Capital Area Housing Partnership (CAHP) Board of Directors announced today that Rawley Van Fossen, currently Assistant Executive Director of CAHP, has been selected as CAHP’s new Executive Director. Van Fossen assumed the role on March 1, 2019. 
“CAHP is proud to celebrate 25 years of providing affordable housing assistance to mid-Michigan residents,” said CAHP Board Chair, Tom Lapka. “On behalf of the board, we are excited to help Rawley best utilize his community development expertise to achieve goals including neighborhood stabilization, adequate affordable housing options and providing educational services designed to make mid-Michigan stronger.”
Van Fossen began his involvement with CAHP in 2014 as a volunteer board member. In 2018, he joined CAHP staff as the Assistant Executive Director – overseeing CAHP’s housing counseling program, asset management, community engagement and educational services. Van Fossen holds a degree in Social Relations and Policy from James Madison College at Michigan State University. He previously worked for the Michigan House of Representatives, as well as the Ingham County Land Bank.
“I am honored to have been selected as CAHP’s next Executive Director. It is a privilege to be part of an organization that delivers superior services and innovative solutions to the best clients. CAHP develops high-quality housing options and does its part to improve the community we serve,” said Van Fossen. “We are an organization led by a purpose – to make a meaningful impact in our community.”
Van Fossen succeeds Mikki Droste who stepped down from CAHP to move on to new opportunities. Droste will continue to share her expertise with CAHP, and work to create new and creative ways to provide affordable housing and services in mid-Michigan. During Droste’s tenure at CAHP, the organization increased from a staff of one to an entity with a passionate and professional staff of seven; provided housing services to over 260 homes in mid-Michigan; oversaw the acquisition of over 300+ affordable rental units; and increased opportunities for the community in the development, education and funding of housing for all.
“I am proud of the work accomplished during my time with CAHP,” said Droste. “With a fantastic Board of Directors and high-capacity staff, many things are possible. I am excited to see what Rawley is able to add to CAHP’s vital services.”

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Rawley Van Fossen,
Executive Director

Mikki Droste,