Please read the message below from GCSAA and take action!

We are down to the wire in Albany on a bill, S 1856A, that will ban the use of neonic-based insecticides for all turf applications in New York, but Governor Hochul has not yet taken action on it, and we need you to set the record straight.


Hochul is considering a veto, but she needs the truth and facts on her side to do so. Proponents of the bill have spread lies and misinformation about neonic products for years which finally helped them pass a bill through the legislature this year. Hochul is under immense pressure to sign that bill, but we are told she is still undecided on it and concerned about negative impacts the bill would have on golf courses, ag producers, and others. Now is the time to give her the support she needs to veto this bill!


If imidacloprid, or other neonic-based products are important to you, do not wait. Call her office at (518) 474-8390, or email her office today and tell her and her staff about what these products mean to you, why alternatives are insufficient, why resistance to a single product creates real pest management concerns, and other messages you feel are important for her office to hear.


Go to GCSAA’s Take Action page to send her an email. You can send the one that is pre-written, or better, personalize it and write one of your own.

Letters were submitted by New York chapters earlier this year which include some great messaging and talking points you can use. This one focuses on economic impacts, while this one focuses on environmental impacts.


Thank you for your advocacy.


Michael Lee | Sr. Manager, Government Affairs

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

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