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Hello Jeff,

APA commissioned a survey from a highly respected professional with your dues dollars. This survey is intended to gauge membership interest in a merger with the world’s largest pilots’ union, the Air Line Pilots’ Association, International (ALPA).

This survey was created due to the large amount of vocal membership support, as mentioned by multiple BOD members at their July 19 meeting discussing the APA-ALPA Merger Committee Resolution. This survey was supposed to be available today, August 22.

The ALPA survey is not available to AA’s pilots.


ALPA President Captain Joe DePete was scheduled to address the APA BOD at their last meeting. That invitation was rescinded because too many of your elected representatives were not present. Seven DDRs were sent to this important BOD meeting instead.


Captain DePete’s address to AA's pilot group has not been rescheduled.


If you want a choice in your representation, or if you want to see what benefits a merger between APA and ALPA could bring, you need to make your voice heard.


We are asking for you to send a Sound Off! Address any of the following:

  1. When will the ALPA merger survey be made available to AA's pilots?
  2. When will Captain DePete be rescheduled to address AA's pilots?

The success of this effort is up to you. Use your voice TODAY.

In unity,

The AA Pilots for ALPA Organizing Committee

AA Pilots for ALPA

The Pilots' Choice


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