A great time to run an Ally report!

With our new LMS, Canvas, you can run an Ally report for your courses. The Ally tool in Canvas will help you recognize and correct accessibility issues in your course pages, Word documents, PowerPoints, and PDFs. Ally scans the content you have added and displays an accessibility score that gives you a summary of how accessible all of the materials in your course are.  
To access your Accessibility Report: 

  • Select the Accessibility Report link on the left-hand Course navigation menu in Canvas. Don't worry, this link is not visible to your students.
  • Based on the score, the files will show accompanying-colored dials. A file with a score of 0-33% will show a red dial; 34-66% will show a yellow dial; 67-100% will show a green dial. 

Having difficulty locating your upcoming Fall courses in Canvas?

You can dictate which courses appear on the Dashboard by favoriting (or unfavoriting) them from the All Courses page:

  1. Log into Canvas  
  2. Navigate to your All Courses page 
  3. Select the star icon (☆) to the left of any course you wish to appear on the Dashboard

Inclusive Teaching

In collaboration with the Office of Equity & Compliance, this year’s newsletters will offer a series of resources to support inclusive teaching. To get started, check out the websites of Cal Poly Pomona’s Cultural Centers, with their wealth of resources to support our diverse student body.