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Advocacy Campaign #2-2017, April 12  2017
Oppose Charter School Funding!

TAKE ACTION ALERT: Senate Bill 376  
Today, April 12, SB 376 (Charter School Funding) will be heard on the Senate floor, with a final vote likely to take place on Thursday. This bill would require school districts to share locally-raised capital outlay tax revenues with charter schools, and would thus decrease the funding traditional public schools rely upon for school construction and repair, as well as large purchases such as school buses.
Florida PTA's position statement on charter school speaks directly to this issue: "Charter schools must not deplete funding from existing public schools." Accordingly, we oppose SB 376 as currently written. We believe that the capital needs of charter schools should be fully met through other revenue sources within the state budget.
Let us join together and act today! Let our voices ring out from Key West to Jacksonville, and from Pensacola to Okeechobee! Please send a direct message asking your Senator to stand with PTA in opposing SB 376.
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  Thank you for advocating for our students!

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