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CALBO President's Message   

"It's A Wonderful Life"
Hello Everyone!
Perhaps you are familiar with the 1946 Holiday-Christmas movie classic starring Jimmy Stewart as a man who goes through distressed times and life-changing drama only to discover how fortunate and wonderful his life has been. A tale of drama with a happy Hollywood ending, perhaps for the sake of Hollywood drama. Nevertheless, still a holiday classic and a reminder that the holidays are a time to reflect and share wonderful times. 

My Presidential Message for this CALBO Winter Newsletter Edition is simply a wish from myself, the CALBO Board of Directors and CALBO Staff to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and moments where you can relax and enjoy the holidays.  
2016 has been a tremendously busy and exciting year. We have all
shared the task of adoption of the 2016 California Building Codes, training in the new codes during CALBO's Education Weeks, the worry of AB 2873 and individual issues in your jurisdiction.
And of course, the tasks of the building official are never ending and 2017 will be another year of active involvement and busy excitement. I would like to present that CALBO's prominence and recognition throughout California and the nation is as strong as ever and the Board of Directors is engaged and will keep advancing our mission to serve Building Departments and CALBO members.
Our mission as public servants in life-safety-fire-energy-accessibility verification truly allows our mission to affect and touch the lives of others. In our integrated existence of family, friends, profession, belief and activities, it is a Wonderful Life.
Happy Holidays, and Have A Merry Christmas Everyone.

Ron Takiguchi, P.E.
CALBO President
City of Santa Monica

CALBO's 55th Annual
Business Meeting: 
Registration and
Program Available Soon!   

CALBO will host the 55th Annual Business Meeting
at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach from Sunday, March 19 - Thursday, March 23, 2017. We look forward to hosting the professional celebration of 55 years, our Double Nickle Anniversary!
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
1107 Jamboree Road Newport Beach, CA 92660     
Sunday, March 19 - Thursday, March 23, 2017 
  • Professional development workshops, sessions and seminars on the hottest topics and latest tools throughout the week.
  • ABM Golf Tournament on Sunday, March 19, 2017.
  • CALBO's Exhibitor Program from Tuesday, March 21 - Thursday, March 23, 2017.
  • CALBO's Job Fair and Career Development Day on Thursday, March 23, 2017 in the exhibit hall.
  • Four day Companion's Program from Monday, March 20 - Thursday, March 23, 2017.
  • Much anticipated - ABM President's Reception and Dinner on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.
Registration Available Soon! 
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CALBO's 55th Annual
Business Meeting: 
Exhibitor & Sponsorship Program -
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Register now to become an exhibitor and sponsor of CALBO's Double Nickle Anniversary at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach!

Over 300 building department personnel and industry representatives statewide are expected to attend providing an unparalleled opportunity for exhibitors to share their innovative products and services with the leaders of California building departments.

Please consider becoming a sponsor as well! Much of the success of CALBO's Annual Business Meeting is due to the support of our sponsors. By becoming a sponsor, you show support for the building industry and gain recognition well beyond conference attendees.

Conference Dates: 
Sunday, March 19 - Thursday, March 23, 2017

  Exhibitor Program Dates: 
Tuesday, March 21 - Thursday, March 23, 2017 
You won't go unnoticed as an Exhibitor! 
  • Showcase innovative products and services with building department leaders and personnel throughout the week.
  • One-on-one time with attendees during the ABM "strolling" lunch on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 in the exhibit hall.
  • Recruit prospective employees at CALBO's Job Fair and Career Development Day on Thursday, March 23, 2017 in the exhibit hall.
  • Receive a list of ABM registrants and their contact information following the conference.
  • Recognition in ABM conference signage and publicity in the CALBO News.
You won't go unnoticed as a Sponsor! 
  • ABM Printed Program Sponsorship - Have your company logo and information at the fingertips of all attendees.
  • Wi-Fi Sponsorship - Gain recognition through signage and selecting your company name as the Wi-Fi code!
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  • Many More Opportunities Available! 
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CALBO Job Fair and Career Development Day: Mentoring the Next Generation of Building Safety Professionals

By CALBO Outreach and Communications Committee  
CALBO hosted the first Job Fair and Career Development Day at its 2016 Annual Business Meeting (ABM) in San Diego this year. Below we'd like to share a success story of a student aspiring to enter a career and the opportunities that were provided by the Job Fair.
For the 2017 CALBO Annual Business Meeting, CALBO is expanding
the job fair outreach efforts to reach more of the next generation of building safety professionals.

So mark your calendars and save the date!

The 2nd Annual CALBO Job Fair and Career Development Day will be held from 8:30am - 12:00pm on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach.

We hope the following story will inspire ABM exhibitors and jurisdictions in Orange County and beyond to participate in the upcoming CALBO Job Fair and Career Development Day. Please click here for updates and registration information for students and professionals looking for a future in California's building safety industry.

By TRB + Associates, Inc.

The quest for the perfect job and career is arguably one of the most challenging tasks in life. CALBO has worked hard to eliminate some of the hurdles associated with this challenge for those looking to enter the building safety industry. TRB+ Associates is pleased to have benefited from this hard work first-hand through the recent vendor opportunity at CALBO's 1st Annual Job Fair and Career Development
Day, unveiled in March 2016 at the Annual Business Meeting in San Diego. 
The CALBO Job Fair was specifically designed to connect a wide-ranging group of potential employers and consultants with interested attendees, including many qualified engineering students, hopeful of entering our industry. TRB was able to make such a connection with Huimin Zhang, at the time a structural engineering student at UC San Diego.

Lowell Brown, Inspection Services Manager with TRB + Associates, assists Huimin Zhang with plan review.
On one of her stops at the fair, Huimin met with Todd Bailey and Lowell Brown of TRB, where they discussed the building safety industry and mentoring opportunities within it. The conversation concluded with Huimin expressing a strong interest in becoming a plan review engineer. 

Todd invited Huimin to visit TRB's office and subsequently offered her an internship opportunity in early July 2016. Since being hired on, she has worked on residential plan reviews directly under the tutelage of one of the company's senior plan review engineers.

Her training has recently been expanded to include electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems plan review.
In this setting, she has the opportunity to regularly interact with practicing plan review engineers and participate in scheduled training sessions.
Huimin states, "When I made my decision to attend the CALBO Job Fair, I didn't realize I was making a choice that would change my life. Right now, I am still feeling blessed and lucky to have such an optimistic career opportunity offered by TRB+ Associates. I have been getting a lot of advice and encouragement from all of my colleagues, which has helped me to learn so much in these first few months on the job."
TRB + Associates foresees an ongoing need to identify talented individuals and provide mentorship opportunities to help promote their success. Todd notes, "I am appreciative to CALBO for taking a leadership role in hosting this forum for connecting organizations like ours with the next generation of building safety professionals. Our team looks forward to attending future CALBO job fair events and to extending resources and mentoring opportunities to other graduates seeking to enter our industry."

We hope you will join us for the upcoming CALBO Job Fair and Career Development Day on Thursday, March 23, 2017 in Newport Beach! 


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  2016 CALBO Education Week in  
San Ramon, Ontario and Anaheim!

We hope to see you next year for another year of training and collaboration!   

The CALBO Training Institute (CTI) strives to be your primary source of training by offering topical, current and relevant educational opportunities throughout the entire Golden State.

Thank you to the instructors, course developers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors for their contributions to the 2016 CALBO Education Week in San Ramon, Ontario and Anaheim! We look forward to another year of education in 2017!

Upcoming Education Week Dates and Venues!

Monday, September 11 - Thursday, September 14, 2017

San Ramon Marriott
2600 Bishop Drive 
San Ramon, CA 94583 

Monday, October 16 - Thursday, October 19, 2017

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Ontario Airport
222 North Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764

Registration Available Spring 2017
Questions about the 2016 CALBO Education Weeks?
Contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or

CALBO Education Week's
Lunch & Learn -
Exploring Seismic Retrofitting with a Presentation by
Optimum Seismic!

To educate the CALBO community on the recent efforts of jurisdictions enacting seismic retrofit ordinances, the CALBO Training Institute hosted a free Lunch and Learn entitled, "City of Los Angeles' Seismic Retrofit Ordinance: A Case Study," at the 2016 CALBO Education Week: South in Ontario on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

CALBO Education Week students attended the Lunch and Learn  on October 26, 2016 to learn about seismic retrofitting.

Representatives from Optimum Seismic presenting at the CALBO Education Week Lunch and Learn.  

Optimum Seismic, a company that specializes in seismic engineering, fabrication, and construction, presented and answered questions on seismic retrofitting for the dozens of CALBO Education Week students who attended this event.
If you were unable to attend this free event, below is information for jurisdictions exploring the topic of seismic retrofitting. Thank you to Optimum Seismic for their contributions!

Increasing Numbers of California Cities
are Considering Earthquake Retrofit Laws
By Ali Vahdani, Optimum Seismic

P ublisher's Note: This article was submitted by Optimum Seismic, presenters at the recent CALBO Education Week: South Lunch and Learn, a free event for the CALBO community, about seismic retrofitting. The information below is meant to be an educational resource only. All jurisdictions should consult their city council, city attorney and other interested parties regarding seismic retrofitting.

When Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed into law the nation's most sweeping earthquake retrofit law - an ordinance adopted by a unanimous vote of the City Council - he said he did it not only for life and safety issues, but to protect the city's ability to function after that long-anticipated "Big One" strikes.

"Today's actions will save lives," he told the Los Angeles Times. "I'm not interested in making history or having the toughest laws. I'm interested in preserving our city's ability to survive and thrive after an earthquake."

He's not alone in his concern. To date, several cities have adopted similar ordinances. San Francisco passed legislation in 2013 that requires retrofits of older multi-unit soft-story buildings. The City of Berkeley adopted a similar ordinance the following year, and other Bay Area jurisdictions have enacted similar codes, including Santa Clara County and the cities of San Jose, Alameda, Richmond and Fremont.

In Southern California, following L.A.'s lead, the cities of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are poised to adopt earthquake ordinances of their own, quite possibly by early next year if not sooner.

Debunking Myths about Seismic Retrofits

There are a number of misconceptions circulating today about earthquake retrofits, their costs, inconveniences to tenants and more. Many city officials find it difficult to navigate the many questions that are thrown to them by the public when they start to consider adopting an ordinance of their own.

Myth No. 1: It's too expensive 
Researchers at Caltech recently determined that for every dollar spent on a retrofit, property owners could expect to save up to 7 dollars, and that study didn't factor in loss to contents, alternative living expenses or deaths and injuries that might occur from earthquake damage. The cost of an earthquake retrofit varies between $30,000 and $200,000 depending on size, design and construction material used. There is assistance available to help cities set up special low-cost loan programs, and many jurisdictions like Los Angeles are allowing apartment owners to recoup some of the cost through rent increases.
Myth No. 2: My tenants must be relocated
In most instances, earthquake retrofit construction on soft story structures can take place without having to move any tenants out of the building. That's why it's important to identify contractors who can work within the parameters of a city's Tenant Habitability Plan.
Myth No. 3: There's no rush
Most earthquake retrofit laws give apartment owners several years to get the work done, yet despite the long lead time we are seeing many owners getting retrofits now - even in cities where there is no law on the books. The urgency comes in the fact that earthquakes are not selective about when they strike. Case law has set a precedent that puts the responsibility for death, injury or property damage in the hands of the property owner. The fact that a city deadline to have the retrofit work done has not yet passed is not a sufficient defense.
Myth No. 4: I'll be covered by FEMA/Insurance
FEMA assistance is very limited and it usually comes in the form of a low-interest loan, which would need to be paid off along with the building's existing mortgage. FEMA awards grants only to those who cannot qualify for those loans and they average just $5,000. Earthquake insurance can be very helpful in covering losses to the structure as well as loss of income if tenants need to be relocated. But the number of carriers who are willing to provide earthquake insurance to older soft-story structures is rapidly shrinking. Many require retrofits before they will cover the building.
Information about Optimum Seismic: Optimum Seismic hosts monthly workshops throughout L.A., educating soft story apartment building owners about the retrofit law, the steps to be taken in getting a retrofit, and offering up information on insurance, finance and tenant habitability issues. We find that once building owners understand the circumstances they face and the opportunities available to them, the more they embrace the idea of having their retrofits done. 

About the author: Ali Vahdani, a State of California Licensed Professional Engineer, has more than 35 years of experience in building and structural retrofits. He is president and founder of Optimum Seismic, a leading seismic engineering and construction firm serving all of California.  

Fostering Education and Networking for the Next Generation at the 2016 CALBO Education Weeks! 
By David Khorram, Superintendent of Building and Safety, City of Long Beach and CALBO First Vice President  
Students from the Building Code and Architectural curriculum at the South Orange County Community College District attended 2016 CALBO Education Weeks in Ontario and Anaheim. In effort to introduce our industry to millennials, Mr. David Khorram, CALBO First Vice President, and Mr. Soroush Rahbari, the City of Westminster Community Development Director and Building Official, organized a group of ten students to serve as seminar moderators.
Stude nts with David Khorram (far right), CALBO First Vice President, and Soroush Rahbari (far left), City of Westminster Community Development Director and Building Official .

Students met with Bob Latz (center), CTI Chair, to discuss their experience and express appreciation for the opportunity to serve as moderators at the Education Weeks. 
Each student assisted with the class organization and received the presentation materials and CEUs for their efforts from CALBO.

To add to their experience, students were able to network with the many exhibitors to learn about career and internship opportunities in the building safety industry.

As a part of their final grade for the community college, each student prepared a report on the seminar that they attended. The students were very excited about the opportunity and learned first-hand about the 2016 building codes.
Additionally, Lauren Herman, CALBO Director of Training, and Bob Latz, CALBO Training Institute (CTI) Chair, were extremely helpful with the program and per them, students were diligent and the effort will be reviewed by the CTI Commission to continue this outreach effort for other community college students at CALBO's 2017 Education Weeks.

CALBO's Leadership 
& Advocacy Day -
Registration Available Soon! 




Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sacramento, California 
Make your voice heard! CALBO's Annual Leadership and Advocacy Day is an opportunity for Class I Members to take part in the legislative process and have their voice heard.

Join CALBO's Legislative Committee in Sacramento at the State Capitol to meet with your legislators and discuss current legislation impacting building departments. Participants will be briefed on the legislation and learn about the legislative process before attending pre-scheduled meetings with legislators.

Last year, through consistent advocacy, CALBO members stopped harmful legislation that would have negatively impacted building departments. Be a part of the effort to ensure legislators understand the important duties building department staff carry out on a daily basis and the work you do to keep the public safe.

Registration Available January 2017 
Questions about this opportunity? 
Contact CALBO at 916-457-1103 or .

Governor's Office of Planning & Research (OPR) Survey -  

Share Your AB 2188 Experience!

At the request of Governor Brown's Office of Planning and Research, CALBO is passing along this survey to CALBO members regarding the implementation of AB 2188 (the Expedited Solar Permitting Act, Government Code Section 65850.5(g)).

CALBO encourages you to complete the survey and share your AB 2188 experience.

For more information or questions about the survey, contact Sam Diaz at OPR: .


CALBO's California Energy Commission
Advisory Committee Works with California Energy Commission Staff to Implement
Simplification Strategies
By California Energy Commission
Advisory Committee
The California Building Energy Efficiency Standards Title 24, Part 6 is maintained and updated every three years by two agencies, the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Building Standards Commission (BSC). Local agencies are obligated to enforce the energy code and can also adapt more stringent energy standards as long as it can be demonstrated that such requirements are cost effective and do not result in buildings consuming more energy than is permitted by Title 24.
As building officials throughout California are getting ready to
enforce the 2016 energy code starting January 1, 2017, this article discusses the latest efforts by the CALBO CEC Advisory Committee working in concert with California Energy Commission (CEC) staff to implement simplification strategies that will result in reduction of paper work associated with the enforcement of the energy code.
Since April 2016, the CALBO CEC Advisory Committee has conducted six conference calls and the CEC staff has attended four of those calls discussing the 2016 and the future 2019 energy codes. Committee members, Mr. Doug Hensel and Mr. Greg Mahoney, have attended six meetings with CEC staff to work on ways to reduce the amount of paperwork required to demonstrate compliance, to come up with ideas that will enable code users to more easily navigate the Energy Code and to simplify the process of compliance. Committee members, Mr. Mark Meyers and Mr. Bob Barks, have also attended several focus groups, including a workshop sponsored by WHPA to address permit avoidance in residential HVAC installations. Several letters have been submitted by CALBO CEC Advisory Committee members to the CEC to be docketed on issues, such as HERS Rater Conflict of Interest and Non-Residential Lighting Alterations.

The Committee is pleased to announce the following list of simplifications that have been implemented:
  • CA. Energy Code Table 100A is hyperlinked to the standards for easy navigation.
  • CA. Energy Code table of contents is hyperlinked to the compliance manuals for easy navigation.
  • Non HERS forms are converted to dynamic forms and include information specific to a project.
  • Instructions for the forms removed to eliminate pages from the manual.
  • Removed watermark from non-HERS forms so the forms can be utilized easier.
  • Removed duplicated information and redundant title blocks on forms.
  • Dynamic forms for Non-Residential lighting alterations are being developed.
The Committee efforts are now focused on presenting a new format for the 2019 Energy Code to the CEC. Currently the Energy Code, Title 24, Part 6 does not follow the same format as the rest of California building codes. This difference makes reading and interpreting of Part 6 more difficult for the building officials, to an extent that very few building officials actually use the Part 6 and generally refer to the CEC compliance manual for use and interpretation.
The CEC staff is currently completing the development of "Dynamic Forms" for the non-residential lighting and have demonstrated that making dynamic forms on a building can drastically reduce the amount a paper work associated with non-residential building compliance. Through request by CEC, the CALBO CEC Advisory Committee has identified two energy code experts that will be reviewing and commenting on the strategies that CEC is undertaking to simplify the non-residential lighting standards. Mr. Tom Garcia and Mr. Dave Morgan have accepted the challenge and their names have been communicated with CEC. 
Additionally, the Committee has been discussing the latest 2016 energy code changes. It is important to realize that starting January 2017, the bulk of energy savings (28%) will come from proper enforcement of the energy codes in low-rise residential buildings. The following list highlights the significant changes:
Mandatory Measures:
1. Insulation in roof/ceiling construction must be at least R-22 (§150.0(a)1).
2. New duct total leakage reduced to 5 percent or less (§150.0(m)11B1).
3. All installed air-conditioner and heat pump systems shall be equipped with liquid line filter driers as specified by manufacturer's instructions (§150.0(h)3B).
4. Storage hot water heaters no longer need to be externally wrapped (§150.0(j)1).
5. All luminaires must be "high-efficacy" (§150.0(k)1A).
6. Isolation valves must be installed on instantaneous water heaters that have a minimum input of 6.8  kBTU/hr (§110.3(c)7).
Prescriptive Compliance (Package A):
1. Increased flexibility (several options) for envelope compliance (§150.1(c)).
2. Increased roof assembly requirements to include insulation installed either above or below roof deck (§150.1(c)1A).
3. Requirements for water-heating systems in single-family and multifamily buildings have been updated and more options have been added (§150.1(c)8).
4. High-performance attics and ducts in conditioned spaces have been added as option for a space-conditioning distribution system (§150.1(c)9).
5. If a whole house fan (WHF) is required, it must comply with a total air flow of at least 1.5 CFM/ft^2 and have 1 square foot of attic vent free area for each 750 CFM (§150.1(c)12).
Performance Compliance:
All compliance software programs that are approved by the California Energy Commission must use a single interpretation of the performance compliance rules that the California Energy Commission has integrated into the public domain software.

Additions and Alterations:
1. Additions - Changes to the prescriptive requirements for the building envelope (specifically wall insulation) (§150.2(a)1).
2. Alterations - the prescriptive requirements for mechanical cooling, water heating, and lighting have been revised (§150.2(b)).
Questions about this article? 
Contact CALBO's California Energy Commission
Advisory Committee Chair, David Khorram at

California Building Officials
& International Code Council
Exam Development Committee - Apply Now!

Apply now to be a member of the California Building Officials and International Code Council Exam Development Committee. Committee members will review the current exam questions - ensuring no code changes have impacted questions. Additionally, members will write new questions on 2016 code changes. Committee meetings will take place over a two to three day period in February/March 2017 to ensure exams are ready by July 2017.

Six committee members will review the Building/Green Building exams and six committee members will review the Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical exams.

Applicants should be certified California inspectors. It is not necessary to be full combination inspectors, but applicants will need certifications in the area of the exams they are reviewing. Applicants should have at least five years of industry experience.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, January 15, 2017
Applicants should submit questions and their resumes to Renee Meriaux at

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There are opportunities for every skill level. We welcome your contributions!  

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CALBO Online Job Board - 
Employment and Internship 

The CALBO Online Job Board offers the public and private sector the opportunity to advertise building industry employment and internship opportunities. It's the perfect resource for reaching CALBO members with employment information from your jurisdiction, organization or company.

Don't forget that current CALBO members receive a discount for every job advertisement submitted to the Online Job Board.

Below are the most recent submissions to the CALBO Online Job Board. If you would like more information about these opportunities or to post an employment opportunity, please click here.

Building Inspector II, City of Mountain View

Building Inspection Supervisor, City of Concord 

Building Official/Compliance Officer, City of Taft 

Senior Building Inspector, City of Santa Cruz
Application Deadline: December 15, 2016

Permit Center Coordinator,
City of San Gabriel
Application Deadline: December 16, 2016

Plan Check Engineer, City of San Gabriel
Application Deadline: December 16, 2016 
Building Inspector/Sr. Building Inspector, City of Ventura 
Application Deadline: December 18, 2016 

Civil Engineer - Plan Check, City of Newport Beach
Application Deadline: December 20, 2016   

Senior Plan Check Engineer - Mechanical, City of Irvine
Application Deadline: December 27, 2016

Building Inspector I/II, City of Lathrop    
Application Deadline: December 31, 2016 

Civil Engineer, City of Long Beach
Application Deadline: December 31, 2016

Plans Examiner, City of Santa Clara
Application Deadline: January 4, 2017 

Fire & Life Safety Plans Examiner, City of Fremont
Application Deadline: January 6, 2017

Building Inspector Specialist (Electrical), City of Fremont
Application Deadline: January 6, 2017 

Building Inspector, Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Application Deadline: January 6, 2017

Plans Examiner, Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Application Deadline: January 6, 2017

Senior Building Inspector, City of Santa Rosa
Application Deadline: January 9, 2017

Building Plans Examiner II, City of Chico
Application Deadline: January 9, 2017

Code Enforcement Bureau Manager, City of Long Beach
Deadline: January 13, 2017

Solano LAFCo Executive Officer, Solano County
Deadline: January 17, 2017

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