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CALBO President's Message 

"One way to keep Momentum going is to have constantly greater goals."
-        Michael Korda
Hello Everyone!

Momentum. That is how I would describe the current state of our important and influential organization.

Coming off of a very energetic Annual Business Meeting in San Diego in March, those in attendance could attest to the many aspects of the ABM confirming CALBO's Momentum.  
Momentum in: programs for member benefit, programs stimulating discussion amongst members, overall member attendance and participation, and, the primary goal of advancing our profession as building officials.

As we kick-off this new year of California Building Officials, 2016-17 will seek to carry forward the current momentum into even greater energies - with the primary purposes of member provisions and enhancing building and code officials. And 2016-17 started off immediately with legislative issues confronting building officials which requires our strict attention. 

We are well into the legislative session and there are significant bills of influence of which CALBO is taking a position. You've likely read about these bills in the new CALBO publication "Capitol Update" which highlighted Assembly Bill 2392 (Nazarian: Income Taxes Credit: Seismic Retrofits) where CALBO is providing a strong position of Support.  And, Assembly Bill 2873 (Thurmond: Certified Access Specialists) which CALBO has submitted a very strong position of Oppose Unless Amended. CALBO's Legislative Committee will follow these two bills and many others, through their development and will provide comment to both legislative houses in the State Capitol. Of course, CALBO will keep the membership informed with current updates.
Michael Korda quoted that "to keep Momentum going is to have constantly  
greater goals." This approach applies to CALBO, even with our legislative and political organization as government officials. Having greater goals is a key to an advancing and healthy organization. I've shared my vision of greater goals in my Presidential Message where this goal will be a stronger CALBO presence presenting growth and opportunity.
The quote spoke of " one way to keep Momentum going," but of course there are many ways to create Momentum and keep it going. I believe that the various ways and forms in creating Momentum is through Opportunity. In our case: Opportunity aligned with our CALBO presence. Opportunity to be more active in the legislative process with early presence in the bill-making season; Opportunity to expand CALBO's educational offerings with more technical courses and appeal to wider audiences; and, Opportunity to work with all model code organizations in advancing the messages of building and code officials.
I also contend that we must be prepared for Momentum swings which affect our profession. As building code professionals, we have the committed dedication to carry out our jobs with efficiency and fulfillment of life-safety verification. Often we do not pause for considerations of political effects into our jobs - like myself, I suspect that many of you are about results. In this year, we are confronted with two headline items: Code Adoption and the National Presidential Election.
It has been quite sometime since both the Presidential Election and a code adoption year has occurred together. What does this mean? Of course we will spend the next several months preparing to present our code adoption ordinance to our City Council or County Board of Supervisors. For many of us, this is routine but it is one of the more visible and platform defining moments as building officials. Look for a future posting on CALBO's website of ICC Board Director Stuart Tom's webinar on code adoption.  In addition to the new model, State and Local code items, we will spend the next several months preparing for the new codes. CALBO's Education Weeks will concentrate on new code subjects in preparation for the triennial code cycle.
With the National Election - the new Commander-In-Chief will undoubtedly bring about new policies including new vision, new direction and perhaps new economic influences. These influences may, or may not, affect development and construction with subsequent affect to our building departments. Is it only foretelling what the election will bring to our profession - our readiness is the foretelling of Momentum swings and the opportunity to address any change.
I am excited for both the Momentum of CALBO as well as Opportunities that will be created. The creation of these Opportunities are solely upon us - the CALBO membership, the CALBO Board and our great building official profession. We will continue the Momentum this year with more Opportunity and greater goals.

Best regards,
Ron Takiguchi, P.E.
CALBO President
City of Santa Monica

CALBO Training Institute Annual Training
Catalogue: Updated and Now Available! 

Want to learn about training opportunities
that CALBO has to offer on the upcoming code cycle? 

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  • Introductory Message from CALBO Training Institute Chair, Bob Latz
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2016 CALBO Education Weeks in
San Ramon, Ontario and Anaheim: Registration Now Available!  

The CALBO Training Institute (CTI) strives to be your primary source of training by offering topical, current and relevant educational opportunities throughout the entire golden state. 
For this year's curriculum, CTI will focus on the significant changes of the new code cycle as well as current topics that supplement these changes. There is a special emphasis on the newly developed courses and refreshed material to provide practical applications and interpretations.

We hope to see you at the upcoming Education Weeks being held in San Ramon, Ontario and Anaheim!

2016 CALBO Education Week: North
Monday, September 12 - Thursday, September 15, 2016

San Ramon Marriott
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San Ramon, CA 94583

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 CALBO Education Week: South 
Monday, October 24 - Thursday, October 27, 2016

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Ontario Airport
222 North Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 CALBO Education Week: Orange County
Monday, November 7 - Thursday, November 10, 2016

Anaheim Marriott 
700 Convention Center Way 
Anaheim, CA 92801

Registration Deadline:  Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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2016 CALBO Education Weeks:
Exhibitor and Sponsorship Program:

Registration Available June 1, 2016   

Take advantage of the upcoming Exhibitor and Sponsorship Program at the 2016 CALBO Education Weeks in San Ramon, Ontario and Anaheim!

CALBO hosted one of its largest Education Week events last year, and we look forward to another amazing year ahead. Record attendance is expected again with the release of updated and new courses covering changes to the upcoming code cycle.

The Education Week exhibitor opportunities are many. We hope you will join us! 
  • Showcase innovative products and services.
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Registration Available Soon - Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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2016 CALBO Education Week: Hotel Accommodations
Room Blocks Now Open

2016 CALBO Education Week: North
Monday, September 12 - Thursday, September 15, 2016

San Ramon Marriott
2600 Bishop Drive
San Ramon, CA 94583

Room Block Reservation Deadline: Friday, August 11, 2016 (or when room block is at capacity)*
CALBO Room Rate: $165.00+tax
Phone Reservations: 1-800-228-9290 or 925-867-9200
Online Reservations: Click Here
Parking Information: Free day self-parking for all attendees. Overnight self-parking is $6.00 per car, per day.

2016 CALBO Education Week: South
Monday, October 24 - Thursday, October 27, 2016

DoubleTree by Hilton Ontario Airport
222 North Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764

Room Block Reservation Deadline: Monday, October 10, 2016 (or when room block is at capacity)*
CALBO Room Rate: $90.00+tax
CALBO Group Code: CBO
Phone Reservations: 1-800-222-8733 or 909-418-4873
Online Reservations: Click Here
Parking Information: Free self-parking, day and overnight, for all attendees.

2016 CALBO Education Week: Orange County
Monday, November 7 - Thursday, November 10, 2016

Anaheim Marriott
700 Convention Center Way
Anaheim, CA 92801

Room Block Reservation Deadline: Monday, October 17, 2016 (or when room block is at capacity)*
CALBO Room Rate: $159.00+tax
CALBO Group Rate: Not Required
Phone Reservations: 1-800-228-9290 or 714-750-8000
Online Reservations: Click Here
Parking Information: Free day self-parking for all attendees. Overnight self-parking is $25.00 per car, per day.

Questions about Education Week accommodations?
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CALBO's 54th Annual Business Meeting Recap:
Another Successful Annual Gathering! 

CALBO hosted its 54th Annual Business Meeting in San Diego at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina. Over a four day period, building officials from all over California gathered for an unforgettable conference.

The Board of Directors and CALBO staff received great reviews from attendees about the ABM schedule changes and the array of programs, events and trainings.  
Thank you to all CALBO members who participated in the CALBO ABM attendee survey. Your feedback will assist with planning new year's conference.

2016-2017 CALBO Board of Directors
L to R - David Gonzalves, City of Merced, Joe Kirkpatrick, City of Irvine, Jeff Janes,
County of Fresno, Ron Takiguchi, City of Santa Monica, Raj Patel, City of Beverly Hills,
David Khorram, City of Long Beach, Doug Hensel, County of San Joaquin, Sharon Goei,
City of Santa Clara, and Shane Diller, City of Elk Grove. 

ABM program highlights included the
Leadership Series, the Workshop Sessions, CALBO's first Job Fair, and the President's Dinner on the U.S.S. Midway.

The Building Officials Leadership Academy (BOLA) Class of 2016 Graduation Luncheon and Ceremony took place as well with eleven BOLA graduates participating. Congratulations to all the new graduates! Your hard work paid off, and we wish you the best in your careers. 
The Building Officials Leadership Academy (BOLA) Class of 2016.
Congratulations to the eleven BOLA graduates for taking the next step in their careers!
Special thanks to the ICC San Diego Area Chapter for their willingness to host this wonderful event. We'll see you next year in Newport Beach for the 2017 CALBO ABM from March 19-23 at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach!

Questions about the CALBO Annual Business Meetings?
Contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or

CALBO Annual Awards:
Thank you to the following members
for your continual contributions! 

It was with great pride that CALBO announced the 2015-16 CALBO award recipients at the 2017 CALBO Annual Business Meeting.

Thank you to the following members for their contributions to our association!      
- Building Official of the Year: Dan Pavao, City of El Cajon
- Building Department of the Year: City of Newport Beach
- Course Development Merit Award: Patrice Olds, City of San Mateo and Joann Tilton, City of Manteca
- Industry Achievement: Charles Russell, VCA Code

- Hall of Fame: Sheila Lee  
Questions about these CALBO Awards?
Contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or


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CALBO President Awards at the
2017 CALBO Annual Business Meeting 

L to R: Now CALBO Immediate Past President Raj Patel accepting the California State Senate Legislative Resolution from CALBO President Ron Takiguchi.
After a successful year at the helm of CALBO as President, Mr. Raj Patel was given special commendation by the California State Senate in the form of a legislative resolution and IAPMO in the form of a special membership proclamation.

Mr. Patel was honored for his contributions and participation within the overall industry, not just as CALBO President, but as Building Official for City of Beverly Hills and appointed member of the California Building Standards Commission. His role in local, state and international organizations that serve local government officials does not go unnoticed .

Thank you President Patel for your leadership throughout the year!

L to R: Now CALBO Immediate Past President Raj Patel accepting a special membership
proclamation from IAPMO Board Director, Dave Gans. 

If you would like to include announcements in the CALBO News,
please contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or

City of Newport Beach Honored as  
CALBO's 2015 Building Department of the Year

At their City Council meeting, the City of Newport Beach was honored as CALBO's Building Department of the Year for the year 2015. Following the formal announcement at the Annual Business Meeting in March, the recognition at Newport Beach was attended by Building Official Seimone Jurgis and his building department staff.
CALBO President Ron Takiguchi presented the award to the City of Newport Beach Mayor Diane B. Dixon, Community Development Director Kimberly Brandt, and Building Official Seimone Jurgis.

L to R: Kimberly Brandt, Director, Community Development, City of Newport Beach, Hon. Diane B. Dixon, 
Mayor, City of Newport Beach, Seimone Jurgis, Building Official, City of Newport Beach, Ron Takiguchi, President, California Building Officials.

The Building Department of the Year is a very prestigious award which CALBO recognizes an outstanding jurisdiction for demonstrated leadership in building department administration and operations. This honor is bestowed upon the jurisdiction and the entire building department team that worked hard for its community.

The criteria included in the selection are:
  • Code Development and Government Affairs
  • Education Achievement in Building and Code Technology
  • Community Affairs and Service
  • Philanthropy
  • Innovation and Technology
Congratulations to Seimone, his building department staff and the City of Newport Beach!

If you would like to include announcements in the CALBO News,  
please contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or



CALBO Reaches Building Industry Job Seekers at the  
2016 CALBO Job Fair and Career Development Day
in San Diego      
Submitted By: CALBO Outreach and Communications Committee    
Attracting the new wave of building professionals and helping the existing workforce with career advancement was an obvious focus at this year's CALBO Annual Business Meeting (ABM) in San Diego with the launch of the first annual CALBO Job Fair and Career Development Day on Thursday, March 17, 2016.   


Jurisdictions and the building industry struggle with finding trained, certified, and experienced building industry professionals to support positions like building inspector, permit technician, plans examiner, building  department administrator, and sustainability/green building specialist.  

CALBO decided to take this challenge head-on by hosting the CALBO Job Fair and Career Development Day at the 2016 ABM to engage job seekers and professionals, allow them to browse open positions, take advantage of employer networking, and meet one-on-one with seasoned industry experts to receive career advice and resume review support.
More than two dozen jurisdictions and participating companies posted employment opportunities at the CALBO Job Fair, including, City of El Cajon, City of Escondido, City of Fremont, City of Hayward, City of La Quinta, City of Long Beach, City of Oceanside, City of Pasadena, City of Pleasanton, City of Rancho Cucamonga, City of Redlands, City of San Clemente, County of San Diego, City of Santa Monica, American Wood Council, Center for Sustainable Energy, International Code Council, Interwest Consulting Group, among others. 

Attendees networking at CALBO's first Job Fair and Career Development Day
on Thursday, March 17, 2016.

The City of San Clemente, County of San Diego, and City of Santa Monica staffed booths for the CALBO Job Fair in order promote open positions and engage directly with interested applicants. Attendees were able to visit the ABM Exhibitor Program booths to meet with industry representatives, allowing them to learn more about the building department and industry professions. They also received information about building products and methods of construction.
With the assistance of CALBO's Outreach and Communications Committee, the event was promoted to San Diego-region universities, community colleges, building technology trade programs, and related industry organizations. Over 25 CALBO members volunteered as CALBO Job Fair organizers, greeters, career advisors and resume reviewers.
CALBO used social media and their web presence to reach attendees more broadly through digital mediums. A Facebook event page was created and the event was promoted via Twitter. The event was also posted on CALBO's website, the ICC Job Board, Craigslist, and All of this event coordination was a fantastic example of CALBO member teamwork!

CALBO Outreach and Communications Committee member, Jesse De Anda (right), reviewing a job applicant's resume as a Job Fair resume reviewer. 
The event was a great opportunity to broaden CALBO's presence among job seekers and professionals interested in breaking into this dynamic industry. Several student attendees noted that they had never heard of CALBO before but now plan on staying engaged with the organization to help launch their careers. One attendee who met with City of Merced's David Gonzalves said, "I had no idea that I was going to get this much personalized support. I really feel like I got a lot out of today and have some direction for my career. Thank you very much!" 

CALBO's goal for next year's Job Fair is to host the event earlier in the week and possibly hold it on multiple days at the ABM in Newport Beach (March 19-23, 2017). Additional considerations for planning next year's Job Fair include:
  • Sponsor meals for Job Fair attendees
  • Host a training session on building department job positions and how to advance your career in the building industry
  • LinkedIn photo booth
  • Sign-up opportunities to continue the conversation online and in person at upcoming events
CALBO is interested in hearing your ideas regarding the CALBO Job Fair. Please submit suggestions and comments to Lauren Herman, CALBO Director of Communications and Training, at 

 A Special Thank You to Exhibitors and Sponsors

   of CALBO's 54th Annual Business Meeting!  

Thank you to the following state agencies, companies and organizations for their participation in the 2016 CALBO Annual Business Meeting Exhibitor and Sponsorship Program!

475 High Performance Building Supply
4LEAF, Inc. - ABM Sponsor!
Accela, Inc.
American Wood Council
Avolve Software
Bureau Veritas North America -
ABM Sponsor!

California Architects Board
California Code Check - ABM Sponsor!
California Council for Interior Design Certification
California Energy Commission
California Legislative Council for
Interior Design
Computronix U.S.A.
CSG Consultants, Inc. - ABM Sponsor!
Edgesoft, Inc.
Energy Code Ace
EsGil Corporation
eti Conformity Services
Garwood Mfg. Co., Inc.
Hoover Treated Wood Products
HR Green, Inc.
International Code Council
Interwest Consulting Group - ABM Sponsor!
JAS Pacific - ABM Sponsor!
Meritage Systems - ABM Sponsor!
MiTek Builder Products
National Electrical Manufacturers Association - ABM Sponsor!
Owens Corning
Pacific Code Compliance - ABM Sponsor!
Selectron Technologies
Shums Coda Associates
Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. - ABM Sponsor!
Smoke Guard California
SunGard Public Sector
TRB + Associates, Inc.
Tyler Technologies
VCA Code - ABM Sponsor!
West Coast Code Consultants, Inc.
Western Wood Preservers Institute
Degenkolb Engineers - ABM Sponsor!
JLee Engineering, Inc. - ABM Sponsor!
Scott Fazekas & Associates, Inc. - ABM Sponsor! 

Questions about the ABM Exhibitor and Sponsorship Program?
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CALBO Provides Updates to Regional Chapters  
in Southern California

Recognizing May 2016 as ICC Building Safety Month, the Regional Chapters of Southern California hosted a meeting that included nine Chapters from the Southern California Region. The Los Angeles Basin Chapter, largest of the Regional Chapters, spearheaded and hosted the meeting that was well attended from the area.
On hand to provide the report for CALBO was President Ron Takiguchi and Executive Director Matt Wheeler. Immediate Past President Raj Patel represented the California Building Standards Commission in his role as agency Commission. Also present was CALBO Vice-President David Khorram and CALBO Board Director Joe Kirkpatrick.

L to R : Ron Takiguchi, CALBO President, and Matt Wheeler, CALBO Executive Director,
presenting at the recent Regional Chapters of Southern California meeting.

ICC Board Directors Jay Elbettar and Stuart Tom provided the report for ICC and emphasized collaboration regionally, statewide and nationwide. Immediate Past President for the Southern California Fire Prevention Officers Randy Metz represented the many fire officials in attendance and provided his report also emphasizing continued collaboration among building and fire officials.
The Chapters in attendance were: Los Angeles Basin, So-Cal FPO's, Orange Empire, Ventura Regional, Foothill, Citrus Belt, High Desert, High County, and the San Diego Area Chapter. Michelle Kam-Brion, SEAOC Executive Board member, was also in attendance.

If you would like to include announcements in the CALBO News,  
please contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or  

 Regional Collaboration for Seismic Safety and Resiliency  

Lucile M. Jones, Ph.D. - scientist, seismologist, public figure, author of scientific publications, calming voice following regional earthquakes, advocator for earthquake safety, advocator for resilient building codes, supporter of building departments and our cause for safety, and the best scientist-friend a building official can have - retired from the United States Geological Survey on March 30, 2016.

L to R: Ron Takiguchi, Building Official City of Santa Monica, CALBO President,
Dr. Lucile M. Jones, United States Geological Survey, Dr. Ifa Kashefi, Bureau Chief, City of Los Angeles Dept. of Building and Safety, Raj Patel, Building Official City of Beverly Hills, CALBO Immediate Past President.

In appreciation of the great work that Dr. Jones has achieved in her career and the message that she carried in the earthquake readiness, CALBO honored Dr. Jones with a presentation during her retirement ceremony.

On hand were President Ron Takiguchi and Immediate Past President Raj Patel. With her important and invaluable work with the City of Los Angeles, on hand from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety was Dr. Ifa Khashefi and Colin Kumabe. This show of cities in Southern California, each with their established or developing seismic retrofit programs, will lead the way for greater safety in buildings and resiliency.

If you would like to include announcements in the CALBO News,  
please contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or



CALBO Leadership and Advocacy Day:
An Annual Tradition that Continues to Grow
Submitted by: Nicole Bautista, CALBO Director of Public Affairs 

Last month, building officials from across California came together in Sacramento for CALBO's 11th Leadership & Advocacy Day. Over
40 members of CALBO formed one cohesive voice as they met with members of the California State Legislature.   
Attendees discussed and educated members of the legislature on two bills of importance, Assembly Bill 2392 (Nazarian) and Assembly Bill 2873 (Thurmond).   

Ron Takiguchi, CALBO President, greets CALBO's 2016 Leadership and
Advocacy Day attendees in Sacramento, CA on April 20, 2016.   
SUPPORT - Assembly Bill 2392 (Nazarian): Seismic Retrofits: Income Taxes Credit  
  • CALBO encourages the support of AB 2392. This bill will encourage owners of at-risk properties to mafke necessary seismic safety improvements to their buildings before it is demanded.
  • Additionally, these necessary retrofit improvements will increase the public safety within our communities and will create a long-term cost savings for California.  Every dollar spent on hazard mitigation creates a future savings of nearly four dollars used for disaster relief. 
CALBO staff working closely with CALBO members before meetings with State Legislatures.  
OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED - Assembly Bill 2873 (Thurmond): Certified Access Specialists
  • We start the discussion about AB 2873 stating that CALBO is an avid supporter of rights for persons-with-disabilities and provides for the verification of required accessibility features in building design and construction.
  • Through our work with the author's offices we understand that AB 2873 strives to increase accessibility. However, their suggestion for doing so does not solve the problem and instead will potentially delay permits and plan checks for all projects, including those addressing accessibility.
  • AB 2873 requires that by January 1, 2018, all building inspectors who plan check and inspect accessibility requirements to be "certified access specialists".
  • Additionally, AB 2873 would increase the state fee from $1 to $4 (currently from local business licenses) and would amend the Government Code to eliminate the sunset for the state fee. This bill would also amend the Government Code to increase the amount of teh fee retained to 90 perfect and require that fee be contributed to the CASp Certification and Training Fund.
  • The average passing rate for the CASp certification exam is 30% and, on average, building departments report that it takes individuals three attempts to pass the exam. The exam, offered twice annually, costs approximately $1,600. Most jurisdictions only reimburse for exam passage, so individuals are incurring costs that they are not being reimbursed for. Plus, the test takes close to six months to prepare for, so jurisdictions are exhausting staffing resources while employees are in CASp training.  
  • We applaud the author for accepting the committee amendments to specify that ONLY building inspectors (employed or retained) WHO conduct accessibility permitting and plan checking will be required to be CASp certified. However, this does not go far enough. Most building inspectors are combination inspectors, inspecting commercial, multi-family and single-family dwellings. Therefore, except for the very few single-family dwelling-only jurisdictions, this bill will still apply to ALL building inspectors.
  • For the reasons above, CALBO remains opposed to the bill. CALBO has partnered with CBIA and CBPA to work with th author's office to try to amend the bill in a way that meets their objectives, but does not put local jurisdictions out of compliance with the law.
  • The feedback from these meetings has been overwhelmingly positive.  Through follow-ups, it has become abundantly clear that the professional and well-informed manner in which the building officials presented their cases resonated with the legislators. CALBO further cemented itself as a leading voice in the building industry.
Both of these bills will be heard this week in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Look for an update from CALBO after May 31 to learn the status of AB 2392 (Nazarian) and AB 2873 (Thurmond).

CALBO continues to work on many bills within the State Legislature that affect our community.  For more information, click here.
Questions about these bills?
Contact Nicole Bautista, CALBO Director of Public Affairs, at
916-457-1103 or

Announcing New CALBO
Committee Appointments:  
Thank you for your dedication!   

Last month, notifications were emailed to new appointments of CALBO's eleven policy committees. Thank you to all committee members for your contributions!

The work of the CALBO policy committees is the lifeblood of our organization allowing members to engage with one another and other stakeholders to strengthen our association's work. All CALBO policy committee appointments are a two-year term.
Questions about CALBO's Policy Committees?
Contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or

CALBO Honors the Life of Daniel Thomas Van Dorpe    

CALBO recognizes the passing of Daniel Thomas Van Dorpe, a talented engineer, a loving father and husband, company founder, generous frie nd, and active member of his professional and church community. 
Dan worked for the Cities of Pasadena, Glendale, Tustin and Anaheim. In 1979, he partnered with Bob Chou to start VanDorpe Chou Associates (VCA Engineers) in Orange.
The CALBO community is grateful for his contributions to its membership and the ICC Orange Empire Chapter.

An obituary for Mr. Van Dorpe is available online - click here.   

If you would like to include announcements in the CALBO News,
please contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or

Become a CALBO Course Developer and Instructor:
Now Accepting Applications! 

- Have you considered joining CTI's faculty as
an instructor or course developer?

- Are you knowledgeable about a certain topic or passionate about sharing your experience and technical knowledge with others?

The CALBO Training Institute (CTI) is continually looking for new course developers and instructors for its trainings throughout the year.
CTI will help you develop your speaking and listening skills, gain hands-on experience in the classroom, learn how to create and implement a course plan, and utilize your knowledge to become a subject matter expert.

There are opportunities for every skill level. We welcome your contributions!  

Questions about these opportunities?  Contact Lauren Herman,
CALBO Director of Communications and Training,
at 916-457-1103 or

2016-2017 Building Officials Leadership Academy

The California Building Officials' leadership program, Building Officials Leadership Academy (BOLA), is designed to maximize the leadership capabilities of seasoned public safety professionals, in addition to those who seek a future within California's building departments.
    From April 18-22, 2016, 14 students attended  
    the BOLA Core Curriculum Week in
    Sacramento at the CALBO Office. 

The BOLA core curriculum consists of five days of training, including four courses in conjunction with the CALBO Leadership and Advocacy Day,
at the CALBO Office in Sacramento, California. These courses, specifically designed for the BOLA program, include Creating an Administrative Foundation for a Successful Building Department, State Laws Enforced by Building Departments, Persuasive Communication, and Critical Thinking for Today and Tomorrow. 

The BOLA Class of 2016-2017 in front of the CALBO Office during the
BOLA Core Curriculum Week in Sacramento, CA.

It is with great pleasure that CALBO announces the
BOLA Class of 2016-2017.
We applaud each of you for taking the next step in your career!
City of Compton
City of Roseville
City of West Sacramento
City of Roseville
Melvin Paul
City of King
Oree Ivie
Sacramento County
Robert Lee
Sacramento County
City of Corona
City of Gilroy
Sacramento County
City of Hemet
St. John
City of Atascadero
John Edward
City of San Pablo
City of Cupertino

Interested in receiving information about next year's program? 
Contact Lauren Herman, CALBO Director of Communications
and Training, at 916-457-1103 or

New Resources from the California Energy Commission
Prepare for the Upcoming Code Cycle!


Thank you to the California Energy Commission for providing new resources about the Energy Standards for the upcoming code cycle!

Click below on each resource for more information.

 Questions about these resources?
Contact the California Energy Commission.

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Your CALBO Membership!

Attention all California jurisdictions and building industry companies!

Don't forget to renew your CALBO membership before the start of the Education Weeks this fall in order to receive training discounts for your staff. Each year, the CALBO membership year runs from April 1 - March 31.


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International Code Council Preferred Provider Program:
All CALBO Courses Approved! 

The California Building Officials is an approved education provider within the International Code Council Preferred Provider Program (ICC PPP). If you are preparing to submit certification requests through ICC, all CALBO courses have been approved and assigned an ICC course number.  

Click below for a complete list of 2014-2015 CALBO courses detailing the necessary information you will need for your certification submissions. CALBO courses offered in 2016-2017 will also be incorporated into the list and published on the CALBO website.   


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