California Desalination News Update 

CalDesal is pleased to send along some links to some news items over the past few weeks that refer to desalination in California and the Federal government's desalination innovation announcement and industry news.
Federal News:
DOE Desalination Innovation HUB is moving forward
There is a coalition of national lab's, water research foundation, water agencies, and industry companies that have joined with California based Livermore labs to apply for this 5-year, $100 million innovation grant. Here is information on DRINC (Desalination Research Innovation Consortium), the levels of support (Affiliate - like CalDesal and Member - Like an agency willing to have an innovation at their sight and provide some match money) - see the sample letter. CalDesal has submitted an affiliate letter to the DRINC effort. If you or your agency or company is interested contact Aaron Fluitt from the Argonne National Lab at: .
(* See below the flyer on DRINC *)

We are also happy about other National labs like Sandia that are looking to pursue this funding for desalination innovation.  Innovation in desalination is positive for our industry and all good ideas will be helpful.  If you are interested in Sandia's effort contact them or visit this link for their innovation publications:

DOE Through EERE has released a Solar Desalination FOA (DE-FOA-0001778)
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) seeks to fund applied scientific research that develops novel technologies or concepts using solar thermal energy to assist in the desalination process, which will reduce the levelized cost of water (LCOW) through reducing the levelized cost of heat (LCOH), increasing the energy efficiency for thermal desalination processes, and reducing the overall capital and integration costs for solar thermal desalination. Applications for thermal desalination include municipality water production, agriculture, industrial processes, and produced waters from the oil and gas industry. For more:
The Executive Branch has released the "Coordinated Strategic Plan to Advance Desalination for Enhanced Water Security"
The Federal Government released their response to the WIIN act and Desalination Act of 1996 re-authorization as the "Coordinated Strategic Plan to Advance Desalination for Enhanced Water Security".  It's a good report and something that can use to advance water security through water portfolio planning including desalination.  For the report and more information here is the link:

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