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CAEP Deliverable Reminders

Deadlines and Deliverables

Advancing CA Adult Education Model Program: Bassett Adult School Trainee (Certification Program)

Advancing CA Adult Education Model Program Nominations OPEN!

Find A School - Annual Update

Position Available: Project Specialist II, Adult Education with SCOE CAEP TAP

Write for The Change Agent

CAEP Technical Assistance Webinars

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CAEP Deliverable Reminders

CAEP Quarter 2 Expense Report

The Quarter 2 member expense report was to be submitted by the members no later than March 1, 2024. The consortium has until March 31, 2024 to certify the member expense report.

*Please note: during this report submission, each member will certify they have either expended the 2021-22 allocation or will return the remaining amount to the State

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CAEP Quarter 3 Student Data

The Quarter 3 student data is due by April 30, 2024 in TOPSPro for K-12 CAEP adult education providers and WIOA-funded community college noncredit providers. Additionally, the employment and earnings follow-up survey is due on the same day, April 30, 2024.

Deadlines and Deliverables

  • Mar 1: 21/22 and 22/23 and 23/24 Member expense report is due in NOVA. (Q2)*
  • Mar 31: 21/22 and 22/23 and 23/24 Member Expense Report certified by Consortia in NOVA (Q2) *
  • Apr 30: Student Data due in TOPSPro (Q3)
  • Apr 30: Employment and Earnings Follow-up Survey
  • May 2: CFAD for 2024-25 due in NOVA *
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Advancing CA Adult Education Model Program

Castro Valley Adult & Career Education piloted a fully online citizenship class to make it more accessible and convenient to a larger segment of the community.

Bassett Adult School (BAS) opened an Electrician Trainee Program to increase the number of individuals who pass the California State Electricians Exam and are placed into jobs as Electricians. Existing law requires that persons performing work as electricians, under a C 10 licensed electrical contractor, be certified pursuant to certification standards established by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. Electricians are defined as all persons who engage in the connection of electrical devices for electrical contractors. Also, California requires students to complete 150 hours of schooling to acquire their Electrician Trainee Card (T-Card). Therefore, BAS opened an Electrician Trainee Program. As a result, existing electricians and new upcoming electricians poured in to take the course! Ultimately, BAS saw the exceptionally high need and demand for highly skilled blue-collar electricians. When the class first launched, it started with 69 student registrations.

Learn more about the Bassett Adult School Trainee (Certification Program) model program and visit the Advancing California Adult Education website to view other Model Programs throughout California.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to showcase the remarkable progress and innovative strategies your program has implemented throughout the year! We invite you to honor these achievements by submitting your nomination for the Advancing CA Adult Education Model Program Recognition. You will have an opportunity at the CAEP Summit 2024 to be celebrated by your peers. Hurry, as the nomination window closes on May 30, 2024. Visit our model program nomination portal to discover the criteria and rubric details. Celebrate your program's accomplishments—nominate today!

Nominate Today!

Find A School Annual Update

It's that time of year again, CAEP website's Find A School feature needs to confirm the most current and accurate information about schools in your district. Please take a moment to fill out the School Directory Form linked below.

Your prompt response is appreciated by March 29, 2024, and will help us keep the information fresh and relevant for everyone. Remember, updating this annually is crucial for maintaining the accuracy that learners rely on. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping learners find their path in education.

School Directory Form

The SCOE CAEP TAP team invites you to explore the opportunity to join our team as a Project Specialist II, supporting our extensive network of 71 CAEP consortia. For more information on the role and responsibilities of the Project Specialist II in Adult Education, we encourage you to review the job description available through the provided link. Applications are now being accepted through EdJoin until the closing date of March 27th. This hybrid role allows for a flexible work arrangement with some days allocated to telecommuting and others spent at the SCOE Adult Education Office located in Sacramento. The position is categorized under classified management, however, we welcome applications from certificated staff who are interested in this exciting opportunity. Please consider sharing this opening with your professional circles to help us reach potential candidates!

Apply on EdJoin Today!

The 2024-25 series from The Change Agent is titled “Our Digital Future.” They are looking for students to write about how they use digital tools for civics, health, managing finances and family needs, entertainment, and work. The Change Agent is especially interested in how students have figured out how to avoid scams and improve their media literacy, so they don’t fall for fake news. 

To learn more about how to write articles for The Change Agent click the button below. Deadline for submissions is May 2, 2024

Write for The Change Agent

CAEP Technical Assistance Webinars

Learn About CLA: A Foundation for New Consortium Leads & Directors

March 27, 2024 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Discover the benefits that the Consortium Leadership Academy (CLA) brings to your professional growth! Engage in our comprehensive training across nine CAEP modules, starting with CAEP 101 Building Blocks, navigating through Fiscal Resources, Effective Meetings, and more! The academy lays a solid foundation for the newer Consortium Leads / Directors. This academy provides foundational learning for the unique role of leading a consortium, valuable coaching throughout the process, and provides a networking opportunity among colleagues. We invite you to explore the CLA and get ready for the application period opening this spring.

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Overview: TOPSpro Enterprise

March 28, 2024 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Join CASAS Training team for an overview of TOPSpro® Enterprise (TE). This overview is geared towards anyone that uses TE; teachers, data managers, proctors, and Administrators. This session is ideal for beginner to intermediate level but all are welcome! This session will overview TOPSpro® Enterprise (TE), a data management system that tracks student assessment and test results.

Register Today

PLC Practices for Effective use of the Directors’ Corner

March 28, 2024 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

In this one-hour Peer Learning Circle (PLC) session, consortium directors and leads will come together to explore the depth and breadth of the Directors' Corner—a specialized platform designed to foster collaboration, share resources, and enhance the leadership capabilities within our adult education community. Participants will be guided through an overview of the Directors’ Corner, emphasizing the space as a safe collaborative area to engage in conversation about items that are unique to Consortia Leads.Through interactive dialogue, attendees can share their current engagement with the platform and brainstorm how this platform can best be utilized.

Intended Audience:

Consortium Leads, Consortium Co-Leads, Consortium Managers

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Designing and Implementing Evidence-Based Accelerated Learning: Training Models that Align to Local Population and Workforce Needs Part I

April 4, 2024 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Join WestEd for a three part series. You are welcome to attend one or all three of these workshops that feature the identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation of accelerated learning models for adult learners. This first part of the series; Accelerated Learning Models that Align to Local Population and Workforce Needs, will introduce approaches that support accelerated learning, center adult learners and include the key decision points and considerations for a program, including creating an advisory team, a design, team, identifying and analyzing data to make decisions that can lead to ensuring that the program will serve a need in the local labor market and the adult education population, and creating an evaluation or continuous improvement process from the beginning to inform ongoing efforts and sustainability.

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Designing and Implementing Evidence-Based Accelerated Learning: Training Models that Align to Local Population and Workforce Needs Part II

April 8, 2024 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Join WestEd for a three part series. You are welcome to attend one or all three of these workshops that feature the identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation of accelerated learning models for adult learners. The second part of this series; Designing and Implementing Evidence-Based Accelerated Learning: Training Models that Align to Local Population and Workforce Needs webinar will briefly review the models, process, and data needed to create an accelerated learning model. It will feature programs that are successfully implementing accelerated learning models, including a discussion on their decision-making process, their design and partner engagement approaches, recruitment and retention strategies, and sustainability efforts.

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The Lunch with LARAEC

PD Positivity Train is Coming Your Way in April. 

Join Justin and Michele Thursdays from 12:30-1:30pm!

April 4, 2024 12:30 p.m. -1:30 p.m.

Differentiating Instruction to Increase Engagement and Outcomes

There are several factors that can impact a student’s learning experience, including the quality of teaching, class size, relationships with peers and teachers, and other everyday factors. However, learning disabilities are often overlooked when considering these factors. How can we address this issue and differentiate instruction to better serve adults with learning disabilities?

Presenters: Martha Martinez and Sandra Lopez are advisors with the Division of Adult and Career Education at LAUSD.

April 11, 2024 12:30 p.m. -1:30 p.m.

Preparing Students for Academic, Career, and CASAS STEPS Assessment Success

Every day, teachers are faced with the two-fold challenge of equipping students with the complex skills needed for academic and career success, while simultaneously preparing them to demonstrate Measurable Skill Gains on the new CASAS STEPS assessments. In this session, we will explore how the Burlington Core standards-based curriculum and Prepare for CASAS STEPS Test Practice address these challenges. We will also discuss ways teachers can bring more rigor into their classroom to prepare students for success on CASAS STEPS tests – and in life! 


Miranda LaBatt has a strong background in education and technology. She works with Julia Groman to provide strategies and support for school-site personnel.

April 25th, 2024 12:30 PM

Leadership and Innovation in the Classroom: Understanding Disruptive Innovation and Leadership Implementation 

Leadership and innovation don’t only come from school administrators. Teachers are leaders and innovators every day in their classrooms. This presentation will focus on identifying your leadership style, understanding the 5 skills of disruptive innovation and putting your leadership skills into best practice.


Mitch Rosin has worked in the workforce/education/career tech field for more than 25 years. Emma Diaz is the director of the Inland Empire Adult Education Consortium.

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April 5, 2024 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

SAVE THE DATE! Leveraging Braided Funding Opportunities for Community College Noncredit CAEP Program Development

Inviting all Noncredit consortium directors, leads, and community college members to join CC TAP for a webinar on Leveraging Braided Funding Opportunities for Community College Noncredit CAEP Program Development.

In this hour-long webinar, gain knowledge on how to effectively leverage multiple funding sources and learn strategies to create cohesive and sustainable braided funding streams. Leverage Perkins funds, WIOA II, SEAP and many other funding streams. And finally, learn how to use funding resource guides such as the CCC Compendium of Allocations and Resources for your program.  

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