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Join BEDA and ANAD 

to inform the Disney Corporation

that it is NOT okay to promote 

weight stigmatization

through its harmful "Habit Heros"campaign


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All photos included are directly from the Disney "Habit Heros" Campaign


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Disney Launches New On-line Program and EPCOT Exhibit Stigmatizing Children & Adults-of-Size
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This morning BEDA was made aware of a disturbing exhibit at Disney EPCOT and its on-line program (Habit Heros) that frankly, is horrifying. The program was developed with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. More information is provided in the full article, including a reference to the program's superheros "Will Power" and "Callie Stenics," from the Orlando Sentinel.
Disney is capitalizing on the "War on Obesity" to shame kids and then offer them every type of fast-food available in their parks. We do not believe food should be demonized, and if the program is going to show brocolli (good guys) shooting hotdogs (bad guys), perhaps some brocolli should be offered along with millions of hotdogs sold in the parks yearly. See the fast-food company affiliations of many of Disney's board-of-directors.

Read comments from a blog written by a family doctor specializing in weight management. Its difficult to fathom any professional who has dealt with individuals who are trying to make sense of their issues around weight and/or an eating disorder to see the benefit in this type of programming. This physician obviously sees the harm in weight stigma.
Read an article about a study on weightism showing it as more wide-spread than racism.
What Can You Do?
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Let you voice be heard! Make phone calls, write letters, begin an on-line petition, or contribute your picture to I Stand Against Weight Bullying. See Disney contact information below.


We are providing links, phone numbers, and addresses for your convenience. Please also read Disney's Harrassment & Discrimination Policies below:


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 The following is directly from Disney's Harrassment & Discrimination Policies


The Walt Disney Company's policy prohibits employees from harassing any other employee, guest or other person in the course of the company's business for any reason prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, covered veteran status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by state or federal law.



Contact Information for Disney

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  • Blog, blog, blog
  • Post this call to action on Facebook and Twitter
  • Reach out to professional organizations and others to ask them to join with us
  • Reach out to reporters and news organizations you may have contacts within
  • Call Epcot Center: 407-824-2222 and register a complaint about Innovations at Epcot and specifically the Habit Heros Exhibit
  • Call Disney Corporate Headquarters: 407-354-2754
  • Write Disney Corporate Headquarters:
    • Attention: Kristin Nolt Wingard
    • Senior VP of Public Affair
    • 1375 Buena Vista Drive
      Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830
  • Email Disney's Communications Dept: TWDC.Corp.Communications@disney.com


Let Disney know in your communications that you are concerned about the stereotypes and weight stigmatization that this exhibit and online game promotes. Explain how it might make you feel to see this blatant discrimination that would never be tolerated around age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.


This is an opportunity to be heard! 


BEDA is the national organization focused on increasing prevention, diagnosis and treatment of BED and associated weight stigma. Through outreach, education and resources, BEDA is committed to facilitating awareness, excellence in care, and recovery for those who live with and those who treat binge eating disorder and its associated conditions.


Our Values

BEDA provides a community dedicated to helping those with BED and associated weight stigma through the following:

  1. Understanding and Hope
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  3. Clinically accepted practices
  4. Resources for individuals and families
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  6. Advocacy
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  10. Transparency, integrity and honesty

Our Vision

To create a community where individuals, families, and treatment providers have access to resources to help them, their loved ones, or their clients overcome BED and live healthy, productive lives free from an eating disorder and weight stigma.