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March 2022
Exploring Intersectionality

in·ter·sec·tion·al·i·ty /ˌin(t)ərsekSHəˈnalədē/
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What is intersectionality, and what does it have to do with me?

YW Boston explores intersectionality, and identifies actionable steps we can all take to do the work.
Director's Report
Hello, all you loyal readers! Hope you are having a fantastic start to spring! Spring is my least favorite time of the year, so I’ll spare you any exciting spring news from the VZ household. I can’t wait for warm days and sunshine. 

At CAHL, we have been keeping ourselves very busy in the realm of substance use prevention these days. Vaping, the epidemic wreaking havoc on our schools and communities, is a crisis many of us are trying to navigate together.

A parent recently reached out to me in despair trying to help her teenage son who is battling a nicotine addiction. They were worried about his use of e-cigarettes and vape pens, to the point where she had concerns about her own safety. She was at wits end and wanted to turn him into his school for a violation code, but feared if she did that, she would be taking away the healthy activities he was still doing. She was concerned, frustrated and angry. And she is not alone. 

We are hearing so many stories of youth struggling with mental health and picking up vaping as a way to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Nicotine use might feel like a temporary fix, but as the addiction to it increases, the symptoms of withdrawal mimic the very same anxiety, depression, and stress they were trying to relieve. The cycle is vicious.

I encourage all of us to be supportive and patient with the mental health and addiction issues we are seeing within our youth. If you know someone who is struggling with a vaping addiction, help is available. Check out Live Vape Free today. Let's all work together as a community to help youth kick this horrible addiction. 

Drug Free Communities
Alcohol Policy Update
The Wisconsin Legislature has completed the 2021-2022 session. SB 57 (home delivery of alcohol) and AB71 (click and collect) did not advance and thus did not change current law. Both bills can be brought back next session.

Federally, Congress is discussing the reauthorization of the STOP Act. (Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking Reauthorization Act). This provides funding for underage drinking prevention initiatives including: coalition enhancement grants, annual report on state underage drinking prevention and enforcement activities, media campaigns and research.
Calumet County: Make the Right Call
REACH has partnered with New Holstein, Brillion, and Chilton Middle and High Schools to offer Make the Right Call programming. MTRC aims to share prevention elements including drug resistance skills, anti-drug attitudes, and positive peer social norms within schools and youth events.
Additionally, through Make the Right Call, school staff, parents and community members are invited to learn more about supporting youth through interactive displays and presentations. 
Hidden in Plain Sight
On March 10th, REACH hosted “Hidden in Plain Sight” during New Holstein Middle and High School parent-teacher conferences. The display helps familiarize parents and teachers to substance devices and paraphernalia so they can recognize youth substance use signs. Thank you to New Holstein Middle and High Schools for allowing us to host!
Informed Families: Common Sense Parent Tools
During spring time, end of the school year, graduations and celebrations, we face a challenge in keeping our kids safe and healthy. There are many pressures drawing youth to unhealthy behaviors with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
Tobacco Prevention
Kimberly Students Share Healthy Coping Strategies with Peers, Local Leaders
Kimberly FACT youth participated in the JRG health fair with a FACT booth. Youth report they started vaping due to feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. FACT youth were able to talk to the whole 7th grade about how to cope with these feelings without picking up an addictive substance like nicotine. They even got a visit from a local legislator! Way to go FACT!
Tobacco Compliance Checks Resume
Compliance checks are back, with mixed results across the area. While some communities continue to do their part and not sell tobacco to minors, others are struggling with sales rates close to 80%.

CAHL is actively working with officials and retailers in communities with high sales rates to address the problem. An education campaign and conversations about licensing responsibilities are underway. Re-checks will take place later this year to continue to monitor the situation.
Wisconsin Tobacco21 Disappointment
On March 8th, the WI Senate adjourned their session without voting on the Tobacco 21 and Vape Shop Licensing bills. This means problems associated with these issues will persist throughout Wisconsin for another year, at least.

While disappointing, this is not for a lack of effort from supporters across the state. In the meantime, the federal law is still in place, which retailers are required to follow.
CAHL Updates
We're planning!
You may have heard, or seen, that we are currently in the process of strategic planning. We're excited to see where this process takes us!

Thank you to those who have provided input thus far; your thoughts are incredibly valuable. If anyone would like to contribute ideas or thoughts, please reach out to Wendy or Emma at any time!