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CALBO President's Message   

"Swung on and missed, a perfect game!"
- Vin Scully
Hello Everyone!

Whether you are a Dodger fan or not, you might know those immortal words spoken by legendary Dodger broadcaster  
Vin Scully as he described the last-out of Sandy Koufax's perfect game on September 9, 1965.

As your President of our statewide organization, I am fully aware that polarization can be the death of an organization and subjects such as the presidential election!, religion!, and baseball! should be avoided at all costs.
So why do I bring up baseball and what does baseball have to do with our CALBO organization? 
In direct application, very little if nothing at all - but I felt compelled to reference the great Vin Scully as he retires from the broadcasting booth after 67 remarkable years broadcasting the sport that touched every baseball fan regardless of allegiance. But the relevance of Vin Scully's call of Sandy Koufax's perfect game is "Pitching". And in this issue, I will make a few CALBO pitches myself.

Despite any differences in baseball team loyalties, one bonding commonality that we all share is that of code adoption and preparation for the new codes. Whether you have already presented your adopting ordinance package to your City Council or County Board of Supervisors, preparation for implementation of the new codes makes for exciting and busy times. Of great importance is the training in the new 2016 California Building Standards Codes.

Pitch #1 : CALBO and the CALBO Training Institute
CALBO Training Institute (CTI) just completed our Education Week North in San Ramon with the largest attendance an education week ever experienced. I was there and provided my share of instruction and I could say that the dynamics of Education Week North were as expected in a code adoption year. What this confirms is that our profession of building code enforcement is filled with dedicated and competent individuals who value the importance of education and continuing training.

The CALBO Board of Directors, the CTI Commission, and the many, many dedicated CALBO instructors realize the tremendous significance of training in the life-safety, accessibility, energy, green building and customer service aspects of our job. In doing so, CTI offers the most up-to-date and relevant classes in the new 2016 codes. Training, learning, application is a continual process, and CALBO and CTI are committed in bringing quality education to our members. As my Pitch #1, look for our Education Week South in Ontario on October 24 to 27, 2016 and newly added Education Week in Anaheim on November 7 to 10, 2016. These classes are nearly full so register now!
In addition to training and perfecting our craft of code knowledge, there is the important responsibility of sharing our knowledge which goes beyond writing code corrections. What I specifically mean is our wealth of knowledge as code professionals and passing on that knowledge to the next generation. CALBO recognizes not only the importance of this need but also the criticality in recruiting and mentoring the next generation of code professionals. CALBO implements this effort in several ways with our Leadership and Advocacy Day, Education Weeks, Independent Class Offerings, CALBO Committees and more recently, CALBO's Job Fair at the Annual Business Meeting (ABM).
At our upcoming 2017 ABM, we will once again host a Job Fair. This year with more vendor involvement, more agency participation and greater recruitment of "the next generation." Recruitment and subsequent mentoring is not only a key to succession planning of building departments but also critical with current hierarchical operations. The importance of mentoring is our legacy to the profession.
Pitch #2: Mentoring and Internships
Included in this newsletter issue are two case examples of internships of local college students that occurred over the summer. You will read of an internship experience of a local student with City of Winters Building Official Gene Ashdown. Also, the experience of an engineering student interning with the City of Santa Monica, myself and principal staff, assisting with the City's Seismic Retrofit Program. I am certain that many other building departments had or continue to have internships that are case studies and worthy to share.
I strongly believe that a significant part of mentorship is inspiration. Inspiration can come in many forms, an effective form being a potential recruit or intern hearing from their fellow peers. I encourage those of you that had, or have interns, to have them submit write-ups of their experiences. For that future building official, we never know what could be their initial inspiration in their choosing our profession as their career.
It may be hard to fathom but 2016 is almost over! But the CALBO Year is only at its halfway point - our fiscal year being from April 1 to March 31. This means that there is much to do and much to plan in continual service to the CALBO membership. One of the planning primaries that we are discussing is our 2017 Annual Business Meeting in March 2017. Consider this an "early" pitch.

Pitch #3: CALBO Annual Business Meeting
Make plans now to attend our Annual Business Meeting and Conference in Newport Beach on March 19 to 23, 2017. This will be CALBO's 55th Year, our "Double-Nickels" Anniversary as we are calling it and the CALBO Board is working on a program that will bring the latest and most relevant information that building officials, building department personnel, and industry professionals will need to be aware of.
Our 55th Double-Nickels Annual Meeting will take place at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Newport Beach, a location easily accessible by freeway and airport. Special guest speakers and events are already in the works. As well, important classes related to the 2016 California Codes will be offered. Look for registration details very soon.
So three Pitches chalking up one Big K! For those of you who are not baseball fans, a "K" is a strikeout --- So what else is there? There is more CALBO news in this newsletter but let me also share some news that may be considered "home run" news . . .
Assembly Bill 2873: Certified Access Specialist
You have all heard of this bill being withdrawn from the Senate Floor - on the last day of legislative session. As I mentioned in CALBO's Capitol Update publication, that this important action is neither a victory for building officials nor a defeat for the advocacy group. We all are strong supporters for Persons-With-Disabilities and I contend that through our enforcement of Chapters 11A and 11B that there is no greater advocate-enforcer of Accessibility that than of the code professional.
CALBO's strong Oppose position was our statement that we cannot support a proposal that would be detrimental to building departments. The effort in communicating this message was a statement of the collaborative work of CALBO's Legislative Committee and the tireless and hard work of our Director of Public Affairs Nicole Virga Bautista. It was truly an approach of "never give-up" throughout the negotiations of the bill that led to the outcome. The opportunity however of this outcome was in the communication with the advocate and I hope, greater understanding on both sides with opportunities to work collaboratively together in the future.
Participation in National Code Issues
Another home run, perhaps grand slam subject that the CALBO Board is considering is a proposal for CALBO to participate in national code issues. Perhaps you have heard this CALBO update at your local Chapter meetings or have heard this though other CALBO communicates. Just let me share that the CALBO Board is taking very seriously what we have heard from the membership on this issue. In sharing a brief from the CALBO Board, we are in agreement with the membership that California needs a collaborative representative voice in national code issues and we believe that CALBO is that voice. If national code issues do become a future part of CALBO's function, the CALBO Board strongly and overwhelmingly believes that that a CALBO presence will NOT take away from local Chapter autonomy nor the important voice that local Chapters present in national code issues. In fact, a possible mechanism for the implementation for this move is the greater collaborative coordination with local Chapters. Stay tuned for more news on this development.
CALBO-SEAOC-Seismic Retrofit-Resiliency
And finally, and perhaps a double-header win-win, is CALBO's close collaboration with SEAOC, the Structural Engineers Association of California. CALBO is particularly working closely with the Southern California Chapter SEAOSC and their "SEAOSC Summit - Strengthening Our Cities" on November 17 and 18, 2016. This major event will again focus on the importance of structural engineering in building resilience in preparation with seismic events. As well, hopefully you will all take a moment to respond to the CALBO Survey on Seismic Retrofit in your jurisdiction. This survey will allow the overall effort to be more understood and improve resiliency in building construction and retrofit. The survey can be taken here.
CALBO & Baseball 
Perhaps I have to retract my statement that there is little or no relevance to CALBO and Baseball. CALBO's 55 Years - Vin Scully's 67 Years . . . Both show a lasting endurance that touches a key part of our legacy as Californians.

Ron Takiguchi, P.E.
CALBO President
City of Santa Monica
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We hope to see you at the upcoming Education Weeks held in Ontario and Anaheim!

2016 CALBO Education Week: South 
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 Now Available! 

It' s time for code adoption! The CALBO Outreach and Communications Committee has updated the 2015 presentation, "The Role of the Building Department."

It is a general presentation that can provide helpful information when presenting code adoption to your City Council or Board of Supervisors.

Click below for links to the presentation in PDF and MS PowerPoint formats. The PowerPoint version can be customized according to your jurisdiction's goals and needs.
Thank you to the CALBO Outreach and Communications Committee for this resource! 

Mentoring, Internships and the Next Generation

By CALBO President
Ron Takiguchi

Each of us had a mentor, someone that we looked up to, someone who took us "under their wing", someone who gave us that inspiration to want to be a building professional. Perhaps we could say that this person is responsible for our career and gave us a choice to be part of a noble and important part of public service.
In looking to the next generation, those who will carry the building departments in the next decades, reaching-out and mentoring is a key to continuity in what we learned and applied. The importance of mentorship cannot be overstated as the college curriculum is often far different than our application in real practice. Perhaps one of the more effective methods of mentoring is the internship with building departments.  
The internship could provide that critical insight to a young professional or student looking for the "right" career choice. Of course the internship should not just be the technical aspects of our profession but must include inspiration and insight to a career with government. I truly believe that our younger generation is looking for careers that make a difference in society, one that will contribute, one that will advance humanity. Is our building profession that? That would be up to the young professional to decide and see the value of public service - a career that we know can be honorable and with contributions to society.
Below are two recent examples of internship experiences of students aspiring to choose a career where they could apply their education and passion. I encourage you to share these stories with potential interns of your own, and if you have stories or cases of inspired interns, please share their story or have them write their experiences to be shared among our next generation. Please contact Lauren Herman, CALBO's Director of Training & Communications, with your submission. 

A Summer to Remember
My City of Santa Monica Internship   
By Jonathan Chaverry

Interning for the City of Santa Monica this summer has been one of the most eye-opening and rewarding experiences of my life. As an engineering intern for the Division of Building and Safety, not only have I gained great insight on the practical side of engineering, but more importantly, I have received priceless mentorship from Building Official Ron Takiguchi. Seeing the passion and dedication Ron puts into his job every day is truly inspiring. His work ethic alone is something I try to match every day in my life.

Jonathan Chaverry, City of Santa Monica Intern, and  Ron Takiguchi, CALBO President.
Aside from engineering work, Ron has stressed the importance of being an effective communicator. In order to become a great leader, I must have the technical expertise along with the ability to speak and write. The skills and qualities I have learned from Ron this summer will carry on with me for the rest of my career and life.
Primarily, my duty this summer with Building and Safety was to research and evaluate potentially seismic vulnerable buildings in Santa Monica. Alongside Permit Specialist Susan Umeda and Principal Engineer Gustav Bohm, we created an inventory of over 2,300 soft story structures within the city. As stated in the Santa Monica Municipal Code, a soft story structure is "a wood frame structure that contains parking or similar open floor or basement space that cause weak or open front wall lines and there exists one or more levels above." In preparation for the Soft Story Retrofit Program, we went through the records of permits and structural drawings verifying if each structure meets today's standards.

Through this process, I learned about all the various types of lateral load systems used to provide reinforcement. From moment frames to cantilevered columns, I've developed a great understanding of what is acceptable today by California Building Code standards. Lastly going on inspections regularly this summer allowed me to gain a significant visual perspective on all the soft story research I had been doing.
As I leave this summer behind and continue my professional career, I've realized I've benefited from this internship in more ways than I could have ever imagined. It was an honor to receive this position and work on such an impactful project. The soft story research I have done this summer will potentially save thousands of lives in an event of an earthquake. I'm grateful and thankful for all the guidance Ron has given me, it's undoubtedly been a summer to remember.

Have an Internship that you would like to share
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A Summer to Remember
My City of Winters Internship
By Jacquelin Plasencia 
The City of Winters has a summer internship program for college students interested in city government. This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern for the second consecutive year. I am soon-to-be a third year at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles studying civil engineering and these past two summers have been filled with great learning and personal growth experiences.

In the past year, the City of Winters has been well invested in the new PG&E Training Facility located on the east edge of town. This large project was the base of my internship this summer, and it could not have been at a better time. As an engineering student, I am highly interested in getting hands-on experience, or as better stated by the City Manager, John Donlevy, "getting my hands dirty." Mr. Donlev's proposed that I join the construction team on site for my internship and learn as much as possible.

I remember the first day I arrived on site and met the crew, and after introductions, the Senior Inspector, IOR, Patrick Gunning from 4LEAF, Inc., gave me some words of advice: "the only dumb question is the one not asked." From that day forward, my experience at PG&E revolved around me asking questions about the job site, plans, codes, and general construction and around Mr. Gunning and Gene Ashdown, the City of Winters Building Official, tasking me with questions that I needed to research online through site walks or through the plans. I  learned things such as what roughen refers to and why they do it, the process of curing cement, the process of laying conduits and pipes underground, and how to read a set of plans, among so many other things that I may never learn in a classroom, but rather only through hands-on experience like the one I was granted this summer. 
Sitting in a lecture hall learning about the equations I will use on the field is a whole separate playing field than reading the specifications of a project and seeing the equations put to the test. One of the most important things that I have taken back from this amazing opportunity has been my reassurance of my passion for the field. For the past two years, I have known I wanted to work as an engineer in the field, but the only exposure I had was textbooks and mental scenarios. This internship has left me with no doubt that in two more years I hope to wear a hard hat, a safety vest, and my work boots with my degree behind my name.

Similarly, for the past two years, I have been reminded several times that women in engineering are very scarce; this opportunity only verified that. On my first two days on the site, I was able to have conversations with the only female engineer on site, Kristen Granite. After those two days, Ms. Granite left the site, and for the remainder of my time at the job site, I was the only female wearing a hard hat, the only female wearing a safety vest, the only female on site, period. Experiencing for myself that females, especially Hispanic females, are a small percentage of the engineering force was a wake up call.

I cannot thank enough the City of Winters, Mr. Donlevy, Mr. Ashdown, Mr. Gunning, and the DPR Construction crew for granting me the privilege to learn so much about the career I have chosen to go into. I look forward to taking everything I learned this summer and applying it to my area of study in the years to come and to always remember the privilege I had as an undergraduate to experience this opportunity.
Have an Internship that you would like to share
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CALBO Legislative Update 
Fall 2016
By: Nicole Bautista,  
CALBO Director of Public Affairs


The 2016 Legislative Session provided no rest for the weary. CALBO's Government Affairs team remained quite active with both legislative and regulatory issues dealing with water, seismic safety, disabled access and energy efficiency.

CALBO supported legislation to increase seismic building safety while opposing legislation that would have put jurisdictions, cities and counties in vulnerable staffing positions.

Altogether, 2016 was a successful year and by focusing on collaboration with industry stakeholders, CALBO proudly represented the needs of building department professionals to the State Legislature and numerous regulatory bodies.
2016 CALBO Bills of Interest
AB 1732 (Ting) Single User Restrooms ; Signed by Governor.

Requires all single-user toilet facilities in any business establishment, place of public accommodation, or government agency to be identified as all-gender toilet facilities. Authorizes inspectors, building officials or other local officials responsible for code enforcement to inspect for compliance with these provisions during any inspection. (CALBO Position: Watch)
Would have established the State Seismic Safety Capital Access Loan Program to assist residential property owners and small business owners in seismically retrofitting residences and small businesses by covering losses on qualified loans for those purposes. Would have provided for program implementation and regulations therefor. (CALBO Position: Support)
Requires the department, on or before January 1, 2020, and every three years thereafter, to either update the model water-efficient landscaping ordinance or make a finding that an update to the model water-efficient landscaping ordinance at that time is not a useful or effective means to improve either the efficiency of landscape water use or the administration of the ordinance. The bill would additionally require the department to submit the update to the Building Standards Commission during the triennial update process of the California Green Building Standards Code. (CALBO Position: Watch)

Would have required the State Building Standards Commission to develop regulations and mandatory building standards for the installation of water conserving plumbing fixtures in existing nonresidential and public buildings, including installation in all nonresidential buildings by a specified date. (CALBO Position: Oppose unless amended)
Would have required a city, county, or city and county to make all documentation and forms associated with the permitting of advanced energy storage available on a publicly accessible Internet Web site and would have required those entities to allow for the electronic submittal of a permit application and associated documentation. Would have required the creation of a guidebook. (CALBO Position: Moved from Oppose to Neutral once expediting of such permit was removed from the bill.)

Would have required that all building inspectors who perform permitting and plan check related to accessibility services to be certified access specialists. (CALBO Position: Oppose)
Requires the Contractor's State License Board to enter into an interagency agreement with the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to ensure timely reporting of disciplinary information of a licensed contractor. (CALBO Position: Watch)

Would have required a local agency to require a permit for the installation of specified automatic irrigation systems, or the expansion of the same specified automatic irrigation system to increase the irrigated area by a specified percentage or more, for a landscape project. (CALBO Position: Support)

Requires the Energy Commission to approve a plan that will promote compliance with specified regulations in the installation of central air conditioning and heat pumps. Requires the recipient of an energy efficiency rebate or incentive to provide proof of permit closure and certify the improvement and installation complied with the State Building Standards Code. (CALBO Position: Support)
Learn more about these bills and all the bills CALBO tracked last year at the CALBO Legislative Watch Webpage.
Questions about these bills? 
Please don't hesitate to contact CALBO's Director of Public Affairs,
Nicole Bautista at .

California Building Officials Participate at
League of California Cities Annual Conference
Several members of the CALBO Board of Directors and CALBO Executive Director, Matt Wheeler, proudly represented our association at the League of California Cities Annual Conference from October 5-7, 2016 in Long Beach, California. Over 400 California cities were represented and 1,900 attendees gathered from all over the United States.  
From left to right: Past President Raj Patel,
President Ron Takiguchi, Board Member Sharon Goei,  
and Vice President David Khorram.
Thank you to our CALBO leadership for their participation. We appreciate you wearing your CALBO hat proudly!

We'll see you next year at the League of California Cities Annual Conference in Sacramento, California.    

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Below are the most recent submissions to the CALBO Online Job Board. If you would like more information about these opportunities or to post an employment opportunity, please click here.

Chief Mechanical and Electrical Inspector, County of San Diego 

Building Inspector I/II/III, County of Napa
Application Deadline: October 10, 2016

Building and Safety Manager, City of Las Vegas, Nevada   
Application Deadline:  October 10, 2016 

Plans Examiner/Building Inspector, City of Tualatin, Oregon
Application Deadline: October 16, 2016

Senior Plans Examiner, City of Portland, Oregon
Application Deadline: October 17, 2016

Plan Review Supervisor, City of Portland, Oregon
Application Deadline: October 17, 2016

Permit Technician, City of La Quinta
Application Deadline: October 17, 2016

Civil Engineer III - Building Division, City of Bakersfield
Application Deadline: October 18, 2016

Building Inspector Specialist (Electrical), City of Fremont
Application Deadline: October 21, 2016

Deputy Director of ECD/Chief Building Official, City of South San Francisco
Application Deadline: October 21, 2016 

Civil Engineer-Building/Land Development, County of San Diego
Application Deadline: October 24, 2016   

Combination Building Inspector, City of Brea
Application Deadline: October 27, 2016 

Building Official, City of Morgan Hill  

Building Official/Assistant Community Development Director, City of Watsonville
Application Deadline: October 27, 2016

Building Inspector II, City of Mountain View 

Assistant Chief Building Official, Marin County

Permit Services Manager Marin County

Building Official/Assistant Community, City of Watsonville
Application Deadline: October 27, 2016 

Building Inspector, California Code Check
Deadline: October 30, 2016

Plan Check Engineer, California Code Check
Deadline: October 30, 2016 

Building Inspector/Plans Examiner, Town of Truckee
Application Deadline: October 31, 2016

Plans Examiner I/II, Town of Truckee
Application Deadline: October 31, 2016

Contract Staffing and Plan Check Services, City of Signal Hill
Application Deadline: October 31, 2016

Civil Engineer, City of Long Beach
Application Deadline: November 30, 2016

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