May 26, 2020

We are alerting our members that SB 310, legislation passed three weeks ago unanimously by the Ohio Senate to deliver critical federal funding to Ohio's local governments through the CARES Act, is up for a third hearing tomorrow in the House Finance committee. The legislation is not listed to be voted upon while there remains no known opposition to the bill.
Municipal leaders are urged to contact their members of the Ohio House and tell them to pass SB 310 immediately to ensure cities and villages receive the federal relief they need.
Because of time stipulations included in the legislation, these federal dollars can only be accessed by local governments until October of this year, making it urgent that the Ohio General Assembly pass this legislation quickly. States must return unused funds dedicated to state and local governments to the U.S. Treasury by the end of the year but the state of Ohio is already utilizing the distribution they have been allotted while Ohio cities and villages wait for the legislature to pass SB 310 so the aid can be put to use and help recoup critical expenses related to the pandemic.
Our members are encouraged to contact their members in the Ohio House and urge them to quickly pass SB 310 so critical federal aid can be distributed to Ohio cities and villages.
We encourage any of our members who would like to testify either in-person or by submitting written testimony to do so. Testimony should be submitted by the close of business today to If you have any questions regarding testimony, contact the League's Director of Communications Ashley Ringle at
If you cannot testify, alerting members of the Ohio House with a phone call of the importance of the legislation and the critical need to pass the bill now is paramount and we appreciate all of our member's efforts.