Welcome to the Colorado Association of Home Builders' new e-newsletter, a monthly feature to keep members better informed of our activities. Our communications committee decided regular monthly email updates would help keep members abreast of our advocacy work with legislators, rule makers, our community involvement and the work our committees are doing on numerous fronts.

We'll also begin sending Capital Close-up once a month out of session, and weekly during the legislative session, to ensure you're in the know when it comes to issues that affect your business, and the lobbying work we're performing on your behalf.

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Government Affairs Committee (GAC)GAC
The GAC meets monthly when the Colorado Assembly is out of session, from May to December. The GAC has more than 30 participants representing every local association across the state. Based upon the feedback we receive from the participants and members, GAC priorities continue to be construction defects litigation reform, oil and gas rulemaking and now state water resources policy. The GAC has over 30 participants that represent every local association across the state.

As part of our efforts to advocate for construction defect legislation reform, the CAHB is a member of the Homeownership Opportunity Alliance. It's a broad, bi-partisan coalition of stake holders proponing the policy agenda that through construction defect legislative reform we can bring affordable and attainable housing to Colorado.

Read the next Builder Forum Magazine, due out in November, for more information on the development of local municipalities passing their own construction defect reform ordinances in the absence of leadership at the state level. The success and interest in adopting measures at the local level has been remarkable, and verifies the fact that there is a condominium supply problem and that communities seriously want to provide residents the opportunity for home ownership.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has begun the hearing processes for promulgating new rules based upon the recommendations of the Governor's Oil and Gas Task Force. CAHB advocates for the protection of surface owner's property rights as well as reasonable rules that allow for the development of oil and gas resources. Consideration of future well locations and operations should be part of the land use planning process to avoid surprises and to prevent conflicts and inefficient land use patterns. The director of the COGCC and the Assistant Director of Energy and Minerals for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources recently met with the GAC and updated us on the rulemaking process.

The Water Committee engaged with the Department of Natural Resources by meeting with the Section Chief for the Water Supply Planning Section and by submitting comments on the second draft of Colorado's Water Plan (Plan). The Plan has a significant section,
6.3.3-Land Use, dealing with potential land use recommendations to maximize water conservation. The housing industry has been a leader in water conservation and the Association intends to propose supply and conservation measures as the Plan takes shape and begins a long implementation.
On a separate note we have been hearing from homebuilders that the Federal Housing Authority's update to the Termite Treatment Exception Areas is having an impact on their business plans, including missed closings.  The issue is that the FHA now requires approved termite treatment to houses and lots in many more Colorado counties than prior and the FHA and VA will not close on loans where the proper procedures have not been followed including proper documentation.  For more information you can review the FHA's Single Family Housing Policy Handbook, Section II. A. 8. i. iii., Programs and Products, New Construction, Required Documentation for Maximum Financing as well as the Termite Treatment Exception Area List. 

The association continually monitors the regulatory environment to stay abreast of changes to rules and regulations that impact the costs and ability as homebuilders to provide housing to the residents of Colorado.
If you have any questions or if you have an issue you would like to see the GAC address please contact Scott Smith or Carolyn Mitchell, we appreciate your support and participation.

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Communications CommitteeCOMMUNICATIONS

The communications committee is made up of 15 members and meets monthly to review all of the happenings that are going on with CAHB. The committees main priority is being able to manage the communications strategy to increase CAHB effectiveness at the Capitol as well as with local governments across Colorado.

Colorado Builder Forum is a quarterly magazine that the communications committee works on that highlights the building industry within Colorado. This is the only industry magazine within Colorado that every member and association receives. The mission of the magazine is to report on legislative, regulatory and judicial processes affecting Colorado homebuilders. It also provides education and the sharing of homebuilder related information and encourages consumers to buy from a CAHB Member. 

Additionally the communications committee works monthly on our value proposition to all of our current members. Our goal is to enhance the public image of the Colorado homebuilding industry and we oversee efforts to generate public awareness about the association. We also develop and disseminate news and information to all of our members. If you have any questions or if you have an issue you would like to see the communications committee address please contact Lindsey Morrow, we appreciate your support and participation.

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Political Funding Committee (PFC)
T he CAHB political funding committee (PFC) works continuously with statewide representation from each association. The PFC maps strategic ways to improve the Association's impact on electing quality candidates to the Colorado legislature who appreciate the value of home ownership through divers product offerings, and will work with the association to improve the climate for housing production.

PFC members identified the legislative races, as well as certain primary elections, that will be in play in 2016 and the PFC is working on new approaches to secure the finances necessary to make meaningful contributions on behalf of our industry. The Association recently hosted receptions to support and encourage those members of the legislature who have been supportive to the industry. In addition, preliminary work is being done with the advice and council of our lobby team to meet and vet select candidates.

The PFC will proactively engage the entire Colorado Home Builder membership in the 2016 Colorado legislative election for the betterment of Colorado by providing quality attainable housing for Colorado residents. If you have any questions or if you have an issue you would like to see the PFC  address please contact Karl Knapp, we appreciate your support and participation.

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