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The GAFCON Jerusalem 2018 Conference declared a passionate call to go to the ends of the earth to proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations.  Representing the majority of the world's Anglicans, almost two thousand delegates from 50  countries, equally represented by clergy and laity, gathered in the Holy Land for worship, prayer, Bible study, teaching, and fellowship.  The conference's impact was amplified as over 730,000 people from 64 different countries engaged with the conference online.
Letter to the Church - Gafcon
Assembly 2018

Images of GAFCON 2018
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Bishop David Bena reflects on GAFCON 2018


CANA East was represented at Gafcon
Bishop Julian and Brenda Dobbs, Bishop David and Mrs. Mary Ellen Bena, The Ven. Carl and Mrs. Janet Eyberg, Mr. Raymond Dague, The Rev's Matt and Anne Kennedy, The Rev. Keith Paulus, The Rev. Jim Salladin, The Rev. Marc Steele


The Rev. Marc Steele reports on GAFCON 2018

Gafcon has a new Chair, Foley Beach,  and General Secretery, Ben Kwashi
Gafcon has a new Chair, Foley Beach, and General Secretary, Ben Kwashi

The Rev. Jim Salladin on GAFCON 2018