Man, I've heard most of your set [with zBug ], it was fuckin' brilliant! What you do on your bass [ NS Design CR6-string electric cello ] is amazing, ok it's amazing, REALLY amazing! Ah, so impressed... what your first song reminded me of was... [ Airto Moreira's Nativity featuring Jaco Pastorius ] of the greatest things I've ever heard in my life.
- Paul L. Wexler - producer, recording, mastering (Warner Bros. Records, Island Records, etc.)
Artist | Sonic Architect, Composer, Improviser | Endorsing Artist
LISTEN LIVE (4-6PM/16-18h – Pacific Time)

David Leikam is a San Francisco-based composer-performer and bandleader. Being born with cerebral palsy has affected his body and speech, giving him a distinct view into his creative arts/music process and being largely a self-taught multi-instrumentalist.

Sound Wheels – A weekly radio expedition, performing musical sculpting live in studio. Every show is handcrafted before your very ears to absorb your day and show it to you inverted, upside down and from the inside out. Look to guests and your show host for curated music selections and live performance.

SAT, APR 11: CANCELLED - Paul Wexler’s Wexwax | The Monkey House, Berkeley, California

After a great run of gigs in NYC ("We had a blast!" - Talking Head, Chris Frantz), Wexwax is raring to play the Bay Area again in 2020 at The Monkey House . We are going to turn it out and rock the house!

Wexwax is a musical collective centered around Paul Wexler , an artist who spent his life on the other side of the glass. While employed by Warner Brothers, Island & later Atlantic, Paul produced and helped such artists as the Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, The B52s, The GoGos, The Mutants, The Weirdos, Tin Huey, James Brown and The Fleshtones record their music.