Volume 5 | Issue 6, 2021
CADA News and Information!
CADA to Present at the Milestones
National Autism Conference
The Center for Applied Drama and Autism will be an Exhibitor at the nation’s leading autism event, Milestones National Autism Conference on June 16-17, 2021. Hear from world-class experts and earn professional development all from the comfort of your home. CADA will be taking part in an Inclusive Theatre panel. Register now to gain practical strategies to use at work, school, home and in your communities and come visit us at the Expo Hall!

CADA's own Ruben Ryan and several of our company members will host a special Improv Happy Hour on Wednesday, June 16 from 4:45-5:45 PM ET, so don't miss out!
Last Friday Improv Night on Zoom
Call-Outs for a Cause was such a fun and successful event, we've decided to host an Improv Night + Fundraiser on the last Friday of EVERY MONTH! Will you join us?
Summer Camps!
Accessible Expressions Open Mic!
One-Act Play Festival
Summer Class Schedule
We offer professionally taught theatre classes that are geared toward anyone who wishes to improve their acting and writing skills. We welcome people of all abilities, backgrounds and experiences. Theatre is an art form that thrives in an atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance of differences.
Artability -- a great new resource for creative arts and disability!
 “Creativity blooms in the absence of judgement.” Artability, Creative Arts and Disabilities is a collection of scholarly articles on the power of the arts to transcend the barriers that can come with disability. Covering visual arts, music, movement and drama, articles with titles such as “Painting With Blind Eyes,” Developing Animal-Assisted Arts Therapies…” and “Drama ad Empathy: Autism Universe” this book is a rich resource created for an international audience. It provides reviews of current research and practices for the classroom teacher, arts therapists, family members as well as professional art makers and teachers. The second half of the book presents profiles of individuals with disabilities and their inspiring encounters with art-making.

This book is available in print via amazon.com or for reading online here.
A poem from the back cover of Artability, Creative Arts and Disabilities
By Ramamoorthi Parasuram and Supraja Parasuraman, 2021 NotionPress.com

Artability                 Empathy is a verb
     Art is fun                catalytic art
Play with animals         therapy dogs
     Art is therapy                 bathe an elephant
Paint the sounds you hear       tactile painting
     Primordial sounds Ohm    mask and eye contact
Art is inclusion                facemask
     Paint your body          paint your face
Move, move your limbs     teletherapy
     Movement/dance         know your self
Blind with the camera           hear the sound and paint

CADA Student Spotlight: Sid, edited
(The original June newsletter featured a picture of a former student spotlight. Please check out Sid as Batman, to left). Sid was one of CADA's first students at Weathervane Playhouse. He has been taking classes consistently since he was eight years old, eventually becoming a Mentor and now a Costar, guiding those who are new to the program. 

Sid is a graduate of Medina High School and Medina Career Center, and is interested in being a high school biology teacher. He has participated in community theatre at Ohio Youth Ensemble Stage and hopes to be in the MHS virtual talent show this year. In his free time, he likes to watch TV and movies, like his favorites Psych and Indiana Jones. He likes voice acting and can do a mean Mickey Mouse! When asked what he liked about CADA classes, Sid responded: "The people, the experience, the fun aspect."

Sid's mother, Kristin Kranz, a CADA board member, says, "We learned at an early age that theatre was a great way to learn so many things. And Sid would often participate in the school system and community theatre, but it was a whole different experience to step away and not have to worry about accommodations because it's such an accepting, nurturing, supportive environment."
CADA Staff Spotlight: Dean Coutris
Dean began helping CADA with bookkeeping and accounting work back in 2016. 'Just Go With It Improv,' the improv troupe he co-founded, offered a couple of improv workshops for CADA students, which led to Dean and Ruben Ryan teaching a Saturday morning improv class during one Winter Session. Ruben became more and more involved with CADA as an instructor and Dean left for graduate school. Then in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Dean officially became CADA's Business Manager and taught several Zoom acting classes.

"I got into theatre late in life after a bit of an existential crisis in my mid-20s. At first, I did community theatre shows, and it was pretty much a hobby. My first real taste of the potential of theatre was taking a 'Contemporary Theatre Styles' course with Jim Slowiak in the Summer of 2012. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least. I really learned to appreciate the art of theatre and storytelling more. As the years went on, theatre became more and more a part of my life - it was slowly becoming my profession as opposed to a hobby."

Dean's first professional show was at Actors' Summit Theater in Akron as Bo Decker in Inge's Bus Stop in 2014. After that, he worked with Northeast Ohio theatres such as Ohio Shakespeare Festival, Rubber City Theatre, Coach House Theatre, Dobama, and Ensemble Theatre. In 2017, he was accepted into the University of Houston's Professional Actor Training Program where he earned an MFA in Theatre. In 2019, he was cast in Houston Shakespeare Festival and at Tennessee Shakespeare Company. He has not done a live show in front of an audience since December of 2019 and since moving to Atlanta in 2020, has moved more exclusively to TV and Film, as well as teaching as an adjunct professor at Kennesaw State University. "I still love theatre and I really hope to get back to the live stage sometime soon."

When asked about his goals for CADA, Dean says, "To continue to offer quality programming for people of all abilities, and to remain financially viable. To spread the word about our organization. We do some really incredible work, and I wish more people knew about what we do."
Thanks to all our corporate and individual sponsors who have contributed to our continuing success!

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