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CADDAC's 2022 ADHD Conference: Registration is OPEN!
Focusing on ADHD and co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder and many more, this year's conference sessions offer practical support to people managing ADHD and at least one other condition. Additional sessions focus on practical life skills for adults with ADHD!
Feature Story of the Month: André Brisson, P.Eng
André is a professional engineer, entrepreneur, and parent. He shares his story here with CADDAC:
Learn: Webinars and Coaching
Youth ADHD Group Coaching Program

CADDAC is pleased to again offer an 8-week virtual Youth ADHD Group Coaching program for people ages 16 - 24

The program has limited spots available so we encourage you to sign up to show your interest with us as we process registrations!
Interactive ADHD Child Parenting Course - almost full!

This course focuses on supporting parents of children between 4 and 12 years of age and is approximately 12 hours in total, divided into 5 sessions.

The program has limited spots available so we encourage you to sign up to show your interest with us as we process registrations!
Support: Join a Virtual Support Group
Summer Support Groups - Join us!

Eastern: August 29th at 7:30pm Atlantic time
Central: August 25th at 7:30pm Eastern time
Western: Next sessions Fall 2022

Youth "Pop up" One-Session: August 30 at 5pm Eastern time

Daniel's Journey
Daniel's Journey: Fighting for Dignity

CADDAC is honoured to share Daniel's Journey - an emotional story highlighting one family's struggles and triumphs on the path to dignity.

Helpless, Daniel's mom noted signs of ADHD in her young son. Managing his impulsive behaviour and intense feelings strained their small family to the limits of love. 

No student should endure years of harassment and bullying modelled by teachers like Daniel has. The toxic effects of his early school years poisoned every one of his friendships. Instead of care, Daniel was excluded over and over because of his ADHD.


Share your experiences on our blog!

Consider blogging to share your thoughts along your own ADHD journey! Your writing is easy to submit to our team, and your thoughts help others on their ADHD journey!

Submissions can be in whatever format you express yourself best: audio, visual, written or artistic expression. #adhdspeaks
What's New: Articles, Blogs, and News on ADHD
With back-to-school just around the corner, we've rounded up a few articles to support your transition to a new school year.
What My Son with ADHD Would Like Grown-Ups to Know

"I’d like them to understand I am not trying to make them mad...I just want it to stop. The yelling and comparing me to other kids who are ‘normal."
Why an ADHD diagnosis is often out of reach for Canadian university students

"Informally, we call it 'the second year syndrome' due to how many students realize they have ADHD, panic, and drop out of school."
Optimize your Homework Routines to Help Your Child Succeed

Homework can be a stressful topic, especially when ADHD symptoms is in the mix. Read on for tips to manage your child's workspace, routine, and conversations to make homework time as productive and peaceful as possible.
Community Opportunities
CCMH Learning Institute Discount for CADDAC Subscribers + additional summer savings!

Effective immediately, use code CADDAC15 when registering for training opportunities.

*Note that some training opportunities might be eligible for an additional 5% summer discount!
EMPLOYMENT: Virtual & in-person services available to Ontario job seekers

Free and running year-round, Ontario job seekers connect with employment navigators through Woodgreen Agency to access virtual & in-person services available to job seekers.
RESEARCH: An open call for neurodiverse research candidates via Western University (ON)

The Sensory Lab at Western focuses on how individuals combine information across the senses and are looking for candidates with ADHD as well as other populations.
Ways to Give: Help Change Someone's Life
Become a GEM: Give Every Month and help change someone’s life!

GEM is a monthly giving program that provides hope to those who do not know where to turn. When you join GEM, you will be helping support over 1.8 million people who are affected by ADHD. Monthly giving is a simple, convenient, and efficient way for you to contribute to the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada so that change can be made on how ADHD is viewed, providing support and tools for those who face challenges in everyday life, and who are struggling to cope. Give hope and support to your fellow Canadians across the nation all year long by becoming a monthly donor.

With your continuous support, we can rally for change so that each generation can be healthier than the last.

  • $25 monthly provides one webinar with crucial information on ADHD
  • $86 monthly provides an interactive Parenting Program for a parent for a year
  • $135 monthly provides a youth coaching program for a year
  • $300 monthly provides one support group for a year

Help make change and join our monthly supporters to make an impact all year long.
Together, we can be unstoppable.
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