CAMA Newsletter Issue 8 | April 2022
How to Stay Ahead of the Shifting
Retail Landscape

Over the past few years, retailers have had to adapt to dramatic changes in consumer behavior. Without regular, person-to-person interaction, customer engagement took on a whole new importance, and now, on the other side of the pandemic, the line between unattended retail and traditional retail is blurring. Cantaloupe, Inc. CEO Sean Feeney predicts some of the trends that will be part of the next-generation retail experience.

The emergence of alternative payment types

Just as consumers switched from paying with cash to paying with card, so too will they move away from cards. The expanding use of mobile wallets, person-to-person payment apps, and even cryptocurrency are driving retailers to offer more mobile payment options.

The growth of micro markets

The notion that a customer can shop, scan, and pay without speaking to a single human being is fast becoming the norm. Expect to see more kiosks and touchscreen point-of-sale systems that prioritize a frictionless customer experience.

The application of artificial intelligence

Retailers are looking for technology and service solutions that can pace with customer expectations for autonomous experiences. Artificial intelligence-driven merchandising and consumer engagement tools will help businesses ensure they have exactly what the customer wants when they want it.

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