CACI partnered with Zero Abuse Project to host our first ever ChildFirst Illinois online class October 5-9, 2020. Zero Abuse national presenters Rita Farrell, Robert Peters, and Rachel Johnson taught this statewide class how to conduct a forensic interview in a non-leading, fact finding, forensically sound manner. We look forward to seeing all 30 of these participants in on-going forensic interview trainings in the future. Please contact your CAC director or myself to find out when your region’s next digital peer review is scheduled for.
October 6-9, 2020 CACI collaborated with the National Criminal Justice Training Center to provide Child Sex Trafficking Forensic Interviewing Advanced Training. This digital training was presented by national trainers Julie Kenniston and Ale Levi (pictured below). This course taught participants to develop techniques to conduct a developmentally appropriate interview with victims of sex trafficking, understanding of child sex trafficking victimization, the impact trauma has on development, and to gather information on child pornography and technology.

October’s Leadership Training Series is provided by Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center in partnership with CACI. This speaker series has 4 unique online training opportunities a month.

This month’s series featured:

  • Peer Support for Mental Health Professionals Using Telehealth with Paula Condol and Nicola Herting (pictured below)
  • Best Practices for Remote Team Management with Andy Zimney (picture above)
  • Infection Prevention Discussion with Joseph Kurland (pictured below)
  • Multi Leveled Shared Leadership with Chris Newlin (pictured below)

Contact your local CAC director for future meeting times, dates, and call-in information. These 4 opportunities a month will run until the end of December 2020.