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A Special Message from Your 2017-2018
CALBO President David Khorram
Knowing how to deal with issues at hand in building & safety operations.

As I was sitting in my office on October 12, it occurred to me that I was dealing with my own fires. Literally as the fires ablaze causing physical damage to property in Northern and Southern California, there were figurative fires affecting the City of Long Beach’s technology contracts and IT services. During this havoc, I took a moment to pause and remind myself to focus on the “big picture.”

As a Building Official and CALBO President, technology has been an intriguing topic. Technology is the second resource that we, as Building Officials, depend on every day.
The result of a recent survey conducted by the CALBO Innovation and Technology Committee indicates that generally eight (8) types of technologies are used within California Building & Safety Departments: (1) permit software, (2) electronic plan check, (3) inspection online, (4) queuing, (5) achieves, (6) financial/cashiering, (7) website, and (8) social media.

Most agencies use all or some combination of the above technologies to conduct daily business. The survey also indicated that only a very small number of agency staff in charge of such technologies are happy with their systems; whereas, the majority feel as if the systems come short of addressing their needs. There are a multitude of reasons behind unsuccessful implementation of technologies; such as, agency staff or departments not knowing or agreeing on one system, public resistance to the use of technology, problems with systematic upgrades, and the shortage of wireless and mobile coverage throughout all areas.

Technology is constantly evolving, and it is drastically changing both our lifestyle and how we work. Additionally, our needs regarding codes, fees, and applications are continuously changing as well. Third, we do not establish, develop, or control systems that we utilize. Furthermore, vendors and software companies often make promises that they fail to deliver. Lastly, the technologies we use are not coordinated or integrated with each other and do not make work easier at building and safety departments.  

With all that in mind, the CALBO Board of Directors established our third goal of the year by promoting innovation and technology and innovation in building and safety departments. In May 2017, the CALBO Innovation and Technology Committee was established. I am pleased to announce that the committee has done an outstanding job of bringing a focused analysis for building and safety technology and automation issues. Committee members have published several articles in CALBO News throughout the year. These articles relate to technologies used in agencies and explore the pros and cons of such technologies.

Through the efforts of these talented individuals, we have arrived at the following conclusions:

  • It is not just technology that makes life easier or streamlines the process, but it is the staff and personnel who make it all happen. Devoting time to training staff to develop skills in this field is crucial to the success of implementing technology. Currently, there is little organized training and education for Building Officials. It is left upon us to become more technologically savvy.
  • There is a lack of uniformity in technology used by different building departments. Furthermore, within agencies themselves, there is a failure to synchronize their systems. This wastes time and causes unnecessary work for staff. It is time for vendors and software companies to come together to provide uniform systems based upon a common platform and protocols.

There is more to discuss about technology in our field, thus a full report of the committee’s findings will be provided to our members at the upcoming CALBO Annual Business Meeting in March 2018. The committee’s goal is to present the best management protocols and hopefully put out some technology fires that come our way.

As for the literal fires, I am also pleased to announce that CALBO’s 1-to-1 Campaign has raised over $30,000. This total, which includes ICC, local ICC chapters, and CALBO matched funds, will be donated to the American Red Cross California Wildfire Relief Fund. I want to recognize Mr. Jeff Janes, CALBO First Vice President, and Dr. Matt Wheeler, CALBO’s Executive Director, for their outstanding work on this effort. CALBO’s 1-to-1 Campaign is one of the largest philanthropic efforts of CALBO in years, and we are pleased to do our part to aid in the recovery efforts.

In summation, thinking “big picture” will help with the issues at hand and not leave room for disappointment with our jobs while we are putting out fires. While there are issues that overburden us in the office or in the field, we should pause, think, and learn from these experiences. Always leave room for growth in what you do.

As the holiday season is upon us, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy season. The CALBO Board is looking forward to a great new year and a prosperous 2018 for everyone.


David Khorram, P.E., C.B.O., C.G.B.P.
Superintendent of Building & Safety
City of Long Beach
Coming Soon - Standard Plan
for Cripple Wall Retrofits
By: CALBO's Structural Safety Committee
The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) through the Applied Technology Council (ATC) recently commissioned a comprehensive prescriptive plan set providing for the retrofit of dwellings with raised foundations including unbraced cripple walls. The plans, known as the Earthquake Strengthening of Cripple Walls in Wood-Frame Dwellings FEMA Plan Set , which are nearing completion, will conform to the 2016 California Existing Building Code. During development, members of CALBO’s Structural Safety Committee reviewed the plans for overall code compliance as well as presentation and usability.
This upcoming plan set builds upon several local efforts to provide standard plans for cripple wall retrofits. Some examples include the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Standard Plan Number 1 and Standard Plan Set A by the Association of Bay Area Governments , Earthquake and Hazards Program . These plans are available on the Earthquake Brace and Bolt (EQBB) webpage and have been used by various jurisdictions both on a case-by-case basis and program basis. In the latter case, EQBB has provided funding to qualifying homes in specific target seismically-active areas, which are known to have a substantial number of vulnerable homes. 
This new plan set is designed for experienced contractors and expands the application of previous prescriptive plans by addressing cripple walls as high as seven feet tall. The plan set also provides guidance for the use of tie-down anchors for taller cripple wall conditions or where available areas for new cripple wall sheathing are limited. Finally, the plan set also provides details for new concrete foundations where new perimeter construction or reconstruction is necessary.
This plan will be placed in the public domain and will be used in much the same way as previous plan sets. The purpose of bringing this to the attention of CALBO membership is to raise awareness that such plans exist, so that building officials have the option of allowing or encouraging their use should a need arise.
Additionally, for those jurisdictions considering taking a more proactive role in fostering community resiliency, these plans represent widely accepted and effective retrofit options.
For questions regarding this article,
please contact the CALBO Structural Safety Committee.
CALBO Internship Program Survey -
We Need your Input!
You are invited to participate in the following survey created by the CALBO Outreach and Communications Committee. The survey results will be used to develop Best Practices for building departments to consider when developing or revising an internship program.

Your input will go along way in achieving CALBO's goal of attracting the next generation of code officials. Thank you for your participation and input!
For questions regarding this survey,
To Excel or Not to Excel?
Dangers and Limitations for
Using Spreadsheets
By: Issam Shahrouri, Building Official, City of Costa Mesa
CALBO Innovation and Technology Committee Member
Spreadsheets are one of the most common applications used in the workplace. We use them to store, manage, and track data. Spreadsheets are great and what attracts us to them is their simplicity and flexibility.

Did you know that spreadsheet limitations can result in errors, inefficiency, and security vulnerabilities making Excel the “World’s Most Dangerous Application”?

Read more about this topic in the article, "To Excel or Not to Excel? Dangers and Limitations for Using Spreadsheets," by clicking the link below.
For questions regarding this article,
CALBO Exceeds Goal – Over $30,000 donated to American Red Cross California
Wildfire Relief Fund
When the wildfires ravaged our great state, CALBO heard from you – our members. The question on everyone’s mind was “what can we do?” It was important for CALBO to respond quickly, with impact, and find a manageable conduit for us all to contribute in this time of shared crisis.

Given that the fires were statewide, CALBO wanted to find a program that would benefit all wildfire recovery efforts and assist the communities with the greatest need. CALBO placed its faith in the American Red Cross in their ability to mobilize and assist with disaster relief efforts in all affected regions.
CALBO rolled out the 1-to-1 Campaign right before the CALBO Education Week in Ontario. The theory behind “one” to “one” was to find a way for everyone to contribute – both big and small – with a CALBO match in mind. Our hope was that everyone could afford $1.00, which CALBO would then match, thereby doubling that individual contribution. At the CALBO Education Week in Ontario, we brought in $2,026.00 in individual contributions, which equates to $1.00 per student and meeting our goal of the 1-to-1 Campaign. 
Our partners at the International Code Council were the next call asking the question, “what can we do?” It was an easy answer, and with their assistance, your $1.00 contribution became matched by both CALBO and ICC tripling each dollar provided. Local ICC Chapters also answered the call, with many matching their own member’s contributions. 
Under the umbrella of the CALBO 1-to-1 Campaign, nearly $31,000.00 has been donated to the American Red Cross California Wildfire Relief Fund. Our thanks to our generous members. In times of crisis, Californians come together. 
CALBO's 56th Annual Business Meeting: 
Registration Now Open

CALBO is excited to host its 56th Annual Business Meeting from Sunday, March 25 - Thursday, March 29, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. 

We look forward to meeting and playing by the Bay at this newly-renovated venue that has professional and accommodating meeting space, CALBO group overnight rate availability, and close proximity to the San Francisco International Airport and freeways. CALBO will again offer an array of programs, events, and training for the professional development of its members. We hope to see you there!
Sunday, March 25 - Thursday, March 29, 2018

1333 Old Bayshore Hwy.
Burlingame, CA 94010

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 9, 2018
For questions about the CALBO Annual Business Meeting,
please contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
Mark Your Calendar for CALBO's 3rd Annual Job Fair and Career Development Day
Looking for a job, or seeking to advance professionally?

Join us on the last day of the Annual Business Meeting for CALBO's Job Fair and Career Development Day on Thursday, March 29, 2018 from 8:30am - 12:00pm!

This valuable event provides a forum for both seasoned veterans and new recruits to building and safety. In addition to industry partners highlighting their programs, CALBO supplied mentors will be available to offer professional advice and resume building.
Attention Jurisdictions: If you would like to reserve a tabletop to advertise job openings or volunteer at the Job Fair, please contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
CALBO's 56th ABM Exhibitor and Sponsorship Program - Registration Now Open
Register now to showcase your company as an exhibitor and provide support as a sponsor at CALBO's 56th Annual Business Meeting at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport !

Over 300 building department personnel and industry representatives statewide are expected to attend providing an unparalleled opportunity for industry representatives to show their support for the industry and share their innovative products and services with the leaders of California building departments.

These opportunities are first-comes, first-served, so don't wait!

You won’t go unnoticed as an Exhibitor!
  • Showcase innovative products and services with building department leaders and personnel throughout the week.
  • Spend one-on-one time with attendees during the ABM “strolling” lunch on Tuesday, March 27th in the exhibit hall.
  • Recruit prospective employees at CALBO’s 3rd Annual Job Fair and Career Development Day on Thursday, March 29th in the exhibit hall. 
  • Receive a list of ABM registrants and their contact information following the conference.
  • Gain recognition in ABM conference signage and CALBO News.

You won’t go unnoticed as a Sponsor!
  • ABM Printed Program Sponsorship - Have your company logo and information at the fingertips of all attendees.
  • Wi-Fi Sponsorship - Gain recognition through signage and selecting your company name as the Wi-Fi code!
  • Attendee Bag Insert Sponsorship - Provide souvenirs for ABM attendees, including resourceful tools and other giveaways!
  • Attendee Breakfast Sponsorship - Help ABM attendees start the day on the right foot with a delicious breakfast and coffee!
  • Many More Opportunities Available!
Registration Deadline: Friday, March 9, 2018
If you have any questions about the CALBO ABM Exhibitor and Sponsorship Program, please contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
CALBO Awards Nomination Application
Now Available
Do you know a fellow CALBO member deserving of recognition? Here's your chance to make that happen! Nominations are now accepted for six awards presented annually for active and dedicated CALBO members. Awards will be announced at the upcoming CALBO 56th Annual Business Meeting.

  • Building Department of the Year
  • Building Official of the Year
  • CTI Educator of the Year
  • Course Development Merit Award
  • Industry Achievement
  • Fire Official of the Year
Submission Information: All submissions must include a completed awards application form, cover letter, statement of qualifications, and optional materials of support.

Please Note: Submit three (3) copies of your application package.

Mail: California Building Officials
1022 G Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Submission Deadline: Thursday, February 1, 2018
For questions about the CALBO Awards Application,
please contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
CALBO Policy Committee
Application Information
Friend of CALBO,

Have you dreamed about volunteering for CALBO but did not know how to get involved? Here's your opportunity!

Each year, CALBO appoints dedicated and talented members to serve on its eleven CALBO Policy Committees. These committees are the lifeblood of our organization allowing members to engage with one another and other stakeholders to strengthen our association's work. We hope you'll consider applying!

  • Access Committee
  • Building and Fire Advisory Committee
  • California Building Officials Training Institute
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • Energy Commission Advisory Committee
  • Technology and Innovation Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Outreach and Communications Committee
  • State Code Committee
  • State Licensing Board Committee
  • Structural Safety Committee

Reminder: All CALBO Policy Committee terms are a two-year commitment. CALBO members will be emailed application information in early January 2018.
For questions about this opportunity,
please contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
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An Update from the
CALBO Emergency Preparedness Committee
Attention All SAP Evaluators & Coordinators!
The Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) has recently found that the contact information for many Safety Assessment Program Evaluators and Coordinators needs to be updated. Please take the time to update your contact information using the link below.
For questions regarding this announcement,
CALBO's Capitol Corner
2017 is quickly coming to an end, and soon the second year of the 2017-18 Legislative session will begin. The Governor took all final actions on legislation in October and most bills will go into effect January 1, 2018. The CALBO News: Fall 2017 Edition included information on a number of bills CALBO engaged on throughout the past year. This newsletter addresses legislation that impacts building departments and that will go into effect for 2018. CALBO will keep membership abreast of new legislation after the February bill introduction deadline.

Please find below the complete list of CALBO's Legislative Report/Bills of Interest. Please refer to the CALBO Legislative Watch Webpage to review all bills that CALBO is tracking.

CALBO Position: Watch
Status: Effective January 1, 2018
Summary: Prohibits an employer from relying on the salary history information of an applicant for employment as a factor in determining whether to offer an applicant employment or what salary to offer an applicant. Provides that an applicant is not prohibited from voluntarily disclosing salary history information and would not prohibit an employer from considering or relying on that voluntarily disclosed salary history information in determining salary.

CALBO Position: Watch
Status: Effective January 1, 2018
Summary: AB 494 amends the Planning and Zoning Law to provide that an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) may be rented separately from the primary residence. Requires that parking requirements for accessory dwelling units not exceed a certain number. Removes the prohibition on specified off-street parking where that parking is not allowed anywhere else in the jurisdiction.
CALBO Observations: This Bill will create more work for Building Officials in the areas of permitting, plan check, inspection, code enforcement, property addressing, and utility connections.
CALBO Position: Watch
Status: Effective January 1, 2018           
Summary: Relates to the Planning and Zoning Law. Requires certain cities and counties to make all documentation and forms associated with the permitting of advanced energy storage available on a publicly accessible Web site. Provides for the electronic submittal of permit applications. Authorizes the Governor's Office of Planning and Research to provide guidance on energy storage permitting, including streamlining, best practices, and certain factors for consideration by local government.
CALBO Observations: In 2016-17, a similar measure was introduced that called for both the streamlining and the expediting of permits associated with advanced energy storage. CALBO worked with the sponsor of the bill to remove permit expediting from the measure and therefore stayed neutral on the bill in 2017.
CALBO Position: Watch
Status: Effective January 1, 2018           
Summary:   Requires a city, county, or city and county, including a charter city and county, that approves a building permit for the construction of an electrified security fence to notify the local fire department and fire marshal and to provide them with a copy of the approved permit.
CALBO Position:  Watch
Status: Effective July 21, 2017
Summary:   Requires new construction or renovation of a public building that includes at least one restroom that is open to the public, to provide a specified number of safe, sanitary, convenient, and publicly accessible baby diaper changing stations open to both men and women. Requires various facilities, including a theater, sports arena, or library, to install and maintain a specified number of baby diaper changing stations, if the facility is open to the public .
CALBO Position: Watch/Support
Status: Effective January 1, 2018
Summary: AB 1379 Extends the operation of a local business licensing fee and a building permit fee and temporarily increases (from $1 to $4) the amounts of the fees. Requires local governments to retain 90% of the collected fees to be deposited into the local CASp Certification and Training Fund for increased certified access specialist training and certification within the local jurisdiction.
CALBO Observations: Last year, CALBO opposed a similar measure because in addition to increasing funding for training, which CALBO supported, the measure required all building inspectors that inspect for access be CASp certified. CALBO was clear that requiring all inspectors who inspect for access to be CASp certified was not the proper course of action, but that CALBO did indeed support increased funding. The measure returned this year and only addressed the funding, thus CALBO supported the measure upon request of the author.
CALBO Position: Watch
Status: Effective January 1, 2018
Summary: Authorizes cities and counties to waive or reduce all building permit fees for improvements to the home of a veteran with a qualifying disability that are made to accommodate that disability.
CALBO Position: Watch
Status: Effective January 1, 2018
Summary: Increases the safety requirements of certain pools or spas, requiring they be equipped with specified drowning prevention safety features when a building permit is issued. Revises the characteristics of required safety features. Deletes an exemption from the act of political subdivisions that adopt ordinances for swimming pools. Requires home inspections to include certain examinations of pools or spas.
Please direct all questions regarding legislation to Nicole Virga Bautista,
Director of Public Affairs, at  or 916-457-1103.
Is Your Home-Work-Favorite Coffee Shop Safe? The Seismic Resilience Initiative
By: Evan Reis, SE
Executive Director, US Resiliency Council
During this year alone, the world has witnessed record breaking natural disasters that have affected communities throughout the world.

Many interest groups and concerned citizens in California are also concerned with the future of our state if and when an earthquake strikes.

The combined destruction of property from “mega” hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria could exceed $200 billion according to the firm Moody’s Analytics. Astounding as that number is, the most recent California Shake Out study estimates that a major quake along the San Andreas Fault could cause more than $200 billion in physical and economic damage by itself, and result in 1,800 or more deaths.

Click on the link below to read more about The Seismic Resilience Initiative made possible through collaboration between the US Resiliency Council and the Structural Engineers Association of California.
2018 CALBO Education Week: Anaheim
Registration Closing Soon
The CALBO Training Institute (CTI) strives to be your primary source of training by offering topical, current, and relevant educational opportunities throughout the entire Golden State. 

This year, CTI focused on current topics and initiated "NEW" course development. This year, over half of the CTI curriculum is new - providing new practical applications and interpretations, benefiting seasoned staff members as well as building a foundation for newly arrived industry members. 

We hope to see you at the upcoming 2018 CALBO Education Week: Anaheim!
2018 CALBO Education Week: Anaheim
Monday, February 5 - Thursday, February 8, 2018
Registration Deadline: Thursday, February 1, 2018
For questions about the 2017-2018 CTI Education Weeks,
please contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
Thank you Energy Code Ace for
Sponsoring the 2017 CALBO Education Week:
Ontario Lunch and Learn
A special thank you to  Energy Code Ace  for hosting the Lunch and Learn Event at the 2017 CALBO Education Week: Ontario!

As a new training endeavor, Lunch and Learn Events offer companies and organizations within the building community the opportunity to spotlight their knowledge and expertise of an important building-and-safety topic for Education Week attendees to learn about outside the classroom. This special opportunity connects Education Week attendees around a topic that affects the future of our industry.
In Ontario, Lunch and Learn attendees had the opportunity to learn about Energy Code Ace 's online platform and tools to "decode" California’s building and appliance energy efficiency standards, Title 24, Part 6 and Title 20.

Topics of discussion included  Energy Code Ace 's special resources self-study tools, application guidebooks, fact sheets, trigger sheets, checklists (offering step-by-step guidance for plans checks and field inspections), Reference Ace (which helps navigate code documents with helpful links and search functions) and Forms Ace (which aids in determining which compliance forms are applicable to your specific project).

A special thank you to speaker Gary Shushnar for his contributions and knowledge during this special event!
For questions about the CTI Education Weeks Lunch and Learn Program, please contact CALBO at  or 916-457-1103.
Continuing to Foster the Next Generation
at the 2017 CALBO Education Week: Ontario
CALBO President, David Khorram, and Lauren Herman, CALBO Director of Training and Communications, with community college students who served as moderators at the CALBO Education Week: Ontario.
The CALBO Education Week in Ontario once again welcomed community college students from the Building Code and Architectural curriculum at the South Orange County Community College District. This is the second year that students have attended courses as moderators in order to learn more about building and safety and gain practical code knowledge.
Each student moderator assisted in the classroom and received the presentation materials and CEUs for their efforts. To add to their experience, students were able to network with the many exhibitors to learn about career and internship opportunities.
A special thank you to Mr. David Khorram, CALBO President, for organizing the students to serve as course moderators. The CALBO Training Institute looks forward to continuing this initiative for years to come and outreach efforts for other community college students.
2018 CALBO Education Week: Anaheim
Exhibitor Registration Almost Full
The CALBO Training Institute (CTI) hosts its Education Weeks throughout the Golden State to provide continuing education for California building departments. These events bring thousands together under one roof for code updates, professional development, and networking opportunities. Last year, CTI hosted its largest Education Week events on record - more than 6,000 full-day courses attended. 

Dozens of state agencies, organizations, and companies participates in the Education Week Exhibitor Program each year. We invite you to be one of them. 

  • Engage face-to-face with building department leaders and staff. 
  • Recruit new employees from seasoned building departments personnel. 
  • Free advertising in the CALBO News.
  • Showcase your products and services. 
  • Special discounted exhibiting packages for all three Education Weeks. 
For questions about the CTI Education Weeks Exhibitor Program,
please contact Lauren Herman, Director of Training and Communications,
at or 916-457-1103. 
2018 CALBO Education Week: Anaheim
Special Sponsorship Opportunities
CALBO offers opportunities for sponsorship at each Education Week. Opportunities can include: 

  • Wi-Fi - Help attendees track work emails during breaks! 
  • Giveaway Item or Flyer Lunch Table Placement - Help attendees become more familiar with your company with items placed on seats at lunch! 
  • Writing Pen - NEW! - Help attendees take notes throughout the day as they learn about new code changes! 
Thank You 4LEAF, Inc. for Your Sponsorship in Anaheim!
For questions about these opportunities, please contact Lauren Herman, Director of Training and Communications, at or 916-457-1103. 
Thank you to the following companies, agencies & organizations for their participation in the 2017-2018 CALBO Education Weeks Exhibitor Program!
4LEAF, Inc. - Education Week Sponsor!
Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.
California Code Check
CEA Earthquake Brace and Bolt
California Energy Commission
CEL Consulting, Inc.
CSG Consultants, Inc.
Energy Code Ace - Education Week Sponsor!
Fire Rated Product Specialties Corp.
Hoover Treated Wood Products
HR Green, Inc.
International Code Council
Interwest Consulting Group
Institute for Building Technology and Safety
Intuitive Municipal Solutions, LLC.
JAS Pacific
Lubrizol CPVC Piping Systems
MiTek Holding, Inc.
Shums Coda Associates
Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.
Smoke Guard California 
TRB + Associates, Inc.
VCA Code
West Coast Consultants, Inc.
Workforce Instruction for Standards and Efficiency
Want to see your company or organization on this list?
Please contact Lauren Herman, Director of Training and Communications, at or 916-457-1103.
Request a CTI Course Any Time of Year 

As part of our effort to provide service and value to the CALBO Community, CTI offers many courses throughout the Golden State year-round. These courses reflect the needs of surrounding jurisdictions and the relevance of code updating.

There are multiple packages based on the type of course offering that best fits your jurisdiction, chapter, or company. To request a CTI Course, please complete the CTI Request a Course Form.

For more information about these opportunities, along with list of courses offered, please click the button below.
For questions about course requests, please contact Lauren Herman, Director of Training and Communications, at or 916-457-1103.
2017-18 CALBO Membership Program
Don't Forget to Renew Your Membership
The new 2017-2018 California Building Officials membership year is officially here. If you have not renewed, please take the opportunity to renew now!

PLEASE NOTE: Each 2017-2018 CALBO Member was sent a membership renewal notification explaining their membership category and changes. If you did not receive such notification, please contact the CALBO Office.
For questions about the CALBO Membership Program,
please contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
CALBO Online Job Board -
Employment and Internship Opportunities 
The CALBO Online Job Board offers the public and private sector the opportunity to advertise building industry employment and internship opportunities. It's the perfect resource for reaching CALBO members with employment information from your jurisdiction, organization, or company. 

Don't forget current CALBO members receive a discount for every job advertisement submitted to the online Job Board. 

Below are the most recent submissions to the CALBO online Job Board. If you would like more information about these opportunities or to post an employment opportunity, please click here
Plan Review Supervisor, City of Portland, Oregon
Application Deadline: December 11, 2017

Building Inspector II, City of Rancho Cordova
Application Deadline: December 11, 2017

Building Code Specialist, State of Oregon
Application Deadline: December 18, 2017

Building Inspector I, II & Sr., County of Sonoma
Application Deadline: December 18, 2017

Building Inspector I/II, City of Moreno Valley
Application Deadline: December 20, 2017

Building Inspector, City of Hermosa Beach
Application Deadline: December 28, 2017

Senior Code Enforcement Officer, City of Lompoc
Application Deadline: December 29, 2017

Permit Technician 62A, County of Mono
Application Deadline: December 31, 2017

Housing Inspector, City of South Lake Tahoe
Application Deadline: December 31, 2017

Residential Rental Inspector, City of Santa Cruz
Application Deadline: January 4, 2018

Building Inspector/Plans Examiner, City of Morro Bay
Application Deadline: January 4, 2018

Building Inspector I/II, City of Mountain View
Application Deadline: January 4, 2018

Building Inspector, City of Garden Grove
Application Deadline: January 8, 2018

Plan Check Engineer, City of Concord
Application Deadline: January 16, 2018

Senior Building Inspector, City of Santa Cruz
Application Deadline: March 4, 2018

Commercial Pans Examiner, City of Portland, Oregon
Application Deadline: April 1, 2018
For questions about the online CALBO Job Board, please
contact CALBO at or 916-457-1103.
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