Green Industry News & Updates               July | 2022

A Legend Has Retired...

Long time friend, colleague, and former CALCP Board Member, Rick Roehm has officially retired. Rick started working for a small landscape company in Denver right out of high school. The owner also had a small cut flower greenhouse in west Denver that he also worked in, growing real unique crops like freesias and callas and ranunculus. He went to a small tech school for horticulture in Chicago for a year and did an internship in a Florida nursery before coming back to Denver.

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Renewal & Remembrance 2022

For 26 years, Renewal & Remembrance has been a signature association event. Each July, lawn care and landscape professionals from across the country donate their time and expertise to enhance the grounds at Arlington National Cemetery and honor the men and women buried there. This year, CALCP board member, Scott Behnke donated his time to volunteer at this great event. Scott is the owner of lawnCARE Solutions in Littleton, and said he looks forward to representing CALCP in DC this time next year. Thanks, Scott and NALP!

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What makes a bid successful?

BY: Sarah Wong

Head Agronomist | LawnCare Solutions

Bidding for projects is one of the most time consuming and stress inducing tasks we do in this industry. We want to be out in the field, seeing results, moving onto the next project; we don’t want to sit behind a computer and make bids. Nonetheless, bidding is one of the most important tasks we as small business owners must complete, and we’re expected to do it well. The following are a few reminders about writing successful bids and how doing so can add value to your business.  


BY: Andrew Miller

Master Horticulturist | Designs by Sundown

History: The Crimson Spire Oak (Q. robur x Q. alba) is a prized tree in the Colorado Landscape. They are known for being hardy, drought tolerant, can withstand heavy winds, fast growing, mildew resistant, and limited insect pressures. Stem swelling galls were first noticed in Douglas County and images were sent to Colorado State University for identification. Samples were also sent to the USDA/Smithsonian for identification. Gall expert Miles Zhang, a postdoc with USDA, was able to ID the wasp to (Genus: Andricus).

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Tech Training Verification Form

Who is a technician? A technician is a person whose job involves the use of pesticides, but who is not a certified operator or qualified supervisor.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is very specific about the hours of training required for certain classes of pesticide application technicians. The CDA defines 3 classes of technician, with further subdivisions.

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Are you interested in seeing what other members are charging for the same services you offer? Staying competitive in a market can be tough, now more than ever. Pricing too low often affects the entire industry over time, creating new expectations for prospective clients. This survey would be anonymous, but allow us to graph averages in our state. 

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CALCP is pleased to support Voices for Healthy Green Spaces. You work daily for the greater good - to care for our community's green spaces. Your voice should be heard by policymakers who make decisions that impact our work.

Evergreen Landscapes, LLC

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Business For Sale

Turn-key business for sale in rural northeast Colorado. All equipment, building, and supplies to sell. P&L and equipment lists available upon request. Current operations include landscape design and installation, special project construction, sprinkler repair and installation, sod, and hydroseeding. Currently not mowing or spraying, but the customer base and opportunity is there for expansion into those services again. Definite opportunity to expand to nearby areas. If interested, please call 970-630-5890.

CALCP Vision Statement

Our vision is to unite Colorado's green industry to make our state a better and safer place to live; a state where every tree and lawn care professional is properly trained, licensed and certified.

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