Volume 5 | Issue 8, 2021
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CADA Virtual One-Act Play Festival!

The festival wraps up with the final play this weekend, More Than Meets the Eye, written by members of NYC ADAPT, directed by Fran Sillau and featuring actors of all abilities from around the country! You can still purchase individual tickets for any of the eight plays through September. You may also gain access to all plays by becoming a sponsor. All of the plays are available in ASL, Audio Description and Captioned versions. We are so proud of all the hard work that has gone into the creation of these plays!
Learn More About Creating Inclusive Theatre
As part of CADA's Virtual One-Act Play Festival, we have been hosting Talk-Backs with the playwrights, directors and casts for each production. Learn how to create inclusive theatre from the teams who have been working on these plays for the past year! You can find all the Talk-Backs on our CADA YouTube Channel. And while you are there, don't forget to Like and Subscribe!
Upcoming Live Shows!
ABOVE: Act for Advocacy at OCALICON 2019

These will be our first in-person events since the pandemic started!

Ruben Ryan and Improv Troupe members will be performing at Community Day in Richfield Woods Park on August 8 at 2:30 PM.

Ruben and Theatre on the Spectrum members will be presenting "Act for Advocacy" for Lorrain County Board of DD on August 14 at 10:00 AM. This workshop will teach clients and caregivers improvisation and devising techniques to advocate for themselves.

If you are interested in hosting an Act for Advocacy workshop, please contact Ruben Ryan at ruben@centerforada.org for further information.
Last Friday Improv Night on Zoom
Call-Outs for a Cause was such a fun and successful event, we've decided to host an Improv Night + Fundraiser on the last Friday of EVERY MONTH! Will you join us?
Learn with Us!
Above: Voice Acting Class warm-ups!

Announcing our Online Classes for 2021, with an expanded curriculum designed to encourage growth in theatre arts and in social and emotional development and interpersonal communication skills. Over the course of Fall, Winter and Spring sessions, we will be offering classes that build on prior skills as well as courses for beginners. We are committed to continuing our online programming so that youth and adults of all abilities, no matter where they are located, can join our classes and perform in our productions. And with virtual classes, no masks or social distancing are required!
FALL 2021

Intro to Comedy: Explore the basics of comedy across multiple formats including improvisation, sketch comedy and stand-up. Analyze what is funny and what isn’t in the 21st century as comedy has evolved in multiple forms across Instagram, TikTok and other platforms. The class will create a final project that will be posted on social media. 
John Lynch and Ruben Ryan, Mondays 6 - 7 PM ET

Writer's Room: Collaborative writing is the standard process for all types of television programming. Learn how to bring your special talents to a group process. The class will create a final project that will be shared on social media.
Jordan Euell and Eve Urban, Wed 6:30 - 7:30 PM ET

Intro to Voice Acting: Learn the mechanics of vocal production while exploring the variety of vocal opportunities available for actors with powerful and flexible voices. Students will learn how to prepare a portfolio with sample of their voice work.
Mikaia Ross and Wendy Duke, Saturday 3 - 4 PM ET

Improv for All: For all ages, abilities and levels of experience. Improvisation is naturally inclusive! By learning to “Say Yes!” actors develop scenes that can incorporate favorite characters and genres. Improv helps actors work on communication skills for stage and real life. 
Ruben and Brandon, Sat 11 - noon

Below: Introduction to Comedy! Exploring the physical aspects of comedy.
CADA Thanks the Ohio Arts Council
The Ohio Arts Council recently awarded the Center for Applied Drama and Autism two grants: An ArtsSTART award in support of our 2021-22 season and an ArtsNEXT award to develop a comedy troupe for performers with disabilities. You will be hearing more about the comedy troupe in our next newsletter! We would like to thank the OAC along with Governor Mike DeWine, Lt Gov John Husted, and members of the Ohio General Assembly for recognizing the power of the arts in communities across Ohio. We are so grateful for the support!
One-Act Play Festival -- Be a Sponsor!
Watch the Jeff Moyer Show with guest appearances by Wendy Duke and Theatre on the Spectrum company members!
Tune in to Jeff's show every other Thursday at 7 PM ET. With topics and discussions that go deep into disability and society, with interviews featuring advocates from around the country, and recurring segments on education and Jeff's original music!
UPDATE: Teacher Workshops Cancelled
Due to the unexpected unavailability of key staff members, we must cancel this week of workshops. We will work on rescheduling and let you know when the next round of workshops will take place.
NEW One-on-One Opportunities!
Thanks to all our corporate and individual sponsors who have contributed to our continuing success!

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