Event Update:

Cradle-to-Career Summit
October 2021
Dear Partners,

Thank you for your interest in this year's Partnership Summit! We are transforming this year’s Partnership summit event into an engaging, multimedia, asynchronous experience.

Based on your feedback and the significant amount of time and capacity everyone is still dedicating to address and survive the residual and ongoing effects of the last year, your Backbone support team has decided to shift gears.

We’ve heard that your schedules are filled with deep work …
  • Adapting day-to-day to ever changing COVID regulations,
  • Re-engaging students to help them complete last year’s unfinished learning,
  • Launching new Success Networks and equity teams, and
  • Figuring out how to straddle the “new normal” of living in both an in-person and virtual world.

And yet we know you also care about systemically addressing educational inequities by working together …

  • Across systems - linking nonprofits with school districts, early childhood education with early grade K-5 success, and funders with educators,
  • Across geographies - linking promising practices from West Marin to meet family needs in Marin City, and
  • Across the Cradle-to-Career continuum.

We, the Backbone Team, recognize these tradeoffs and want to support your work together in a way that connects the dots, overcomes barriers, and amplifies your successes without over-taxing your capacity.

So we’ve decided to try something new and hope you'll come along with us on a continuous learning experiment. Over the next few weeks we will be transforming the previously scheduled live zoom Summit event into an engaging, asynchronous experience that is inclusive of folks who can't engage in real-time and brings us together in new ways.

Instead of meeting over zoom for the Partnership Summit, we’ll be creating a series of short videos with interactive, online reflection tools that we hope you’ll watch, share, and engage with on-line. These videos will feature you, the Partners, in your own voice, as you share your insights, success stories, and ongoing challenges. We will be experimenting with a variety of formats from short 90 second Partner Profiles to 15-20 minute panel conversations.

If you have a story to tell that relates to the collective work of the Partnership, existing video footage to share, or an idea for how we can make this new format useful and impactful please get in touch with Jacqui or Shelley on our communication team: jacqui@marinpromisepartnership.org or shelley@marinpromisepartnership.org.

Otherwise, stay tuned and get ready to engage in new and exciting ways!

In gratitude and appreciation for all that you do,
Your Backbone Support Team
Marin Promise Partnership | marinpromisepartnership.org