CACI Executive Director, Kim Mangiaracino along with Strategic Administrator Jean Garner & Michelle Hammitt, Office and NCA Grant Administrator and 21 Illinois CAC leaders traveled to Washington, DC June 2nd - 5th to attend the NCA Leadership Conference. CACI was able to passthrough travel stipends, through the FY19 NCA Statewide Project Funds, to 10 of those leaders.

This annual conference aims to provide continuing education, networking opportunities and exposure to innovative programs and ideas for Children’s Advocacy Centers throughout our country.
Getting ready to go meet with Senator Durbin and Senator Duckworth's legislative aides to talk about our Illinois CACs!
Meeting with Senator Richard Durbin's aid Jessica McNiece, we shared our appreciation for the VOCA funding that allowed the Illinois CACs to hire 121 new staff members.
And, of course, we explained the dire need for continued and increased funding focusing on child sexual abuse and trauma.

Representative Rodney Davis   [R-IL13 ] took time out of his busy day to sit and talk with us.
Kayda Keleher, one of Senator Tammy Duckworth's Legislative Assistants, listened intently to our needs and will be taking the conversations to the Senator.
Walking from the Hart Senate Office Building, heading to the Longworth House Office, we found ourselves at the steps of the Supreme Court having an Olivia Pope moment (Scandal fans will understand)!
Legislative session made 'historic progress,' Cuomo says ...

A sister-piece of legislation to the Child Victims Act that passed earlier this year, Erin’s Law had likewise been in the political pipeline for nearly a decade.

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Funding Opportunities | OJJDP

Through the use of formula grants and discretionary grants, OJJDP provides funding opportunities that are open to states, territories, localities, tribal communities and private organizations.

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I want to sincerely thank Pam Riddle - Children Advocacy Center of East Central Illinois, Carrie Cohan - Madison County CAC, Mark Parr - North/Northwest Cook Co. CAC and Sheryl Woodham - The Guardian Center CAC for their service and dedication to the peer review program. They have facilitated peer review for many year, and are the reason that this program is such a success. These leaders have established their local groups and have been a true pillar of facilitation in their regions.

CACI asked these facilitators to pass the torch to other individuals starting July 1st to give other opportunities for leadership across the state. Their leadership, and knowledge has been appreciated all these years. 
As the new year for peer review kicks off starting this summer the following people will be the facilitators across the state:

Michelle Hawley - Northern Region
Lynn Aladeen - Northeast Region
Denise Johnson - Central Region 
Andrea Fox - North Central Region
Leah Brown - Southern Region
Melanie Pignotti - Cook Region
Robyn Carr - Northeast Central Region
Cara Vock- Northwest Central Region
These facilitators met June 12th to train on peer review. They prepared for the upcoming year, shared ideas, and discussed topics that their regions can improve on. Adhering with the NCA Standards, at peer review forensic interviewers discuss scholarly articles and this years’ focus will be digging further into these articles and application. 

If you are not connected to a peer review, don’t hesitate to contact me to connect you to your local group. We are looking forward to a continued fantastic upcoming year of peer review.
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Neighborhoods Across The Country Are Building Miniature...

Inspired by the book-sharing movement, Little Free Library, neighborhoods across the country are now helping those in need with a similar idea: Little Free Pantry. Santa Cruz, CA "Take what you need, leave what you can." Neighborhoods are...

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Each year the Illinois CAC Directors come together to network and learn important skills related to the Organization and Management of Child Advocacy Centers.  

Directors please be sure to mark September 11-13 on your calendar and register because we are very much looking forward to seeing you!
This training is geared for CAC directors or their designee who will be preparing for NCA Accreditation. Any CAC director can attend to gain knowledge of the accreditation process. Training will be provided by experienced site reviewers who are or were Chapter Leaders. Materials have been developed collaboratively and both sites will received the same materials. Participants are welcome to attend whichever location/date is most convenient. Billie Larkin teaching Upstate, Jan Lutz will be attending Downstate 
This two-day training aims to enhance previously acquired forensic interviewing skills by addressing challenges related to reluctance and the variety of ways in which youth who have experienced or witnessed maltreatment present. By covering topics of chronic, physical and psychological abuse, witness to violence and technology-facilitated crimes, trainers will provide participants with information, tools and resources for which to approach these cases. 

Half-Day August Workshop with Jay Love

Jay Love is a Co-Founder & current Chief Relationship Officer at Bloomerang. He has served this sector for 33 years. Over the years, he has given more than 2,500 speeches around the world for the charity sector.

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State capital bill includes funds for Lake County...

The capital bill, which still needs the governor's signature before becoming law, would include $100,000 for an addition to house the on-site medical facility, Nerheim said. The $280,000 project would also be funded with county dollars and...

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Will County Counseling Center For Abused Children Opens...

STEGER, IL -Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow tells a story that makes people wince. A 17-year-old girl once thanked him for prosecuting a man who sexually abused her when she was eight. But when she approached him, she had been...

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4th Annual North & Northwest Cook County CAC Golf Outing

Champions for Children 5K Run/Walk is a fun and easy way to get involved in the community and support the important work of the Children's Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County (CAC). You can register as an individual, team or simply ...

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