ISSUE 1 * VOL. 1 | APRIL 2020
Welcome From Trudy Boulter, Camp Director
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Camp Connection, Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camps Program’s newsletter. We’re so excited to launch this newsletter in order to share with you our events, to bring you our stories of impact, let you know how to get involved, and give you ways to help ensure that together we’re making a difference for pediatric burn survivors. With the launch of this newsletter, we know we’ve left some people off the list, so please pass it along to your family and friends so we may include them in the future. We can't do what we do without your support!

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” - Amelia Earhart

The above quote is what camp is and has always been. The roots are deep and diverse, and we know they will weather us well through this season. As our world continues to learn together how to navigate this uncharted territory, we carry the knowledge that our roots run deep, and our creativity is boundless. We will get through this together.

In 1983, Marion Doctor bravely began the first residential camp for burn survivors. She had limited experience in camping, but Marion was emboldened by her passion and knowledge of the importance of what she was going to provide. I am quite sure that she had a bit of trepidation as she created the program that now serves over 140 campers and families each summer. 

Thank goodness for years of experience, a rich network of professionals to advise us and a community that supports and believes in us to provide an enriched community for children and their families that have sustained a burn injury. With these strong roots we can continue to flourish and spread kindness regardless of the limitations which exist. Steeped in experience and tradition we are working to create experiences for our campers and families providing support, challenge, fun and community. 

As a program we are committed to our mission to improve the lives of burn-injured children with enriched curriculum and physical and social challenges in a safe environment with other burn survivors. We encourage learning and the practice of life skills that help our campers face their fears, meet new people and identify their own personal strengths.

These are indeed unprecedented times. I am so grateful for the depths of our roots and knowledge that we can provide a safe environment to continue our mission. Thank you in advance to our creative incredible staff and supportive community. We will continue to grow and flourish.


Trudy Boulter
Camp Director
COVID-19 Update
As a camp program of Children’s Hospital Colorado, and because camp happens in a close community, our program has always taken great care to develop and maintain medical practices to address a variety of communicable diseases, both common and rare. The safety and well-being of our campers, their families, our volunteers, and our staff is at the utmost importance to us. We are taking all possible and appropriate measures to ensure everyone has a safe experience at all our camp programs. We continue to listen to recommendations from CDC, the State of Colorado, American Camps Association, and Children’s Hospital Colorado. We understand the concern surrounding possible impacts of our programs and paying close attention to local guidance. Our dedicated team of professional staff are committed to campers and rest assured that we will provide the best opportunities available to us during these unprecedented times. We will be in touch with campers, families, and Referring Hospitals, on or around May 8, 2020 with additional guidance on applications, camps, and updates.

For additional information and resources, Children's Colorado has gathered information from local and national health authorities to stay up-to-date on the coronavirus pandemic.

BCER A-Basin Hose Relay Raises $16,500!
The 14th annual Fire Hose Relay Race was held on Friday, February 21, 2020 at Arapahoe Basin. Hosted by BCER, fire departments from across Colorado team up to participate in a unique slalom-style event. Teams of five race down a 15-gate slalom course while holding on to 50 feet of fire hose. And you can't miss them - all participants must dress in bunker gear - jacket and fire helmet! This year’s event raised $16,500 for the Burn Camps Program. We were fortunate to have Burn Ambassador Elizabeth, and her mom Julie, on hand to tell firsthand of their journeys and the positive impact camp has had on Elizabeth. We’re incredibly thankful to BCER for once again hosting the event and to all the sponsors and participants.
2020 and 2021 Burn Ambassadors
During the next two years, these Burn Ambassadors and their families will share their stories, represent Children’s Colorado at events and help to fundraise for the Burn Camps Program. All Ambassadors have created a personal page to raise money for an area of the hospital that is meaningful to them. They personify perseverance, and we couldn’t be prouder to have them representing Children’s Colorado and the Burn Camps Program.


Grace was on vacation in the mountains, when she was involved in a four-wheeler accident. The vehicle flipped and landed on Grace, dragging her across the dirt road.

Grace’s left leg was broken, and she suffered 3rd degree burns in the accident. She was transferred to Children’s Hospital Colorado, which has the only comprehensive pediatric burn and trauma program in the region.

Grace was in and out of Children’s Colorado for more than a month, undergoing multiple surgeries to treat her wounds. When she was finally discharged, she had to keep her entire leg wrapped in a wound vac. Her accident left her immobile for weeks, but after several skin graft surgeries and physical therapy, Grace has made a full recovery. She is now back to her passions of skiing and dancing competitively.

Last year, Grace attended Burn Camp, a Children’s Colorado program that allows burn survivors to spend a week in the mountains with counselors and kids who have been through a similar journey. Because of generous community support, families are never asked to pay for Burn Camp.

As a Patient Ambassador, Grace is raising money to help other kids go to Burn Camp, so they can experience both emotional and physical healing on their journey to recovery.


Last summer, Elizabeth was vacationing with a friend in Florida when a grease fire started in the kitchen. Elizabeth suffered severe burns on her arms and legs. Her family got on the first flight from Denver to be by her side. Once Elizabeth and her family returned home, they went straight to Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Burn Clinic.

Burn accidents cause both physical and emotional trauma. Elizabeth says that the burn team at Children’s Colorado provided her with exceptional care that helped her heal both inside and out. From loving hugs to in-depth explanations of what was going to happen, Elizabeth credits her caregivers for being there every step of the way – and for cheering her on to live as normal a life as possible following her accident.

Elizabeth hopes her story and resiliency can help other kids who have survived burn accidents. As a Patient Ambassador, she has a goal of raising $5,000 to send three kids to a week-long Burn Camp program.

Because of generous community support, families are never asked to pay for their child to attend Burn Camp. Your donation will help other survivors access the support and healing that Elizabeth experienced at Burn Camp.