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Tips for Understanding the ADHD Mind and Navigating an Adult ADHD Relationship When You Don’t have ADHD 

Date: Tues February 9, 2021
Time: 7:30pm EST (ONLINE)

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We Are Hiring a Bilingual ADHD Resource Navigator
We're hiring a BILINGUAL(ENGLISH / FRENCH) ADHD Resource Navigator to join our team. The main responsibility is to help families and/or individuals affected by ADHD to identify ADHD and mental health resources. Please help us share this news.

"ADHD Right to Learn" Advocacy Campaign
Elected officials believe that their constituents do not care about ADHD and therefore question why they should care. We need to prove them wrong! An e-mail or tweet from you will let them know that you, their constituent, want children with ADHD to receive the special education support they need. Here’s what your elected official needs to know!

CADDAC needs you to take two minutes to send an e-mail or tweet to your elected official and Minister of Education. Our online ADHD Right to Learn advocacy system makes it easy and quick for you.
Articles and ADHD News
Understanding Meltdowns: The ADHD Volcano Model

The Volcano ADHD Model represents the relationship between observable behaviors, diagnosis, core symptoms, and the underlying factors of performance influences, executive function skills development, and how neurochemistry underpins all of these layers.

Podcast: Succeeding with ADHD
via Harvard Business Review

A chat with a military pilot and an entrepreneur, both diagnosed with ADHD relative late in life, about how they cope, how it has helped them be successful in their career and what they have learned about managing neurodiverse people.

A psychiatrist diagnosed me as autistic with ADHD. Now, finally, I can thrive
via The Guardian

Over the years I have felt so much shame for who I am. I know now that these are not always my problems, but those of an inflexible society. I know now that life would be nicer for everyone, not just neurodivergent people, if we dropped our expectations for how people should express themselves or socialise.

Webinar: Time Management in a Pandemic:
Better Productivity, Even When Every Day Could Be Monday
Webinar: ADHD Medication and College Students: Prevent Misuse, Abuse, and Diversion
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