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Ontario Party Responses to Questions on
ADHD Resources Now Online!

For the first time ever, we have received responses to our questions on ADHD from all four major parties running in the Ontario Election. 

Please access Questions and responses to see the questions asked of the parties and each party’s response.
We encourage you to continue using the Ontario ADHD Election Campaign Toolkit to assist you with informing your candidates about ADHD and the lack of resources. Let them know that as their potential constituent ADHD matters to you.
Every time a question about ADHD is asked - whether that’s at your front door, in an email to your candidates, or at a local community event - you are raising ADHD awareness with future government decision-makers.

Don’t know your riding or your candidates? We can help with that too!

Please assist our advocacy efforts by sharing this information with any individuals or colleagues that you think may have an interest in ADHD!  
CADDAC ADHD Adult Support Groups

Would you like to join a support group to help you navigate through life’s twists and turns?

Dates for Session Three:

Western Canada - June 15th
Central Canada - June 2nd
Eastern Canada - May 30th

If interested, please use the link below to register based on your Region.
ADHD Matters - CBC Radio Interview with Heidi Bernhardt

Listen to CADDAC's founder, Heidi Bernhardt, on how we are supporting families to engage with candidates on this important election issue, which is often overlooked.
ADHD Articles
How to Create a Summer Schedule for a Child With ADHD
Summertime has a way of creeping up on us. School is suddenly out. Children are home. Days may now be wide open. Many children will be involved in summer programs for part of the time, but some will not.
Summertime is often a lazy, relaxed time. But for a child with ADHD, a daily routine continues to be very important.
During the school year, you are more likely to make your child adhere to regular bed, wake-up and meal times. This is important during the summer, as well. A schedule doesn’t have to be rigid, but days run much more smoothly when there are expectations and predictability for your child.
Living With ADHD: Strategies for Well-Being
People with ADHD often lack focus, wander off task, talk excessively, fidget, and act impulsively. Children commonly present with hyperactivity, and as they age, they may struggle more with attention, leading to academic difficulties.
The disorder is often misunderstood by others. People who don't understand the symptoms of ADHD may label children with ADHD as unmotivated, lazy, or problem children. Adults with ADHD may be seen as irresponsible or flighty because they struggle to remember important details or obligations and they have a hard time staying on task.
Why We Feel So Much — and Ways to Overcome It
Everyone experiences frustrations, setbacks, and challenges, but not everyone reacts as strongly as you do to them. Small, relatively insignificant setbacks seem to get an outsize response from those diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD). Research shows that we have greater challenges with frustration, impatience, anger, and excitability than others do. That’s because ADHD impairs our ability to regulate our emotions, to experience them in a controlled way, so that they don’t gush out into the world.
But there are ways to tone down our emotional explosions and to turn them into positive energy. Before we explore them, here is more science on the ADHD emotions factory.
Community Events
Calling all Black & Indigenous Youth in the Lower Mainland!
Youth Employment Futures Scholarship (YEFS) for Black and Indigenous youth in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, aged 15-29, living with intellectual and/or developmental dis/abilities. 
These communities of youth are disproportionately UNDER employed. 
This program is part of a specialized employment project supported by RWA, YAIJ, Ethos, and Pathfinders Youth Centre Society.
The YEFS scholarship offers youth paid training as well as a paid employment experience of their choice. Participants will be guided and supported throughout the program by a Job Coach as well as an Empowerment Coach.
The program starts on June 11th (via zoom and in-person on weekends) and as the program moves into the employment experience phase, young people participate more fully, on a weekly basis until August 5th, 2022. 
Youth can register for the program by contacting
Are you thinking of celebrating your birthday with CADDAC this year with a fundraiser on Facebook? It can be done with a few steps and all proceeds come to CADDAC. Check our details and steps.

Your generous gift will contribute to establishing programs and services for ADHD communities in Canada as well as support the work CADDAC is already doing in the areas of advocacy, awareness, and education.
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