Tip #1: Need to Make Math Equations Accessible?

E quatIO from Texthelp makes it easy to create accessible mathematical equations, formulas, graphs, and more. Input is simple. There is no need for coding or math language. Type, handwrite, dictate your expression, or use EquatIO’s library of ready-made expressions to create a fully accessible mathematical element.  Install EquatIO now !

Tip #2: Don't Use Color Alone to Convey Meaning

It is okay to use color for decorative purposes and even to convey meaning. However, when using color to convey meaning also make sure that it is not the only method being used; You should use text to describe it. For instance, instead of saying "click the red button to continue" you can label the red button and say something like "click the 'continue' button to move forward."

Tip #3: Use OneDrive to Create Collaborative Projects
Did you know we have full access to the Microsoft Office 360 suite? This suite of tools provides similar collaboration tools to the likes of Google Docs and others but with the convenience that it remains tied to the user's CPP account! Students and Faculty have free access to all the Microsoft Office 360 tools as long as they are at Cal Poly Pomona and it is all available by logging in through my.cpp.edu or logging in through office.com website with your CPP school email.