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Executive Dysfunction
by Sarah Palmer

"As I write this article about executive dysfunction, I have a month’s worth of schoolwork to catch up on and two exams in four days."
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Daniel's Journey
Daniel's Journey: Fighting for Dignity

Mired in helplessness, Daniel's mom noted signs of ADHD in her young son. Managing his impulsive behaviour and intense feelings strained their small family to the limits of love. 

Friends offered baseless advice; the family met stark and painful teacher bias every school year. The heartrending decision to pursue diagnosis wasn't a perfect solution - there was still that sinking feeling of defeat each time they arrived at the school to hear a long list of everything that Daniel had done wrong.
No student should endure years of harassment and bullying modelled by teachers like Daniel has. The toxic aftereffects of his primary years poisoned every one of his friendships. Instead of care, Daniel was ensnared in a culture of bullying that made him the helpless victim time and again.

CADDAC is honoured to share Daniel's Journey - an emotional story highlighting one family's struggles and triumphs on the path to dignity.

The ADHD Conference: Registration is OPEN!
Virtual Peer Support Facilitators Needed for Fall 2022 Parent Groups!

Are you a parent with a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD? Consider facilitating one of CADDAC's Peer Support groups for parents! Sign up now to learn more.
CADDAC Seeking Representatives for YCDSB SEAC Committee

Ontario/York: CADDAC is seeking two individuals that are passionate about advocating for the rights of students with special learning needs.
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The Odds of Inheriting ADHD are Really Very High

As children’s ADHD diagnoses rise, parents discover they have it, too.
Does Sunlight Help ADHD Symptoms? Researchers still say 'maybe' 

Most studies suggest that research be conducted before clearly establishing a connection between sunlight and ADHD symptoms.
ADHD in the Classroom 

What classroom accommodations can help students with ADHD?
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SickKids CCMH Learning Institute Discount for CADDAC Subscribers

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CADDAC subscribers are now entitled to a 15% discount on future trainings with SickKids CCMH Learning Institute.

Effective immediately, use code CADDAC15 when registering for training opportunities.
EMPLOYMENT: Capability Program (CAP) is Open!

CAP is an employment program for people with disabilities (visible or invisible) who are ready, willing, and able to join the workforce. CAP equips clients with job readiness skills through our comprehensive program.
For more info or to register, contact Sarah Rowe at or 416-405-5273
STUDY: Parenting a Child with ADHD During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Help researchers understand the impact of the pandemic on the parenting experiences of children with ADHD!

  • Must be a Canadian in grades K - 12 with ADHD

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