CALL UPDATE // December 2017
CALL Co-Chairman Charles McKinney begins our November CALL WALK along the proposed route for TIbbetts Brook in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx

As December draws to a close in a burst of year-end festivities, CALL is looking forward to an exciting 2018. From running artist-lead emergency preparedness workshops in Harlem to helping communities in the Bronx envision the possibilities of daylighting Tibbett’s Brook, our 2018 programming will stretch from New York City to Milwaukee and engage hundreds of individuals in imagining creative solutions to the most pressing issues of sustainability our cities face.
We look forward to partnering with you to make sustainability tangible through the arts this year!
Happy New Year,

Mary & Olivia
End of Year Appeal: Can you help us reach our goal?
CALL is half way to its $30,000 goal by mid-January. Help us raise the final $15,000 to move forward with our ambitious programming schedule for 2018 year. We count on supporters like to you to sustain us and resource our innovative programs in largely lower-income communities.
Join the Conversation! Become a CALL FELLOW
The CALL Fellows are made up of artists, scientists, designers, planners, environmental advocates and passionate supporters. The Fellows program provides and unique avenue to delve more deeply into the issues that CALL's work addresses. At our Fellows Forums and other programs, leading experts explore topics related to CALLs current project, with opportunities for discussion and networking.

Our next Fellows Forum is coming up on January 16th at Broadway Housing Communities in West Harlem. Hear from WeAct for Environmental Justice CEO Peggy Shephard, Executive Director, New York City Public Design Commission and CALL trustee Justin Garrett Moore, Architect Elliott Maltby and WeAct community organizer Louis Bailey on design and emergency preparedness in the inner city.

CALL WALK, Tibbetts Brook
In November, CALL hosted a walk along the proposed route for daylighting Tibbetts Brook. We heard from SLO Architecture, Charles McKinney, and Eric Sanderson on the potential daylighting the brook will have for the Bronx. If realized, this project can be transformative for New York City.

We'll be organizing more walks as well as some really interesting Tibbetts Brook workshops and programs throughout the spring and summer, including exciting new projects by SLO and artist and environmental activist Bob Braine.

Stay tuned to take part!
A winning year for Milwaukee...

CALL Founder and Artistic Director Mary Miss was recognized by the Urban Land Institute in November for her contributions to revitalizing Milwaukee's riverfront.

Although this project is complete, Mary Miss and CALL continue to be deeply engaged in building connections between the citizens of Milwaukee and the water systems that sustain the city through the WaterMarks project, which is building momentum this year.
2017-2018 Global Awards for Exellence Winner

Milwaukee RiverWalk wins Urban Land Institute's 2017-2018 Global Award for Excellence. Excellence Winner. The RiverWalk and its associated river cleanup were catalytic, advancing significant private sector investment in Milwaukee’s downtown.

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WaterMarks, creating a live atlas of Milwaukee's water ...

Milwaukee has a complex relationship with water. Along with its location on the shore of Lake Michigan, three major rivers flow through the city. Historically, the city has relied upon these water sources to drive industry, including leather...

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