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Delaware County Library Drag 101 Event CANCELLED
On May 19th, Ohio Value Voters was alerted by Melissa Ackison, who is a candidate for the Ohio Senate and member of the Protect Ohio Children Coalition, that Drag 101 was being held on June 5th at the Delaware County Library.
The library-sponsored event was advertised as part of the "summer reading program" targeting children 12-17 and for teens only. The library explained that the funds used for this event came from the "Friends of the Library Fund" as well as the "Children's Summer Reading Program Fund." 
This situation has awakened a sleeping giant in Ohio and has brought a tremendous amount of attention to the activities of public libraries across the state.
Linda Harvey of Mission America states in her recent article: "The outrageo us promotion of depravity by this library doesn't end with private corruption sessions. The teen page is dominated by pro-homosexual and pro-gender confusion propaganda, with  an entire "LGBTQIA" section  that links to many groups specializing in child endangerment: GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign, the local "gay" youth center (open to children as young as 12 without parent knowledge), the Nationwide Children's Hospital THRIVE program, which has only one answer to gender confusion in kids--start the dangerous drugs of "transition" ASAP; pro-homosexual legal groups like ACLU and Lambda Legal, and information trashing "conversion therapy." Read the entire article here: Libraries Becoming Private Child Corruption Centers?
Ohio Value Voters is staying on top of this situation.
For nearly two years the Protect Ohio Children Coalition has been investigating, through research and public records requests, what is being presented to minors in classrooms. Our 200-page report(s) will be released soon. This situation in the Delaware library motivates us to look deeper into what is happening in libraries.
The message we share at our Protect Ohio Children meetings is that these battles to make our classrooms (and libraries) great again, has to be done on a local level with parents and tax-payers getting involved locally and electing school board and library board members who will represent the best interests of the community and use our tax-dollars wisely. 
There have been accusations of violence and death threats in Delaware County. As Christians, we strongly denounce any violent actions (if there were any), and hope that public law enforcement will investigate and punish any such activity. Ohio Value Voters is a Christian organization and we believe in the free and peaceful exercise of our First Amendment rights to free speech.  
Thank you to everyone who made calls, attended meetings, shared information by way of email, phone calls, and social media. The collective efforts of everyone has given us success. We want to give all glory and praise to God and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you,
John Stover, President
Ohio Value Voters 

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