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3rd Draft CACREP Standards
Available for Public Comment
Dear ,

CRCC recently learned that the CACREP Standards Revision Committee (SRC) disseminated Draft 3 of the CACREP 2024 Standards for public comment.
CRCC responded to CACREP’s Draft 2 public comments by issuing a letter to their SRC with recommended changes specific to the Rehabilitation Counseling Specialty Standards, Learning Environment: Faculty and Staff, Foundational Counseling Curriculum, Entry Level Specialized Practice Areas, and Glossary.
Upon review of the SRC’s Draft 3, we noticed the majority of CRCC’s recommendations were not incorporated into this draft. CRCC's letter to the SRC Committee - Draft 2 comments

We strongly recommend you review and comment on the SRC’s Draft 3. CACREP’s disregard of the CRCC Job Task Analysis Study perpetuates the lack of student preparedness to serve individuals with disabilities.

The SRCs deadline for submission of feedback to Draft 3 is midnight June 30, 2022.

click here to see a copy of the draft standards
click here for a guide to the draft
click here for a glossary for this draft

Pam Shlemon
CRCC Executive Director