passed away.

Sharon's commitment to the CAC model and movement was only second to her kindness and compassion. The staff at CACI will miss her and is here, in any capacity necessary, for her loved ones and staff.
Please join us in welcoming Sarah Anderson in her new role as Executive Director at the Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center!
From Sarah: I was born and raised in the small town of Green Valley in Central Illinois. I went to McKendree University where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice and master’s degree in Criminal Justice. During this time, I worked with The Salvation Army of St. Clair County as an Emergency Social Services Case Manager. After graduate school, my husband and I moved back to the Central Illinois area where I worked in business law for some time.
As a Conservation Police Officer, my husband recently accepted a transfer to Jackson County, and we are very excited to be back in the Southern Illinois area - we were tired of staring at cornfields! In my heart, I knew I wanted to get back into the Social Services field and I could not be more thankful for this opportunity. The CAC does such rewarding work, and I am beyond grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization!
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