Let The Brokerhouse Group of Companies Do What They Do Best

Managing a business through these unprecedented times has certainly brought unique challenges and changes to the “Away from Home” landscape.
Thankfully, our agility along with 40 years of experience serving the channel have allowed our 3 business units (Vending Products of Canada, Brokerhouse Distributors Inc. and Les Distribution Andre Labbee) to strategically navigate a sustained and responsible path over the past in order to best assist our supply chain partners and customer base.

As we see the economy rebound and the demand for our innovative equipment and related consumable products return, rest assured we’ve got your back. We at the “Brokerhouse Group” of companies have been diligently working at maintaining our national distribution business models to secure fulfilment, innovative solutions, and ongoing support to the industry.

Whether your current or future procurement requirements are in Foodservice, OCS, Vending, Micro Markets, E-Com, specialty supply, or even Grocery, we offer the top brands, experience, knowledge, and resources to help your business in sourcing the right equipment solutions, wholesale product choices and/or operational support to meet today’s new world demand.

Getting back on track will require businesses to rethink their operating plans, strategies, and administrative procedures in order to survive. Considering the “Away From Home” channel has been one of the hardest hit sectors due to all the stay home orders mandated by our governments. Nevertheless, the Canadian market is beginning to see some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. As the economy slowly re-opens under a new post-Covid economic climate, businesses will have to re-think their value propositions, manage their supply chain partnerships more effectively, and re-engage with their customer base for operational growth.

That said, our equipment divisions, Brokerhouse Distributors Inc. along with Andre Labbee Distribution Inc. have and will continue to maintain significant inventory levels in order to support the industry’s demand for leading manufactures of new, used, and refurbished equipment across all segments, as well as providing backup for parts, service, and support in the channel.

Additionally, through our product division, Vending Products of Canada, we are and have always been open for business at all our 5 cash & carry facilities throughout Canada. We maintain the appropriate inventory levels for the industry’s leading brands and our customers can rely on us to bring consistent supply into the channel.

Learning how to adapt to the new economic realities of today’s world have forced us and other businesses to make the necessary changes to sustain themselves. Adopting a more reactive return-to-market strategy has allowed us to stay nimble, be interactive, and responsive to the current supply & demands facing us all.

Let The Brokerhouse Group of companies do what they do best. Keep you fulfilled! We strive to be your One-Stop source and procurement partner for all your equipment and consumable product requirements. 

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