INDIANA PTA GOOD NEWS - March 17, 2020

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It is with the deepest regret that Indiana PTA, in accordance with Article XVII, Section A of the Indiana PTA Bylaws, will be canceling our annual Leadership Conference and Convention scheduled for April 18, 2020.  This unfortunately includes the cancellation of our Reflections and Awards Banquet.  Given the latest developments of the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak, and the significant and widespread cancellations of schools by many school districts across the state, we know we must be mindful of the potential risks to our members and guests.

Please heed the recommendations of your school districts and public health officials in determining your unit's activities in the near future. 

Our office will be answering phones on a limited basis throughout the next few weeks. If you find you need further assistance, please notify your INPTA field service representative. We will be happy to provide support via email or phone if you need assistance, but will refrain from in person visits at this time. 

Stay healthy and hold those you love just a little closer during these most uncertain times. 

Financial Concerns Regarding Cancellation:

The convention cancellation will result in a full refund of all money paid to Indiana PTA by units. Refunds will be sent to the contact person listed on the convention registration form. 

Exhibitors, that have paid fees, will be contacted and asked if they would like a refund or if they would like their fee to be applied to the October Convention/Annual Meeting. 

All rooms at the Baymont Inn have been cancelled and a block of rooms have been reserved for  October 23 and 24 for the October Convention/Annual Meeting. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Julie French, at 317-357-5881.

Convention Business:

All non-election related Convention Business (bylaws, legislative program, etc.) already voted on by the Board of Managers shall be bumped to the 2020-2021 Convention which is currently scheduled to be held on October 24, 2020 at Raymond Park Intermediate and Middle School.  Information on submitting Resolutions and Legislative Program amendments as "Emergency Business" will be made available by May 1, 2020. A good estimate is that these would be due on or around August 1. Possible bylaws amendments will not be considered as the current language in Article XII, Section A, 1 of the Indiana PTA bylaws does not allow for their consideration.  The proposed new Indiana PTA bylaws passed by the Board of Managers in January will now be voted on in October.

Election of Officers:

Convention Elections shall be carried out using the process prescribed in Article XVII, Section B of the Indiana PTA bylaws.  

The Board of Managers has adopted the following procedure - 

Ballots shall be printed and sent out no earlier than March 20 and no later than April 1 to  all PTA\PTSA\Councils. 

Ballots shall be alloted in the following way:
  • Each local PTA/PTSA shall be entitled to votes per the following membership criteria: 20-49 one (1) vote, 50-149 two (2) votes, 150-249 three (3) votes, 250 and above four (4) votes as shown on the records in the state office as of March 15.  In no case shall the total number of voting delegates from each PTA/PTSA exceed four (4).
  • Each council shall be entitled to two (2) votes
As many schools are closed, ballots will be sent to the home address of the PTA/PTSA/ Council President.  Should Indiana PTA not have a current officers' list, the ballot  will be sent to the Principal's address (if it is not the school's address and the  Principal is currently still the Principal as reflected on the school website.) Should  the address not exist, ballots will be sent to the most recent President's address 
that the Indiana PTA has on file. Please email any  changes in address or new officer's lists ASAP.

Ballots must be in the possession of Indiana PTA by April 18.  
In all cases a plurality shall constitute an election.
Please note, currently there are no candidates running opposed.



National PTA's annual Legislative Conference was held last week. Indiana PTA's delegation included INPTA President Julie Klingenberger, President-Elect Rachel Burke, VP of Advocacy Carissa Dollar, Executive Director Julie French, student PTSA member Christopher Burke and Evansville Area Council President Leah Wayman.

While we did spend time touching on our originally planned advocacy priorities, we also talked with our legislators about how they could best enact emergency legislation to assist Hoosier schools and families during the current crisis.

Our delegation spoke with legislators about making sure that all students would have access to healthy meals if their schools closed. The language in Division B, Title 1 and Title 2 of the Families First Cornoavirus Response Act (see below) are a direct result of advocacy by PTA leaders from across the country who visited Capitol Hill last week.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act has been passed by the House and is still being considered in the Senate.
We urge all Hoosiers to contact Senator Todd Young and Senator Mike Braun    ASAP and ask them to vote yes.

ABC News: 
Coronavirus-relief bill aims to expand free school lunch program

DIVISION B - Nutrition Waivers
Prepared by the Democratic staff of the House Agriculture Committee 
Title I - Maintaining Essential Access to Lunch for Students Act

Section 102. Waiver Exception for School Closures Due to COVID-19. Provides the Secretary of Agriculture the authority to issue nationwide school meal waivers during the COVID-19 emergency, which will eliminate paperwork for states and help more schools quickly adopt and utilize flexibilities.

Title II - COVID-19 Child Nutrition Response Act 

Section 202. National School Lunch Program Requirement Waivers Addressing COVID19. Allows all child and adult care centers to operate as non-congregate (i.e. they can serve outside the school or in individual settings) and waive all meal pattern requirements if there is a disruption to the food supply as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.


We are sad to share with you the news that Indiana PTA must cancel the Reflections awards ceremony that was scheduled as the culminating event of our 2020 Convention and Leadership Training.  In this rapidly evolving health onset of the COVID-19 in our communities, we must follow medical guidance to safeguard public health. Therefore, all medals will be mailed to the unit presidents for distribution. 

Congratulations to all the students who participated! We look forward to sharing the student artwork with you all via our website and social media.  We hope you'll be watching for your school's entries! Encourage your children to keep creating during the extended break. Our social media accounts will be sharing ideas for crafts, activities and online learning for those experiencing school closures.