CAN's 2021 Summer Camp Review: A+
CAN's 2021 summer camp curriculum, Strive to Thrive, was created, written, and executed by CAN's wonderful staff and AmeriCorps Summer Associates. This summer's theme is focused on wellness- personal, physical, mental, emotional, unwellness, social, and community wellness. Students explored all of these topic areas through books, hands-on activities, and reflection. This curriculum will continue into the school year where we can focus on each topic in more depth. On top of the themed curriculum, CAN students also worked out their academic muscles by spending each morning studying English, civics, math, and science. Below you can read about some of our highlights. We want to thank all of our amazing donors, partners, and volunteers for helping us run another wonderful summer camp!
Summer Highlights
CAN Art & Design Highlights:

While there were many highlights from this summer we wanted to share a few of the kid's favorite projects and books:

DIY sleep masks- to help remind and encourage students to get a good night's sleep for a healthy tomorrow.

Self-care scrapbooks and kits- serve as a collective reminder to take care of ourselves and spend time on personal wellness.

Yard sign campaigns for the community- to promote a wellness topic of each student's choice in their community.

Favorite summer book-
Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival
Left: CAN staff reading a book to campers
Above: CAN camper making a yard sign for their community, and a student wearing their DIY sleep mask
Summer Camp Staff Highlights:

"I loved building relationships with the campers!"
"I felt more connected to my community after summer camp."
"I learned so much from the children."
"I learned which mindfulness techniques worked for me."
Above: AmeriCorps Summer Associate facilitating a lesson
Academic Highlights:

CAN summer camps are equally as focused on academics as they are on community engagement and social-emotional learning. Each week students engaged with topics such as English language arts, civics, math, and science. Camp participants spent upwards of half an hour every morning reading and working towards their summer reading goals. We are so proud of their non-stop commitment to their educational success!

Each year, summer camp staff spend the last week of their AmeriCorps summer term writing letters to the upcoming teachers for each camper explaining in depth the work that the student accomplished and the areas in which they have improved over the summer. It allows teachers and students to start the year off on a good foot and gives the teachers insight into the many ways CAN is willing to partner with them.
Right: Book fair held by "Our Community Reads", a camper working on a lesson, and students reading together
Supporting CAN Summer Camps
We truly could not host these summer camps without the support and partnership of our amazing community! If you would like to support CAN's education programs which serve over 150 students and their families please consider a donation today. Each student who participates in our educational programs, summer camp included, is also benefitting from our housing stabilization and community building programs.
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