Provide convenience anywhere with the most versatile table-top point of sale system in the industry.
Now available in Canada! 

365 PicoMarket provides customers frictionless checkout and grab-and-go snacking with one small countertop system. This self-service technology has been very successful in the United States, and we are excited to make it available to our customers in Canada.
Key benefits include:
  • Unlimited revenue opportunities with mobile and contactless credit card reader 
  • Quick and easy installation with 24/7 support 
  • Endless product options- snack rack, coolers, freezers, pantry, etc.
  • Lower start-up costs than traditional vending 
The PicoMarket caters to any size or type of location. With PicoMarket you can improve your office coffee service or streamline the checkout experience to avoid peak-time bottlenecks. This platform was built to be flexible enough to fit you and your consumer’s needs.
Provide employees with safe, reliable meal options and offers legitimate meal options for second and third shifts.
Ease the minds of students and staff by offering a quick and secure way to purchase food and beverages with their mobile phones.
Add near the entrance of your restaurant or “to-go” area for last-minute grab-and-go impulse items like beverages and desserts. 
Enhance airport foodservice for travelers and employees with a self-service way to purchase healthy meals while on-the-go.
The 365 PicoMarket is a great entry point into unattended retail. This standalone countertop kiosk provides an enhanced user experience, frictionless checkout, and convenience to any location.
Get the PicoMarket today! Please contact us to learn more.

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