Volume 5 | Issue 4, 2021
CADA News and Information!
CADA Presenting at ABLE Assembly
The Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs (BIAESN) is delighted to announce the 2021 ABLE Assembly: Arts Better the Lives of Everyone conference, which will be held online on April 10th and 11th from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM EST. BIAESN is partnering with Creative Generation to offer the conference, which will include live, synchronous keynote presentations, recorded breakout sessions, performances by artists with disabilities, and live panel discussions. This conference is open to the public.

Wendy Duke and company members from Theatre on the Spectrum will be presenting a workshop entitled Act for Advocacy at 1:00 PM on April 10th.

The ABLE Assembly is an exceptional professional-development opportunity in the field of arts education and special needs, bringing together educators, artists, researchers, policymakers, school administrators, program administrators, and students to share best practices, explore new research, and learn from each other. 

Registration is open now until April 5th, 2021. 
The conference registration fee is $100 and includes:
  • admission to all sessions;
  • access to recorded sessions and supporting materials after the event has concluded, and
  • the opportunity to earn 18 professional development points.
Last Friday Improv Night on Zoom
Call-Outs for a Cause was such a fun and successful event, we've decided to host an Improv Night + Fundraiser on the last Friday of EVERY MONTH! Will you join us?
Summer Camps!
Accessible Expressions Open Mic!
One-Act Play Festival Sponsorships
Spring Class Schedule
We are offering advanced classes for long-term students seeking the next level in their theatre education, as well as new areas of interest. Check it out!
Teacher Spotlight, Eve Urban, on Puppet Palooza:
"I recently took a puppetry class at my university and became really inspired by how puppets can be a great tool for expressing emotions. It can give performers the confidence to get on stage and act knowing that the attention won't be just on them. I'm excited to explore with found objects, finger puppets, and sock puppets for this session!"

On YouTube Production:
"I love doing theatre online because it allows people to collaborate from all over the world and teaches how to act for film! We are writing our own play for the class, performing it, and putting it up on CADA's YouTube channel. I think it's a wonderful opportunity to explore all that comes with producing your own work."
CADA Student Spotlight: Amanda
Amanda has been with CADA for a year now, and already has the Beginner Acting class and two performances of Mario's New Friend under her belt. Although, she was no stranger to the stage, having been in the casts of Joseph, Hairspray, and Beauty and the Beast at Nordonia High School. Amanda's mom, Debbie, could be found fixing costumes while her father and sister built sets – it was truly a family affair! “What a fun transition from being an onstage mom to a virtual backstage mom,” Debbie said.

Debbie Bugenske on virtual performance:
"It was amazing – all the technology they had to learn – and the biggest thing they learned was how to improvise, like if someone forgot a line or forgot a costume change or something, they were able to cover it up and just go with it."

Amanda says: "I definitely like being an actor because I get to dress up and be with my friends and just have a great time with everybody, and it kinda takes your mind off of your worries for awhile. It makes me happy and it definitely gives me self-confidence. I think, 'Even if I’m not good at it, I can learn how to do it.'" She credits the teachers for being so supportive and instructive. "I've learned how to adjust and be flexible."

Be sure to catch Amanda at Last Friday Improv Night on April 30!
CADA Staff Spotlight: Eve Urban
Eve Urban will be teaching YouTube Production on Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM ET and Puppet Palooza on Saturdays 11 AM-noon ET from April 15 to June 10, 2021.

Eve is currently a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and will be graduating with a BA in Theatre and an Applied Theatre Certificate in Spring 2021. She has trained with Theatrical Intimacy Education in Intimacy Coordination, Theatre of the Oppressed Pittsburgh in Image and Forum Theatre, and completed CADA’s Drama for People with Autism and Disabilities teacher training. "As a teacher, I love using applied theatre tools to prepare students to take on the world. It teaches us kindness."

Eve says: "Applied drama is a great tool to help navigate the world socially and gain confidence. I really love CADA's approach of using applied drama to overcome bullying. Sharing personal stories of bullying and switching the narrative for a positive outcome can be very empowering."

"Theatre gave me a space to express my emotions at a young age and it made me into who I am today. I am passionate about teaching because it allows me to give people space to be who they are, free of judgment. Theatre is acceptance. Theatre is my happy place and all I've ever wanted to do is provide a space for young people like me that don't feel like they fit in anywhere else." 
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