Volume 5 | Issue 2, 2021
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More Streaming More Often!
CADA on FB and YouTube!
Theatre on Spectrum Company members play Trivia every Tuesday! Now you can join along via YouTube live streaming!

After a year of discovery and exploration, we are expanding our online presence on both FB and YouTube. Our monthly open mics have been live since the beginning of the pandemic. We have observed with great pride the growth in individual confidence, performance techniques, and ability to navigate within the brave new world of Zoom boxes.

Now our company members are excited to share their work with the world. You can help us by watching our videos on YouTube, and please Like and Subscribe!

Below: January's Open Mic focused on Martin Luther King Jr Day. Our monthly open mics will continue to be live-streamed on FB and then uploaded to our YouTube channel.
"Forgotten Dead" Accepted Into
Conquering Disabilities With Film
International Film Festival
Recently, film director Josh Gippin and CADA director Wendy Duke were invited to discuss the documentary The Forgotten Dead, on Recovery Unplugged, a live podcast hosted by Amy Leigh McCorkle. Amy is a writer, director and filmmaker with a focus on inclusion and mental health and she is the Festival Director! We were delighted to have the opportunity to chat with Amy and with Del Weston, the Festival Host about the power of film to tell stories of people who have been voiceless in the past due to disability and social stigma. Check out our conversation in Amy's Recovery Unplugged podcast at the link above!

The Festival is set for July of 2021 in Los Vegas. We are so excited that Josh's documentary is going to be included! Our company members are thrilled that their work will be seen by festival-goers! Thank you, Amy and Del, for providing the opportunity to talk about our work and the power of inclusive film and theatre-making!
March 20 - Teacher Workshop!
February Accessible Expressions Open Mic!
One-Act Play Festival Auditions THIS WEEKEND!
The Center for Applied Drama and Autism (CADA) solicited scripts from all over the world in order to present the One-Act Play Festival, every other Saturday in 2021 from May 22 to August 14. Check out the play descriptions above, and if you are interested in auditioning, please fill out the audition form and sign up for a time slot. (If you have trouble with the form, don't worry, we can help you through it during your audition).
We hope to see you there!
CADA's Winter Class Students Shine!
Above: Saturday morning Next Stage class participants work together to create a performance project!

Winter session classes are underway and we are so excited to see so many new and returning students filling our evening and Saturday classes! What gives us all the warm fuzzies, is to see our students connecting and making friends with students from around the country, as far away as Florida and California! This pandemic has been a strain on all of us, but there are bright shining moments of pure joy as we gather together in our Zoom Studio to create characters and stories, sharing laughter as we make new friends!

Below, Comedy Class is the place to get serious about earning laughs!
CADA Student Spotlight:
Samir began taking classes with CADA when we were at the Balch Street Theatre and he was the first company member to walk through the door at the Blue Box Theatre. He has done Shakespeare, having played Macbeth and Bottom; he has been Piglet and an opera clown, and he was the only cast member of Along the Graveyard Path to be in both companies. He is also a writer: Mario's New Friend, was picked to be our first Zoom play, and The Bookstore of Doom will be performed during our One-Act Play Festival!

Samir says: "I will continue to write scripts. I want to explore new ideas for scripts so that I can grow my audience! I will always return to my favorite themes and characters because friendship is a powerful message."

One of Samir's earliest memories is of watching the movie Winnie the Pooh and loving the friendship between Pooh and Piglet. His first time on stage was at a third-grade holiday concert: "At the end... a big crowd cheered! I felt happiness! I felt love! I knew I wanted to do this again!" But seeing Bruce Almighty made him want to be a movie star. "I liked Morgan Freeman's voice."

In grade school, Samir started attending Rotary Camp, where he discovered a love of drawing and making things, campfire songs and horseback riding. (He even reunited with some of his camp friends at CADA years later!) At 15, Samir started his acting career at the Salvation Army in the Christmas pageant: this was his first opportunity to play a piglet, basing his performance on the one from the stories of Christopher Robin and his friends, who was "shy and brave." Samir graduated from Garfield High School in 2014, moving onto the Steel Drum Academy and then Echoing University. He joined choir and found an interest in science. "Science fiction is something I really enjoy writing."

His mother would often take him to see shows at Playhouse Square, including Motown: The Musical and Hair! "We can learn a lot about ourselves and our history by going to the theatre." Samir concludes, "I will become a movie star, writer, director, and producer. I will work hard to get cast in a show. I will follow the script. I will listen to my acting coaches."
CADA Staff Spotlight: Molly Wetzel
Molly Wetzel teaches Voice Acting on Thursdays from 7-8 PM ET until March 18.

Molly has an MFA in Acting from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Houston. She has performed and taught for many regional theatres around the country, and she completed CADA's Teacher Training Workshops in January. She’s currently working as an audiobook narrator and dialect coach from her home in Houston.

Molly says: "My favorite part of the teacher training workshops was getting to take a sample class with students from CADA! It was helpful to learn techniques that CADA uses and then apply them alongside students. The experience makes me look forward to teaching Voice Acting even more!"

"I stumbled into applied drama! I was working educational outreach for a theatre and we did a show for middle and high schools using Playback Theatre -- a form of applied drama that creates a performance around an audience member's personal story. The experience was incredibly moving and expanded my view of what theatre could be. I love theatre because I firmly believe that stories can make the world a more empathetic place. Theatre allows people to share time and experiences together, which can make us all more understanding and caring people."

"Applied theatre makes a great space for autistic individuals to practice social situations. It also gives space for people to experience different situations and emotions, which can make those situations more comfortable when they come up in real life."

Thanks to all our corporate and individual sponsors who have contributed to our continuing success!
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