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Your support is time-sensitive and CRITICAL to our efforts to continue providing hope, healing and justice for children who have endured severe physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, neglect, and exposure to violence!

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Why should Illinois increase funds to CACs?

CACs save money. Our collaborative model saves court, child protection, and investigative dollars averaging $1,000 per child abuse case compared to non-CAC communities.

CACs are efficient. CACs provide significantly higher rates of coordinated investigations; 81% of investigations in CACs were coordinated between law enforcement and child protective services, compared with 52% in comparison communities.

CACs help children heal. Child victims of sexual abuse who receive services at CACs are four times more likely to receive forensic medical exams and increased referrals for mental health treatment than children served by non-CAC communities.

CACs are effective. Research demonstrates that 94% of caregivers in Illinois CAC cases feel that they received vital information that can help keep their child safe in the future.

CACs are committed to research-supported practice. Last year, CACI provided training to 1,715 child abuse professionals, ensuring sound investigations and compassionate treatment of victims in Illinois.

CACs are responsible. Accreditation of CACs through the National Children’s Alliance assures child victims receive the highest standard of care available. All 40 Illinois CACs, and CACI, are accredited with NCA or in the process of becoming accredited.
The "RockStar RoundUp" is aimed at helping us reach our $10,000 goal that will help support CACI's long-term financial health and well-being. YOU can change the future of tomorrow's rockstars by rounding up your purchases each month, giving monthly or even a one-time gift!
Elik-backed sexual abuse bills await state Senate action

SPRINGFIELD - State Rep. Amy Elik, R-Fosterburg, has helped move two bills - House Bill 1975 and House Bill 3461 - aimed at preventing sexual abuse and grooming in schools closer to becoming law. Both bills await action in the state Senate.

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Facilitator: Det. Jen Hillgoth

Det. Hillgoth is well known and respected in the community and a popular speaker on Child Maltreatment issues. She is Aurora PD’s lead homicide detective assigned to investigations of infant and child deaths, child physical abuse, child neglect, child endangerment and sex crimes against children.
PBS Is Making Several Ken Burns Documentaries Available...

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns has a reputation for presenting audiences with incredibly comprehensive, detail-oriented portraits of American history, covering everything from baseball to the Brooklyn Bridge. His documentaries are just as ...

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Shine Campaign - National Children's Alliance

We are stars, lighting a universe of support for survivors. SHINE is a national campaign to transform the conversation about child sexual abuse. For too many, childhood is where the trauma starts. But survivors need to know they are not...

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Memorial Day 2021 will occur on Monday, May 31. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in...

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If age is only a state of mind, which category best describes your state of mind right now?
Cheeky Child
Moody Teenager
Marvelous Mid-Lifer
Groovy Grandparent
Illinois was recognized in the National Children's Alliance's (NCA) Newsletter for hosting an Evidence Based Assessment (EBA) Statewide Learning Cohort. CACI connected members to this training opportunity at the end of 2020. This digital training provided by the National Children's Alliance and Baylor University took place for IL therapists in February 2021. Following the training, a ten week consultation cohort took place for therapists to support one another while learning how to best use these instruments. Topics covered in this training included: Test Administration, Ethics, Differential Diagnosis, Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children and Young Children, Child and Adolescent Trauma Screen (CATS), and Child Sexual Behavior Inventory (CSBI).

This training cohort not only helps IL CACs meet the NCA Accreditation Standard requiring assessment for traumatic events and abuse related symptoms, it ensures standardized measures are used for informing treatment and assessing progress, that results are used to inform the treatment plan, and that an evidence based modality is being used for treatment if needed. CACI is excited to partner with NCA to continuously provide this training to all interested therapists that work in conjunction with a Children's Advocacy Center. The goal of this program is to ensure that children are thriving as a result of having access to equitable mental health services for their needs. 

Are you a CAC leader who conducts presentations for agency partners, community members, or funders?

Take the next 9 min to watch this video provided by the National Criminal Justice Training Center to increase your presentation skills. Takeaways from this video include creative ways to engage participants, how to best learn from your performance, and how to debrief after your session.

REMINDER for MDT Coordinators that Core Concepts for Team Facilitation is open in Coalition Manager!

The 1 hour long sessions are :

  • July 29 @ 11
  • August 26 @ 11
  • September 30 @ 11
  • October 28 @ 11
  • November 18 @ 11
NOW HIRING: Bilingual Family Advocate

This person is responsible for promoting a child focused, supportive environment by providing crisis support, system information, and community resources for children and their families who participate in an investigation of child abuse or for children who have witnessed traumatic and violent crime throughout the life of the case. Occasional evening or weekend work hours may be required. 

REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s in social work or other human service related field, preferred. Relevant experience working with children of all ages and developmental levels who have experienced trauma, and fluency in both English and Spanish is required. Understanding of trauma informed care, multiculturalism, family systems and knowledge of community resources are preferred.
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