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Legislative Update - CALL TO ACTION!

More Info on RHS - Support Rural Definition Amendment for USDA Programs - Please read carefully and ACT NOW!!!
On July 31, 2012 Congress passed a 6-month Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government through March 31, 2013, avoiding a messy fight over the FY13 Appropriatios bills.  At this time, the Continuing Resolution (CR) is our best opportunity to enact a solution to USDA's "rural" definition issue before the October 1, 2012 deadline for RHS.
PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TODAY AND EVERY DAY and ask them to sign on to Rep. Fortenberry's letter to Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers, urging the Committee to address the "rural" definition issue in the Continuing Resolution (CR).
The CR is our best opportunity to address these issues before the October 1st deadline.  If the House does not enact a solution to the "rural" definition issue, USDA will move forward with the below changes on October 1st.  The Senate already has a provision in their appropriations bill.  Now, we need the House to act. When you call or email your Representative make sure they know that without this CR, the October 1st changes will serve a massive blow to affordable housing in rural communities.
Please, don't think that someone else will make the calls or send the emails.  It is up to YOU! Also contact all the Realtors and Builders that you know because it affects them too!  Ask them to call their Representatives as well. 

Here are the cities in Kentucky that will no longer be eligible for RHS mortgage loans:

Bardstown, city 

Burlington, city

Elizabethtown, city

Gerogetown, city

Independence, city

Nicholasville, city

Shelbyville, city

Shepherdsville, city



Representative Hal Rogers is the Chairman of the Agriculture Appropriations Committee.  The Farm Bill is currently in the House of Representatives Agriculture Appropriations Committee for review.  Hal Rogers is in favor of the changes we are requesting.  Even if he is not your Representative contact him anyway so that he can provide more fuel to the committee as to the importance of this bill - he's on our side. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT HAL ROGERS.


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